Ulster Rugby v Llanelli Scarlets

ULSTER WOMEN’S SENIOR SQUAD ANNOUNCED FOR INTER-PROVINCIAL SERIES $_; &Ѵv|;u )ol;mĽv ";mbou "t†-7ķ Ѵ;7 0‹ ubv_ bm|;um-ঞom-Ѵ -m7 om;]-Ѵ m-ঞˆ;ķ -ubvv- †Ѵ7oomķ hb1h o@ |_;bu 1olr;ঞঞˆ; v;-vom |_bv ‰;;h;m7ĺ

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$_; vt†-7ķ ‰_o _-ˆ; 0;;m †m7;u |_; |†|;Ѵ-]; o= ;u;h "†@;um =ou |_; r-v| |‰o v;-vomvķ -u; =;;Ѵbm] 1omC7;m| =oѴѴo‰bm] lom|_v o= _-u7 ‰ouh -m7 ru;r-u-ঞom 0o|_ om -m7 o@ |_; rb|1_ĺ $_; ƑѵŊrѴ-‹;u v|uom] vt†-7 _-ˆ; 0;;m =o1†vbm] om |_;bu v|u;m]|_ -m7 1om7bঞombm]ķ ‰ouhbm] ‰b|_ -m0ub7];Ŋ0-v;7 -†Ѵ ;-vѴ;‹ -| mo‰Ѵ;7]; b|m;vv om1; - ‰;;hķ bm -77bঞom |o =o†u ]‹l -m7 1-u7bo v;vvbomv -m7 |‰o omŊrb|1_ v;vvbomv ‰b|_ 1o-1_;v "†@;umķ -ˆb7 _-l0;uv -m7 -l;v 1 ub-uĺ $_; ƑƏƐѶņƐƖ vt†-7 1om|-bmv - lbŠ o= ;Šr;ub;m1;7 bm|;um-ঞom-Ѵv bm1Ѵ†7bm] †Ѵ7oomķ Ѵ-bu; 1 -†]_Ѵbm -m7 Ѵv; ˆ-m "|-7;m -m7 0u;-h|_uo†]_ |-Ѵ;m|ķ bm1Ѵ†7bm] ll- ou7-m ‰_o bv ;Š1;ѴѴbm] bm - Ѵ;-7;uv_br uoѴ; -m7 ;ˆ; om;vķ ‰_o 1omঞm†;v |o 7;ˆ;Ѵor =oѴѴo‰bm] _;u uoѴ; -v 1-r|-bm o= |_; &ƐѶv vb7; ‰_o ‰om |_; ";ub;v bm ƑƏƐѵĺ ;ˆ;Ѵorl;m| -m7 v|u;m]|_ bm 7;r|_ bv - _b]_ ruboub|‹ =ou |_; |;-lķ =ou ‰_ol |_; v;ub;v bv f†v| |_; 0;]bmmbm] o= |_; fo†um;‹ĺ "†@;umĽv 1o-1_bm] ˆbvbom bv |o 1omঞm†; |o 0ubm] |_; vt†-7 |o];|_;u lom|_Ѵ‹ |o l-bm|-bm 1omঞm†b|‹ -m7 v|u;m]|_;m


Back Row Cooke RFC


EMMA JORDAN Wing Cooke RFC Outstanding performances in

Malone RFC ;-7;uv_br t†-Ѵbঞ;v beyond her years, technically excellent in the breakdown area and relentless work rate.

Huge physicality, strong ball carrier,

CLAIRE McLAUGHLIN played for Ireland at both centre and wing but recently moved to the back row where she could do real damage.

the recent warm up games, lightening t†b1h bm -‚-1h -m7 - ferocious tackler in defense.



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