Ulster Rugby vs Clermont


Our son's away now, over 4 years When the time came to leave, There were plenty of tears, Just married to his beautiful wife,

And not just the recent professional game With its whistles and bells And money and fame. No, I go back quite a while Through time in a fog, When matches were watched by 3 men and a dog! But I love the new world, The excitement, the crowds I sit in the stand,

They set off for Europe, Their next chapter in life! First Munich, now Marseille, But it's tough for us, him being away All his family and friends, we miss his craic We look forward to see him,


And shout, good and loud! To support them in France, I'd be doing the same To help the boys through A difficult game. To be at the ground with 'my little boy' Would be fantastic, a total joy. So that's why I think, I should win your great prize, And head off to Clermont In 5 weeks time. I know there'll be plenty,

When he travels back. Christmas is special, But there's a problem in sight! His wee wifey's pregnant, No chance of a flight! So for the very first time, On his 33rd year, We won't be together,

For our Christmas cheer! Now, if I was in Clermont? They could meet me there, It would nearly be Christmas, Good family time to share, And all while supporting the men in white, Something I've done for all of my life,

As deserving as me, But I thought I'd enter, And just wait and see. By Alan Watson



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