Ulster Rugby v Zebre


Ulster Rugby is appealing to supporters to be mindful of local residents and to avoid parking in the immediate vicinity of Kingspan Stadium grounds on match day. TRANSPORT

We are proud that matches at Kingspan Stadium are safe, enjoyable, inclusive experiences for everyone. ); _-ˆ; - m†l0;u o= |u-7bঞomv |_-| ‰; 0;Ѵb;ˆ; l-h; our stadium one of the best places in Europe to watch live rugby, and we ask all our supporters to adhere to the following guidelines: » We are passionate in our support of the Ulster team » We are silent during kicks at goal by both teams » ); u;vr;1| |_; l-|1_ oL1b-ѴvĽ 7;1bvbomv » We drink responsibly » We are mindful of our language, especially when there are children and young people near us » We do not tolerate any form of abusive or discriminatory language » ); u;vr;1| |_; orrovbঞom rѴ-‹;uvķ v†rrou|;uvķ l-m-];l;m| -m7 oL1b-Ѵv NO SMOKING POLICY "lohbm] bv mo| r;ulb‚;7 ‰b|_bm |_; v|-7b†l 0o‰Ѵ ou -m‹ 0†bѴ7bm] ou v|u†1|†u;ĺ $_bv u;v|ub1ঞom -Ѵvo -rrѴb;v |o ;Ѵ;1|uomb1 1b]-u;‚;vĺ $_; r;ulb‚;7 vlohbm] -u;-v -u; -| |_; or;m vr-1;v to the rear of the Grandstand, Premium Stand, Memorial End Stand and in the Fan Zone. ULSTER RUGBY RESPECT POLICY We would like to remind all fans that entry onto the rb|1_ 0;=ou;ķ 7†ubm] ou -[;u |_; l-|1_ bv mo‰ bѴѴ;]-Ѵĺ The pitch, as with other areas of the ground, is monitored by CCTV. MONITORING AND ENFORCEMENT = ‹o† -u; -‚;m7bm] - l-|1_ -| bm]vr-m "|-7b†l and do have an issue, please contact your nearest v|;‰-u7ĺ Ѵ|;um-ঞˆ;Ѵ‹ķ ‹o† 1-m 1-ѴѴ ou |;Š| o†u Respect Hotline on 07790 200200 to report any incidents live. Supporters who choose to ignore this advice and ‰-umbm]ķ -m7 1omঞm†; |o -1| bm -m †m-11;r|-0Ѵ; manner, may be removed from the stadium and may 0; 0-mm;7 =uol -‚;m7bm] bm |_; =†|†u;ĺ ENTRY ONTO THE PITCH IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN


Supporters are encouraged to make use of |_; 1olrѴbl;m|-u‹ -uh ş !b7; =-1bѴbঞ;v on match days located at Pirrie Park on the Ravenhill Road side of the ground, and along Montgomery Road, on the Mount Merrion side of the ground. There is ample r-uhbm] -| 0o|_ Ѵo1-ঞomv -m7 |_;‹ -u; f†v| - short distance from the ground. Supporters can either walk or take advantage of the free buses that run to and from the parking areas and the ground from 2 hours prior |o hb1h o@ †mঞѴ ƖƏ lbm†|;v -[;u |_; Cm-Ѵ whistle. Please note, the PSNI will close the two main approaches to the ground, Onslow Parade and Mount Merrion Avenue, at r;-h ঞl;v o= ;m|u-m1; -m7 ;]u;vv |o -m7 from the ground A specially arranged taxi service has been organised for Ulster Rugby patrons on match days, courtesy of Fonacab. The |-Šb u-mh ŐѴo1-|;7 bm =uom| o= _;-7 oL1;ő ‰bѴѴ or;u-|; -v voom -[;u |_; l-|1_ -v crowd movement permits. You do not need to order a taxi as this service runs 1omঞm†o†vѴ‹ =uol ƓƏ lbm†|;v -[;u |_; Cm-Ѵ ‰_bv|Ѵ;ĺ ;uvomv u;t†bubm] - |-Šb -u; asked to queue within the ground and not on Mount Merrion Avenue. TAXI INFORMATION

This service is ruoˆb7;7 0‹




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