Ulster Rugby v Zebre

Q&A REFEREE )_‹ 7b7 ‹o† 7;1b7; |o |-h; †r |_; ‰_bv|Ѵ;ĵ A fellow player at Ballymena, John Nicholl, who is Head of Rugby at Cambridge House School, convinced me to take the affiliate referee’s course -m7 u;=;u;; |_;bu Ɛv| *( l-|1_;vĺ | |_bv 1o†uv;ķ l;| -ˆb7 )bѴhbmvom ‰_o 1omˆbm1;7 l; |o |-h; refereeing a step further and do the new recruits 1o†uv; bm -m†-u‹ ƑƏƐƒĺ )_-| bv |_; 0b]];v| |_bm] ‹o† _-ˆ; Ѵ;-um;7 vbm1; ‹o† v|-u|;7 u;=;u;;bm]ĵ Managing a game, managing myself and managing the players on the field during a game. Also, that |_;u; -u; -0o†| ƐƏ 7b==;u;m| ‰-‹v |o 0Ѵo‰ - ‰_bv|Ѵ;Ĵ What is your favourite thing about refereeing? v|bѴѴ 7u;-l o= rѴ-‹bm]ķ vo =ou l; b| bv |_; ]-l;rѴ-‹ Ŋ being as close to the action as I can get. What is the most memorable game you have u;=;u;;7 vo =-uĵ That would have to be my first game outside &Ѵv|;uķ ‰_b1_ ‰-v bѴ=;-1Ѵ; ˆv Ѵoml;Ѵķ _-7 0;;m lucky enough to play club rugby in the other three uoˆbm1;v 0†| u;=;u;;bm] b| ‰-v - 7b==;u;m| v|ou‹Ĵ What is your ambition as a referee? I would love to go as far as I can as referee. My current goal is to graduate from IPAS and get onto the National Panel and hopefully in the future, be the man in the middle for a Schools’ Cup Final.

R O B B I E M c G R E E R

)_-| 1o†Ѵ7 l-h; ‹o† blruoˆ; -v - u;=;u;;ĵ I think my communication could improve; sometimes I have a tendency to talk too much (in both life and u;=;u;;bm]Ĵőĺ Ѵ-‹;uv -m7 1o-1_;v -u; -Ѵ‰-‹v =bm7bm] ways to manipulate the game to do what they want so I think referees should remain students of the game and keep finding ways to improve their game. o‰ _-v ‹o†u v;-vom 0;;m ]obm] vo =-uĵ ‹ v;-vom vo =-u _-v 0;;m ;Š1;ѴѴ;m|ĺ _-ˆ; 1olrѴ;|;7 =bˆ; o= l‹ vbŠ " ]-l;v -m7 |_; v1ou;v have been good so I’m remaining positive that I will be in the running to get on the National Panel =ou m;Š| v;-vomĺ ‹ m;Š| " ]-l; bv Ѵoml;Ѵ v Bandon on Sunday 3rd March and I have been -rrobm|;7 |o u;=;u;; om; o= |_; $o‰mv †r v;lbŊ finals. )_-| bv " -m7 ‰_-| 7o;v b| bmˆoѴˆ;ĵ IPAS is the Inter Provincial Assessment Scheme; this is where the Society picks a number of their up and coming referees and sends them to the other provinces to be assessed three times before Christmas and three times after. In essence, it is to test referees to see if they meet the credentials to become a National Panel referee. $o Cm7 o†| lou; -0o†| u;=;u;;bm] bm &Ѵv|;uķ visit ‰‰‰ĺ†Ѵv|;uu†]0‹ĺ1olņu;=;u;;v or email Richard Kerr, Provincial Referee Development Manager, on ub1_-u7ĺh;uuŠbu=†ĺb;



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