Wavecrest, Shore Road, Jordanstown

Whilst everyeffort has beenmade toensure that the information in this brochure is correct, it is designed specificallyas a guide andWavecrest NI LTD reserve the right to amend the specificationmaterials as necessary andwithout notice. This does not constitute or formpart of any contract or sale. The illustrations shown are Computer Generated Impressions and stock images of how the property may look so are indicative only. External details or finishesmayvary. Exact specification, windowstyle andwhether a property is left or right handedmaydiffer fromapartment to apartment. The floor plans shown are not to scale. Measurements are based on the original drawing and are quotedwall towall. Slight variations mayoccur during construction. Please refer to the SalesAdvisor for specific apartment details. April 2016.

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