Ulster Rugby v Zebre

Ľl 1†uu;m|Ѵ‹ r†মm] |o];|_;uőĺ $o 0; =-buķ |_;u;Ľv probably as much nonsense in those numbers as |_;u; bv bm |_bv rb;1;ĸ Ľ"†ѴѴbˆ-mĽv ƐƐƔh] ruo0-0Ѵ‹ trumped only by the skipper knocking a couple of ‹;-uv o@ _bv o‰m ĺ ĺ ĺ It’s not all about size however, it’s about power. Power as in, yes, the size of the force applied, but l†ѴঞrѴb;7 0‹ |_; ˆ;Ѵo1b|‹ -| ‰_b1_ b|Ľv -rrѴb;7ĺ $_bv bv ‰_;u; Ľ"†ѴѴbˆ-m ;Š1;Ѵvĺ -v| ‰;;h;m7 _; u;]bv|;u;7 ƕƖ -11;Ѵ;u-ঞomv om _bv " u;rou| bm _bv ƕƑŊlbm†|; r;u=oul-m1; ˆ;uv†v vru;‹vĺ m -11;Ѵ;u-ঞom bv u;]bv|;u;7 ‰_;m - rѴ-‹;u _-v - marked increase in speed over a period of half a v;1om7ķ -m7 ƕƖ bv -uo†m7 |‰b1; ‰_-| ‹o† ‰o†Ѵ7 ;Šr;1| =uol -m -ˆ;u-]; =uom| uo‰ =ou‰-u7 bm - ]-l;ĺ bv -0bѴb|‹ |o -11;Ѵ;u-|; om|o - r-vvķ -[;u - Ѵoov; 0-ѴѴķ bm|o |_; hb1h 1_-v; Ѵbm; ou |o ];| ļo@ |_; line’ in defence is the key facet of his game which bv v;মm] _bl -r-u| -| |_; lbm†|;ĺ When asked about it, he acknowledged his ability to get around the pitch was a strength of his game, but like every front row ever, he brought it back to the set piece: “ m ru;ňv;-vom -]-bmv| )-vrv =;Ѳ| C| -m7 hm;‰ Ļ7 0; -0Ѳ; |o ];| -uo†m7 |_; r-uhĶ 0†| b|Ļv -0o†| ]obm] ‰;ѲѲ -| v;| rb;1;ĸ u;l;l0;u |_bmhbm] f†v| ‰-m|;7 |o _oѲ7 b| v|;-7‹ĸ v |_; v;-vomĻv ]om; omĶ Ļl 0;1olbm] lou; 1ol=ou|-0Ѳ; _b࣌m] v1u†lvĸ |_bmh Ļl 0;1olbm] lou; l-|1_ _-u7;m;7 |o b|ĸ ” R ACING 92 “ -v| v;-vom omѲ‹ rѲ-‹;7 Ɛ &Ѳv|;u ]-l;v -m7 |_;‹ ‰;u; -ѲѲ =uol |_; 0;m1_ĸ rѲ-‹;7 -ѲѲ 0†| om; o= -m0ub7];Ļv ѲѲ u;Ѳ-m7 ;-]†; ]-l;v Ѳ-v| ‹;-u -m7 ‰-vmĻ| m-l;7 bm -m‹ v;mbou &Ѳv|;u vt†-7vĸ ” = -m‹om; 7o†0|;7 ‰_;|_;u |_; |u-mvbঞom =uol |_; ]Ѵ-lo†u o= !bY; -uh bm -m0ub7]; |o |_; _†l0Ѵ; -m7 |u-mt†bѴ v†uuo†m7bm]v o= -ubv - ;=;mv; Arena could be made in a couple months, then Ľ"†ѴѴbˆ-m bv Ѵbˆbm] ruoo= |o |_; 1om|u-u‹ĺ “ !-1bm] ƔƏ -‰-‹ ‰-v |_; 0b]];v| vr;1|-1Ѳ; Ļˆ; 0;;m bmˆoѲˆ;7 bmķ b| ‰-v -ѲѲ v_o‰0bŒ bm |_; v|-7b†l oˆ;u |_;u;ĸ |_bmh l‹ =om7;v| l;lou‹ vo =-u ‰-v -| _ol; ˆ;uv†v !-1bm] ƔƏĶ |_;u; ‰-v - 0†ŒŒ -ѲѲ ‰;;h -m7 |_;u; ‰-v mo =;-uĸ ‰-v |_bmhbm] ĺ|_;u;Ļv - 0b] |;-l bm |o‰m |_bv ‰;;hĶ Ѳ;|v r†| - l-uh;u 7o‰mĻĸ ou l;Ķ v|-uࢼm] |_; ]-l; †r -]-bmv| ;m $-l;b=†m-Ķ 0;bm] -0Ѳ; |o _oѲ7 l‹ o‰m |_;u; ‰-v vol;|_bm] Ļl ˆ;u‹ ruo†7 o=ĸĽ

T UITE ub1 bv om; _-Ѵ= o= &Ѵv|;uĽv ˆ;u‹ o‰m ļ!†]0‹ o†rѴ;Ľ -m7 ;-um;7 _bv Cuv| &Ѵv|;u 1-r om |_; v-l; weekend in September as girlfriend Fiona Tuite, who earned hers on the wing versus Leinster. Tuite plays some rugby in the centre as well, and if she’s anything like me she’ll be avoiding contact work in training like the plague. Unfortunately for _;uķ vro‚;7 ub1 |u‹bm] |o |-h; _;u |_uo†]_ vol; 0u;-h7o‰m ‰ouh o†|vb7; -m7oĽv om |_; †0Ѵbm !o-7 om - );7m;v7-‹ -[;umoom ‰_bѴv| t†;†bm] for a table. Ľl mo ;Šr;u| 0†| b= ‰-v ub1 Ľ"†ѴѴbˆ-mķ ‰o†Ѵ7 v-‹ b|Ľv l-‹0; ঞl; |o u;-vv;vv |_ov; ]o-Ѵv =uol |_; v|-u| o= ru;Ŋv;-vomĺ "ĺ ĺ ĺ!ĺ$ĺ



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