Ulster Rugby v Zebre

"bm1; o†u Ѵ-v| Ѵ;-]†; ]-l; -]-bmv| ;m;‚omķ ‰_;m ‰; v-Ѵˆ-];7 - 7u-l-ঞ1 Ѵ-|; 7u-‰ķ |_;u; ‰-v - |‰o ‰;;h 0u;-h ‰_bѴ; |_; "bŠ -ঞomv Championship got underway. Those players not involved in the Ireland vt†-7 _-7 -m orrou|†mb|‹ |o u;1_-u]; |_; 0-‚;ub;v -m7 u;1oˆ;u =uol |_; hmo1hv ‰_b1_ -ѴѴ rѴ-‹;uv v†@;u =uolĺ ); u;|†um;7 |o ! ƐƓ -1ঞom Ѵ-v| ub7-‹ bm ub7];m7 ‰b|_ - _-u7 =o†]_| ˆb1|ou‹ oˆ;u |_; vru;‹vĺ | ‰-v ]u;-| |o _-ˆ; -bm ;m7;uvom 0-1h bm |_; |;-l -[;u |_; bmf†u‹ ‰_b1_ ‰-v ;Šr;1|;7 |o h;;r _bl om |_; vb7;Ѵbm;v =ou l†1_ Ѵom];uĺ Tonight’s game is crucial for Ulster as we need to pick up points in the m;Š| |_u;; l-|1_;v |o ;mv†u; |_-| ‰; -u; bm - v|uom] rovbঞom 0;=ou; ;l0-uhbm] om o†u 7bL1†Ѵ| u†m bmĺ v ‰; _-ˆ; v;;mķ |_;u; -u; mo ;-v‹ ]-l;v bm |_bv 1olr;ঞঞom -m7 ,;0u; ‰bѴѴ mo 7o†0| ruoˆb7; vঞ@ orrovbঞomĺ u;Ѵ-m7 v|-u|;7 |_; "bŠ -ঞomv ‰b|_ - 7;=;-| |o m]Ѵ-m7 ‰_o ‰;u; |_; 0;‚;u |;-l om |_; 7-‹ĺ $_;‹ ]o| 0-1h om |u-1h 0‹ 0;-ঞm] "1o|Ѵ-m7 bm 7bm0†u]_ -m7 _or;=†ѴѴ‹ ‰bѴѴ ‰bm -]-bm |olouuo‰ -]-bmv| |-Ѵ‹ bm !ol;ĺ ;|Ľv _or; )-Ѵ;v 1-m ];| - u;v†Ѵ| -]-bmv| m]Ѵ-m7 |o h;;r |_; 1_-lrbomv_br _or;v -Ѵbˆ;ĺ om]u-|†Ѵ-ঞomv |o |_; &Ѵv|;u rѴ-‹;uv who have been involved in the matches to date with Jacob Stockdale h;;rbm] †r _bv l-]mbC1;m| v1oubm] u;1ou7ĺ om]u-|†Ѵ-ঞomv |o Ѵ-bu; oѴ;v -m7 -|_u‹m -m; ‰_o l-7; |_;bu 7;0†|v =ou u;Ѵ-m7 )ol;m oˆ;u |_; Cuv| |‰o ‰;;hv o= |_; Championship. Their progress is testament to the great work being 7om; 0‹ o†u 7;ˆ;Ѵorl;m| v|-@ bm ]uo‰bm] |_; =;l-Ѵ; ]-l;ĺ Ѵvo ‰;ѴѴ 7om; |o |_; u;Ѵ-m7 &ƑƏv ‰_o _-ˆ; v|-u|;7 |_;bu "bŠ -ঞomv 1-lr-b]m ‰b|_ |‰o ‰bmv o†| o= |‰oĺ $_; &Ѵv|;u u;ru;v;m|-ঞom _-v been diminished due to injuries but hopefully those players who would have been involved will return during the course of the tournament. $_; ѴѴ u;Ѵ-m7 ;-]†; u;v†l;7 Ѵ-v| "-|†u7-‹ -[;u - |‰o ‰;;h 0u;-h -m7 o†u 1Ѵ†0v 1omঞm†; |o v|ubˆ; =ou ruoloঞom -m7 rѴ-‹o@ rѴ-1;vĺ Good luck to them and to all club players as we head towards the business end of the season. ‹ |_; ঞl; ‹o† u;-7 |_bv ‰; ‰bѴѴ hmo‰ |_; v;lb Cm-Ѵbv|v bm |_; -mvh; -mh &Ѵv|;u "1_ooѴvĽ †r ‰b|_ |_; t†-u|;u Cm-Ѵv _-ˆbm] 0;;m rѴ-‹;7 ;-uѴb;u |o7-‹ĺ ѴѴ |_; v1_ooѴv 1olr;ঞঞomv -u; †r |o 7-|; -m7 |_-mh |_; ollb‚;; -m7 -ѴѴ |_; ou]-mbv;uv ‰_o ;mv†u; |_-| ;ˆ;u‹|_bm] ]o;v according to plan. I hope that all the boys and girls who are taking part -u; ;mfo‹bm] |_;bu u†]0‹ĺ ); Ѵooh =ou‰-u7 |o _ovঞm] |_; "1_ooѴv †r v;lb Cm-Ѵv -m7 Cm-Ѵ -| bm]vr-m "|-7b†lĺ v ;ˆ;u |_-mh -ѴѴ |_; v†rrou|;uv =ou -‚;m7bm] |_bv ;ˆ;mbm] -m7 =ou ];মm] 0;_bm7 |_; |;-lĺ $_; rѴ-‹;uv -rru;1b-|; b| -m7ķ -v ‰; v-‰ -]-bmv| !-1bm] ƖƑķ ‹o†u 0-1hbm] 1-m bmY†;m1; |_; o†|1ol;Ĵ "|;r_;m ѴѴbo‚ President, IRFU Ulster Branch PRESIDENT’S WELCOME On behalf of Ulster Rugby, I would like to welcome everyone to Kingspan Stadium for this evening’s Guinness PRO14 match against Zebre. We welcome |_; |u-ˆ;ѴѴbm] oL1b-Ѵvķ rѴ-‹;uvķ v|-@ -m7 v†rrou|;uv |o Belfast and hope that you enjoy your visit.

IRFU ULSTER BRANCH 2018/19 OFFICERS "|;r_;m ѴѴbo‚ President Gary Leslie Senior Vice President Philip Gregg Junior Vice President Denis Gardiner Honorary Secretary Michael Boyd Honorary Treasurer Greg Irwin olr;ঞঞomv ";1u;|-u‹ EXECUTIVE TEAM Jonny Petrie _b;= Š;1†ঞˆ; L1;u Dan McFarland Head Coach Bryn Cunningham r;u-ঞomv bu;1|ou Chris Webster Head of Rugby Development Audrey Robinson Head of Finance & r;u-ঞomv Fiona Hampton ;-7 o= "-Ѵ;v ş -uh;ঞm]

Kingspan Stadium, 134 Mount Merrion Avenue Belfast, BT6 0FT T +44 (0)28 9049 3222 ulsterrugby.com



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