Ulster Rugby vs Ospreys

DISABILITY NEEDS AND ULSTER BARBARIANS WHEELCHAIR RUGBY TOURNAMENT Disability Needs and the Ulster Barbarians Wheelchair Rugby Challenge will take place tomorrow at the Antrim Forum, between 10 – 2pm.


Wheelchair rugby is a fast paced intense game that is fun to play and exciting to watch. Disability Needs and the Ulster Barbarians Wheelchair Rugby Challenge will promote the sport to people as a great way to keep fit and enjoy sport regardless of age or personal challenges. Former Ulster players Paddy Wallace, Andrew Park and BBC Sports Presenter Stephen Watson will play against the Ulster Barbarians in a friendly game at 10.45am. Mark Spottiswoode, Disability Needs Sales Director says, “Disability Needs are delighted to partner with the Ulster Barbarians to raise awareness of Wheelchair Rugby. A challenging, fast paced sport for athletes with a disability. Disability Needs offer a range of innovative sporting products which include Active Chairs for rugby and a variety of sports like tennis, basketball and handcycling.” Ulster Barbarians Chairman, Bernard Rooney says, “The Ulster Barbarians, the only Wheelchair Rugby team in Northern Ireland are excited to play in the Wheelchair Rugby Challenge. We train as a team on Monday nights between 7am – 9am at the Antrim Forum. With the Rugby World Cup starting in September we are actively welcoming new members.” Please visit www.ulsterbarbarians.com for more information or call Bernard on 07770 777265.

Wheelchair Rugby was invented in Winnepeg, Canada, in 1977 by a group of quadripledgic athletes as an alternative to wheelchair basketball. It is an official paralympic sport. There are currently four Wheelchair Rugby teams playing on the island of Ireland. 85% of people with disabilities in Northern Ireland do not take part in any form of sport or physical activity. Disability Needs and the Ulster Barbarians would like to encourage people to take up wheelchair rugby as a sport. So why not come along for taster session at the Antrim Forum on Saturday 5th September from 10am - 2pm. EVENT TIMETABLE 10am - 10.45am Set up, warm up, safety briefing and rules 10.45am - 11.15am Disability Needs team vs Ulster Barbarians 11.30am - 12 noon Kids vs Mixed Team (Members of all teams to play but only Disability Needs team can score) 12 noon - 1.00pm Awards, tea/coffee and food 1.00pm - 2.00pm Taster sessions for new members


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