Ulster Rugby v Llanelli Scarlets


Sixteen brave souls from across the Province will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in January to support the work of the IRFU Charitable Trust. They will join &Ѵv|;u -m7 ubv_ u†]0‹ Ѵ;];m7ķ "|;r_;m ;uubv =ou |_; ;Šr;7bঞomĺ

"r;-hbm] -0o†| |_; ;ˆ;m| bm7- Ѵ-1h =uol |_; ! & _-ub|-0Ѵ; $u†v| v-b7 Ş); -u; ˆ;u‹ ;Š1b|;7 -0o†| u;Ѵ-m7ŝv -ѴѴ |o bѴbl-mf-uoķ 1Ѵbl0bm] bѴbl-mf-uo bv - om1; bm - Ѵb=;ঞl; orrou|†mb|‹ĺ $_bv ;ˆ;m| ‰bѴѴ l-h; -m ;moulo†v 7b@;u;m1; |o |_; $u†v| -m7 -ѴѴo‰ †v |o 7o vo l†1_ lou; =ou v;ubo†vѴ‹ bmf†u;7 u†]0‹ rѴ-‹;uvĺŞ Some of the team preparing for the climb are: Ѵ-m !;b7 – 52, owner of Shu restaurant Belfast $;uu‹ 1 -u|m;‹ - 47, owner of the Belmore Court & Motel Enniskillen 7ub-m 1 -†]_Ѵbm - 47, Ex-Carton House Hotel, Randalstown !o00b; 1 †uh – 61, Motorsport Engineer, Omagh ou7om u-_-l – 34, Marathon, mountain runner and rugby mad, Kilkeel $_; &Ѵv|;u =†m7u-bvbm] |;-l ‰o†Ѵ7 Ѵbh; |o -1hmo‰Ѵ;7]; |_; v†rrou| o= |_; =oѴѴo‰bm] businesses: ;Ѵlou; o†u| ş o|;Ѵ JN Wine m|;u1omঞm;m|-Ѵ o|;Ѵ †0Ѵbm o1_ olom7 oѴ= Ѵ†0 o†um; ";-=oo7 !;v|-†u-m| $_; o|;Ѵ -Ѵ‰-‹ bѴ|om o|;Ѵ -Ѵ|- - -m]- Ѵ†0 &Ѵv|;u !†]0‹

v r-u| o= ļ u;Ѵ-m7ŝv -ѴѴ |o bѴbl-mf-uoĽ "_-m; ‹um; Ő ;bmv|;uőķ -u1†v ou-m Ő †mv|;uő -m7 bh; 1 -u|_‹ Ő omm-1_|őķ ‰bѴѴ l-h; |_; fo†um;‹ ‰b|_ "|;r_;m -m7 r-|uomv =uol ;-1_ o= |_;bu ruoˆbm1;v |o |-1hѴ; |_; _b]_;v| =u;;Ŋv|-m7bm] lo†m|-bm bm |_; ‰ouѴ7ĺ |-u];| o= ŨƐƒƏh _-v 0;;m v;| -m7 o†u Ѵo1-Ѵ ˆoѴ†m|;;uv hb1h o@ |_;bu =†m7u-bvbm] 1-lr-b]mv |_bv ;ˆ;mbm] ‰b|_ - 0†1h;| 1oѴѴ;1ঞom -| bm]vr-m "|-7b†lĺ $_; ubv_ !†]0‹ oo|0-ѴѴ &mbom _-ub|-0Ѵ; $u†v| ‰-v =oul;7 bm ƐƖƕѶ |o -vvbv| v;ˆ;u;Ѵ‹ bmf†u;7 u†]0‹ rѴ-‹;uv bm |_;bu ;ˆ;u‹7-‹ Ѵbˆ;vķ -m7 _;Ѵr |o u;v|ou; |_;bu 1omC7;m1; -m7 bm7;r;m7;m1;ĺ $o Cm7 o†| -0o†| |_; ‰ouh |_; |u†v| 7o;v rѴ;-v; ;ŠrѴou; bu=†1_-ub|-0Ѵ;|u†v|ĺ1olĺ &Ѵv|;u !†]0‹ķ u;Ѵ-m7 -m7 bomv Ѵ;];m7 "|;r_;m ;uubv _-v o@;u;7 |o Ѵ;-7 |_; &Ѵv|;u 0u-m1_ o= |_; =†m7u-bvbm] |;-l †r |_; =-lo†v lo†m|-bmĺ "|;r_;m 1oll;m|;7ķ ľ -l 7;Ѵb]_|;7 |o 0; bmˆoѴˆ;7 ‰b|_ |_bv ;Šr;7bঞomĺ o†m| bѴbl-mf-uo bv |_; _b]_;v| r;-h bm =ub1- -m7 -l mo| †m7;u;vঞl-ঞm] |_; 1_-ѴѴ;m]; |_bv |;-l _-v v;| b|v;Ѵ=ĺ ‰o†Ѵ7 ;m1o†u-]; |_; &Ѵv|;u !†]0‹ =-lbѴ‹ -m7 ‰b7;u 1bu1Ѵ;v |o v†rrou| |_;bu ;@ou|v bm -m‹ vl-ѴѴ ‰-‹ |_;‹ 1-mĺĿ †l;uo†v ;ˆ;m|v _-ˆ; 0;;m rѴ-mm;7 0;=ou; |_; |;-l 7;r-u|†u;v bm -m†-u‹ĺ )-|1_ o†| =ou ‰bm; |-vঞm]vķ 1ooh;u‹ v1_ooѴ ;ˆ;m|vķ rubŒ; u-Z;vķ u†]0‹ 7bmm;uvķ vr-uubm] v;vvbomv ‰b|_ ruo=;vvbom-Ѵ 0oŠ;uv -m7 vromvou;7 _bh;vĺ = ‹o† ‰o†Ѵ7 Ѵbh; |o -vvbv| ‰b|_ vromvouv_brķ 1-m o@;u _;Ѵrķ -m ;ˆ;m| vr-1; ou vblrѴ‹ ‰bv_ |o 7om-|; |_;m rѴ;-v; 1om|-1| Ѵbm7-ĺ0Ѵ-1hŠbu=†ĺb; ‰_o ‰bѴѴ =ou‰-u7 ‹o†u o@;u |o |_; u;Ѵ;ˆ-m| |;-l l;l0;uĺ



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