Ulster Rugby vs Munster

“Les talks about this building phase, but he also wants us to win things on the way to long- term consistency, and he, Neil Doak, Allen Clarke, Joe Barakat and Niall Malone make a fine coaching unit. “They’re imaginative, demanding, encouraging, strict, but always fair. They give us all a nudge when we need it, and that keeps us on our toes as we’re all mates but we know that each player has real competition for the jersey every week,” said Williams. Gemma, his wife, and his two daughters Liana and Mila, are clearly the ones who matter most in his non- rugby life, and he suddenly looks far from the rock-hard back-rower when he talks of them. “We’re very happy here, and they are the reason I enjoy playing rugby so much. I’ve dragged Gemma across the world, but she always supports me and encourages me. Personally, I am a very lucky man,” he says. His deal with Ulster comes to an end in the summer, and he swears he has given no thought to what the future holds. “It’s a professional sport, in a way a cut- throat business, so you take what happens in your stride.” Williams will move to Cardiff next season, bringing an end to his four year stay at Kingspan Stadium. “With these players, with these coaches and the shared ambition in Ulster, of course, I will do everything I can to win some silverware this season. “We have a big five months of rugby to play, in Europe and in the PRO12, and there are targets we have set ourselves as individuals and as a unit. “I just want to play my part in that, close to the edge at times but always for the team. “Always for the team.”


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