Belfast International Airport - Marketing and Design Proposal

Belfast International Airport Marketing & Design Proposal

» Overview

1. The Minprint Team A little bit about us Designer Profiles

4. Going forward

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» The Minprint Team

Meeting the specific requirements of Belfast International Airport Offering the best in design, quality and creativity Minprint will deliver a fresh and engaging approach to marketing and design ensuring that the Belfast International Airport brand and its global reach is strengthened and drives passenger growth. We are specialists in design, production & installation, Minprint offers an extensive range of print, digital, indoor and outdoor marketing collateral. Our digital design department is equipped with Cross Media Marketing facilities, offering digital marketing and data management, our resident drone expert brings a fresh perspective to aerial photos and video footage.

Proposed Marketing & Design Team

Managing Director Client Representative Gary Weir Internal Account Manager Stephen McKee Creative Director Duncan Gleadhill Creative Lead Martin Manley Graphic Designers Jamie McMinnis

Chris Ellis & LiamMoran

Digital Production

Jason Davidson & Stephen Johnson

» Made by MAD

A fresh approach to Design and Marketing Services MAD is a Creative Space for marketing and design experts to collaborate on projects to ensure your Brilliance is Branded in everything we do. Headed up by our Creative Director, Duncan Gleadhill and his right hand man Martin Manley our core staff handle all requirements.

» Made by MAD

A fresh approach to Design and Marketing Services

Our hub offers more than the sum of it’s parts, we have selected partners to work with in key areas of specialism such as: » » Websites » » Advanced Social Marketing » » CAD » » Video » » Media Buying » » Freelance Graphics (at peak times) This creative facility is the ideal shortcut to production for our clients at Minprint. With best rates guaranteed for MAD Creative Clients, value for money can be assured to optimise your return on investment efficiently and effectively.

» Creative Craic

Get to know what and who we have to offer

Duncan Gleadhill Creative Director Favourite destination: NYC

Martin Manley Senior Creative Favourite destination: Florida An award winning designer with over 19 years experience in the design and print industry impressive portfolio of design work with a strong design capability, he is one of the best in the business. Having been with Minprint for over 10 years his production experience is invaluable. Regularly works to strict deadlines on key contracts for Ulster Rugby and IFA. Currently Co-ordinates marketing campaigns for Abbey Centre and JP Corry. Equally happy turning his hand to an Annual Report as

Our newest teammember (who doesn’t actually start until May!) is well versed in creative advertising campaigns having worked as a Senior Creative in one of NI’s leading Advertising Agencies for the past 12 years. He is involved throughout the whole creative process from initial concepts to final output. His knowledge, expertise and flair help to ensure clients continued growth and marketing success. His client-base is very relevant to BIAL as he regularly leads campaigns for Stena Line & Translink, however he is equally at home working for the likes of Lunns and Argento. A Belfast boy and rugby man with a young family now, he’s smart and likes to keep it simple but seriously good.

to a Vehicle Graphic or Exhibition Stand. He always goes the extra mile for his clients.

» Creative Craic

Get to know what and who we have to offer

Chris Ellis Lead Designer Favourite destination: Berlin

LiamMoran Assistant Designer Favourite destination: London

A fantastic illustrator and one of our main designers. Gets the job done with no fuss or delay. He’s our quiet man and a total Star Wars officionado.

One of our junior designers with a real creative flair. He came to us on a placement year and never left! A deep thinker with an eye for detail.

» Setting the Scene

Key Vision for Belfast International Airport:

Understanding the market and determining BIAL Objectives » » 2017 was a record year with 17% increase in passengers from 2016 » » Average of 16,000 passengers per day » » £8.8m investment in capital projects » » 100,000s additional seats available and new routes added to Naples, Valencia, Isle of Man, Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando » » 100 plus destinations » » Exchange rate favours passengers from ROI and also boosts holidays to UK » » 8,000 car parking spaces » » Airport operates 24/7 » » 48,000 tonnes of cargo per year pass through the airport

» » Providing the Best Possible Airport Experience » » Offer customers increased destinations » » Aim to reach 6m passengers in 2018

» Your Brand is more than just a logo - it defines, conveys and maintains BIAL’s core values and differentiation

The impact a brand has on the image and popularity of an airport » Power of Branding

Brand Name The part of the brand which gives it a spoken identity. Just like a person’s name. The “Belfast international Airport” name is already well established and should remain unless commercial naming rights can be sold to a sponsor - think “Kingspan” Stadium. Brand Attributes The characteristics of a brand. The core values of the brand. To be a strong brand it should have some characteristics like relevancy, consistency, appeal, sustainable, credibility, etc. Research shows that airport brands should promote Sustainability, Efficiency and importantly Orientation. It is all too easy to get lost and confused in an airport, therefore the brand has a duty to navigate passengers through the terminal. Brand Identity How an organisation feels of its brand. It’s basically an image of the brand from the company’s point of view. That is, how it wants the customer to perceive its brand. A strong brand can transform an airport and elevate it to another level, provided that it is applied consistently and promoted and communicated over a number of years.

The impact a brand has on the image and popularity of an airport » Power of Branding

Brand Image The image of the brand in the customers’ mind. How they perceive the brand. Should send a different message about choice, value, variety of offer, the dynamism of world-class retail, luxury brands. According to PSI media, a good brand is good for business in your sector because it reinforces the communication between an advertiser and its target market. Brand Personality Just like humans, brands have a way they speak and behave. Brand personality is basically the human personality traits of the brand. E.g. honest, caring, luxurious, etc. Dubai Duty Free is more powerful and dominant than the airport itself.

The impact a brand has on the image and popularity of an airport » Power of Branding

Brand Positioning Where does the brand stand among the competition? Positioning is the distinctive/unique position of the brand in the market/consumers’ mind. Establishing a good brand is important because passengers need to be able to clearly identify the organisations they can rely on to manage the air-travel process efficiently. Brand Awareness It is the extent to which consumers are acquainted with the particular brand. Promotional material is increasingly focusing on the various commercial offerings at airports to encourage passengers to spend money in the gateway’s shops and restaurants. Brand Touch Points A touch-point is where the brand and the customer interacts. For country-branded environments, the departure experience may be even more pivotal than the arrival. Research source:

» Brand Refresh

Your Airport Our Business Your Welcome

BIAL Vision By providing our customers and other stakeholders with the best possible airport experience, we will grow our business responsibly and profitably, confirming BIAL as the gateway for business and leisure travel. Considerations Your Brand Refresh needs to: » » Carefully balance the recognised visual elements while delivering a fresh and updated design which maintains a visual connection with your market » » Brand position needs to consider external factors such as Competition, Target Market, Media Formats

» » Appeal to both leisure and business customers » » Appeal to internal and external stakeholders

» » Be adaptable across indoor and outdoor, traditional and digital media formats » » Provide the basis for a streamlined creative process across all touch points » » Transfer to external markets (GB, Europe and ROW) » » Create a buzz amongst your customers

» Brand Refresh

OPTION ONE: New Look to the overall style

Working with the existing key characteristics and colour palette, this refreshed option allows for the BIAL brand to evolve from the existing style and layout. » » More up to date style and font options » » Component elements remain the same whilst portraying a new and modern environment. » » Incorporates the existing graphic and colour palette to ensure visual recognition » » Sharper Design more in keeping with current style trends » » Removed the graduation » » Flat colour approach is more current » » Easier to work with +ve and -ve » » Transitioning towards a refreshed brand and new messaging

» Brand Refresh

OPTION TWO: New style

Having reviewed many of the other local and international airport logos this is a more extensive brand refresh which would set BIAL apart from other competitors and create a real buzz within the market. » » With evolving media formats this logo would be even more adaptable. » » Differentiates the BIAL brand amongst competitors » » Still maintains key colour palette and would be recogniseable » » Easily transferable to international markets » » Can be adapted to work with and without the text. » » Can be used with or without strapline either for corporate material or in marketing campaigns.

» Brand Refresh

“Closer to the World” A good strapline needs to engage with customers and build on the image and values of the airport. Our proposed new strapline ‘Closer to the World’ immediately connects with travellers and highlights the global reach of this international airport, an important differentiation. ‘Closer to the World’ gives offers a great platform from which to generate clever and innovative campaign themes which directly appeal to different customer groups whilst aligning with the key drivers of Destination, Airport Experience and Value for Money.

Closer to Business Closer to Shopping Closer to Sport Closer to Family Closer to Customers Closer than you think

» Brand Refresh

If contracted for a full rebrand we would carry out extensive research into brand colour palettes and straplines.

» Brand Refresh

Brand Assets and Marketing Collateral

Working with either of the brand concepts, rolling the design across all corporate material and marketing collateral clearly demonstrates how the new look can be used to strengthen the brand and deliver innovative and exciting communications.

» Brand Refresh

Business Card Stationery

A N Other Job Title

Belfast International Airport Ltd Belfast BT29 4AB, Northern Ireland

» Brand Marketing

Internal Advertising

» Brand Marketing

Outdoor Advertising

NEW ROUTES... Coming soon

NEW ROUTES... Coming soon

Closer to the world

Closer to the world

» Brand Marketing

Outdoor Advertising

» Brand Marketing

Promotional Items

» Brand Marketing

Promotional Items

» Brand Marketing

Personal Protection Equipment

» Social Media

The website and social media are some of the most powerful building tools for an airport brand. Each social network has a unique audience and should be treated differently. BIAL should create a mission statement for each channel they plan to use. These one-sentence declarations will help you focus on a very specific goal for each channel. Once you have these basics in place we can drive better engagement through all your channels which will: » » Reinforce the BIAL’s brand unique proposition and promise » » Tell the BIAL’s story » » Building a strong database » » Create dialogue with passengers, potential passengers, stakeholders and the community

» We have partners in place to ensure your campaigns are rolled out effectively across all avenues, with no mark-up on their rates our transparent approach provides confidence that your budget will go the extra mile.

» Partners

Many of our online requirements are handled in-house but when it comes to full sites for larger brands we bring in the experts, our friends at Big Pixel Creative work with us to ensure that you get all the benefits of an integrated agency. We have taken the liberty of carrying out a simple review of the Belfast International Airport website already, something we do on an annual bases for all our clients websites, some of the key stats are shown on the left. Our full report is available on request should we be selected as your preferred supplier for this contract. Key take aways for today: » » The site relies heavily on images and would benefit frommore good content for better SEO. » » We also feel that almost every page is a default page with some content copied in, in many cases there could be a better way to display the data in a more interesting way.

Web Design

» Partners

Social Marketing Overview

Facebook The frequency of video content in BIAL news feed needs to increase. We suggest using funny videos of the airport, behind the scenes, duty-free promotions and heart warming cause videos. Feature on a “Day in the Life Of”. Facebook puts a significant emphases on it’s Live feature, so include live broadcasts whenever appropriate / possible. Twitter Twitter is a news-based social media network platform and it is naturally a great platform to share video content. Should consider doing polls / surveys for evergreen content. Youtube Neglected channel, Consider animation videos / homemade video / aviation videos to share on the channel and promote through other social media channels. Instagram Neglected channel boasts over 500 million users daily. BIAL has the potential to develop their presence on the platform in a fun and engaging way.

» Partners

Advanced Social Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, there are many people claiming expertise but only a few have the metrics to really back this up. Our MAD staff manage campaigns on a daily basis for clients but the initial setup is crafted by a dedicated professional. With a specialism in Facebook and their extensive Audience Network we have proven that for a Business to Consumer product market the returns are exponential by comparison to Google Display Ads. Once the campaigns are live the system offers you full access, for a transparent approach where you are in control at all times. Training is available so you have confidence to deploy your own mini campaigns and tweak or improve things on a constant basis.

» Partners

Campaign Activation

Woking with our partners we have delivered a range of on and off-site promotional campaigns. These are best delivered with dedicated and trained staff who can really engage with potential customers and represent BIAL. Idea examples could include: » » Shopping Centre Roadshow with pop up shop to build awareness of routes, airlines or parking. » » A programme of entertainers to surprise and delight passengers at busier times. » » Footfall counters to determine where the dwell times are in the airport. » » Sponsor partnerships with local brands like Translink, Irwins and Tayto. Minprint oversee and develop client campaigns and for specific projects with detailed metrics we have a partnership with Elevator Promotions. Together we have systems to manage these campaigns and report back with KPI metrics and data.

» Costings

Key Fixed Cost Projects Brand Refresh

Hourly Rates Creative Design Graphic Design


£60.00 £50.00 £50.00 £50.00

Brand Guides



Brand Collateral and Templates including print and signage options

Marketing Campaign Development


Retainer Level 1


Option for full rebrand


(Estimated time at 16 hours per month) This would cover monthly social campaign outputs and a proportion of general requirements.

(price is for rebrand only, Deployment of assets at additional cost).

Retainer Level 2


(Estimated time at 40 hours per month) This would cover monthly marketing campaign outputs as well as general requirements. Account management costs are included in our design and print rates for clients like BIAL who have an internal resource.

» Experience

With over 40 years of experience behind us, Minprint have a wide-range and broad portfolio of clients.

Who we work for We are particularly proud of our very loyal customer base and highly regarded reputation in both the UK and Ireland.

» Why Us Minprint offer all your needs under one roof we have a wide range of capabilities ranging from design, marketing and of course as the name would suggests, print.

» Cross Media Marketing Bespoke online and offline marketing campaigns focused around getting to know your customers better. We will create it, personalise it, print it, automate it and track it, using the very latest in Cross Media techniques for database management. Creative Guidance You know the customers you want to reach and we know how best to reach them. We will create, manage and deliver your entire multi- channel marketing campaign. Targeted Communication It’s fast, timely and intelligent hitting the right note with your selected audience across multiple touch points. Personalisation Catch attention and ensure even higher response rates with bespoke messages, personalised imagery and web pages. Campaign Management With live updates see what your customers are interested in today not next week. Data Capture, Control & Analytics Keep track of those precious contacts and preferences. Cleanse & update existing data whilst collecting new leads. Maximise the power of print with a multi- platform approach

» Brand Asset Management

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Belfast International Airport Ltd Belfast BT29 4AB, Northern Ireland


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