Ulster Rugby v Zebre


For fans of Ulster and of Ireland, this weekend’s rugby focus is om |-Ѵb-m orrovbঞomķ -m7 bm |_; †bmm;vv ! ƐƓķ -v bm |_; "bŠ -ঞomvķ |_;u;Ľv - v;mv; b| lb]_| 0; - 7;Cmbm] ƑƓ _o†uvĺ


);ĽѴѴ Ѵ;-ˆ; |_; bm|;um-ঞom-Ѵ vb7; |o its own devices for the moment and 1om1;m|u-ঞom |_bv ;ˆ;mbm] -| bm]vr-m Stadium will most certainly be on Ulster’s 1-r-1b|‹ |o 1-v_ bm om |_; -‚-1hbm] =uom|ķ ‰_bѴ; ;m;‚om -m7 |_; "1-uѴ;|v _-ˆ; Ѵ†m1_ঞl; 7-|;v ‰b|_ |_; v|u†]]Ѵbm] u-]omv -m7 |_; =u;;Ŋv1oubm] _;;|-_v u;vr;1ঞˆ;Ѵ‹ĺ Zebre and the hosts will again be at less |_-m =†ѴѴ v|u;m]|_ 0;1-†v; o= bm|;um-ঞom-Ѵ 7;l-m7vķ 0†| &Ѵv|;u ;-7 o-1_ -m McFarland will surely believe he has more t†-Ѵb|‹ u;vo†u1;v -| _bv 7bvrov-Ѵ |o CѴѴ -m‹ vacuums than his counterpart Michael Bradley. $_; |;-lv l;;| -[;u ˆ;u‹ 7b@;u;m| ;Šr;ub;m1;v bm |_; ! ƐƓ Ѵ-v| ‰;;hĹ &Ѵv|;u u;|†um;7 =uol |_; vru;‹v ‰b|_ - ˆ-Ѵ†-0Ѵ; ѶŊƏ ‰bmķ |_o†]_ b|Ľv - ]-l; -m7 performance unlikely to live long in the memory. Zebre, by contrast, played a full r-u| bm - =u;;Ŋu†mmbm] ƑƓŊƓƏ _ol; 7;=;-| by runaway Conference B leaders Leinster ŋ -m7 |_; _ol; vb7; ‰-v f†v| |‰o robm|v -7ub[ -| |_; bm|;uˆ-ѴĴ Tonight the formbook suggests that Ulster should prevail and, even with the radical changes McFarland does choose to make |o _bv v;Ѵ;1ঞomķ |_; |-Ѵb-mv ˆbvb|ouv ‰bѴѴ surely be outmuscled up front and the home backline will have the armoury to dominate the scoreboard. Stuart McCloskey’s touchdown against the

Certainly Joe Schmidt’s side cannot -@ou7 - vѴbrŊ†r bm !ol; |olouuo‰ b= b|v Championship hopes are to survive, while &Ѵv|;uĽv 7-†mঞm] 1_-ѴѴ;m]; o= v;1†ubm] - top three spot in the league’s Conference B resumes with tonight’s visit from Zebre. ou 0o|_ |_; m-ঞom-Ѵ -m7 uoˆbm1b-Ѵ |;-l |_; ļ0†vbm;vv ;m7Ľ o= |_;bu |o†um-l;m|v 0;]bm _;u;ķ -m7 |_o†]_ ‰bmv -u; ;vv;mঞ-Ѵķ so too are the bonus points which now l-h; v†1_ - 7b@;u;m1;ĺ "1oubm] |ub;v -rѴ;m|‹ ]†-u-m|;;v l-Šblbvbm] |_; u;|†um from a win, and Ireland has yet to reach |_-| l-]b1-Ѵ =o†uŊ|u‹ |-u];|ĺ Ulster sits fourth in the table, two points 0;_bm7 v†urubv; r-1h;|v ;m;‚omķ |_; ]-r 0;|‰;;m |_; |;-lv ;ŠrѴ-bm;7 rubl-ubѴ‹ by a remarkable disparity in bonus points ]-bm;7Ĺ ;m;‚om _-v 1uovv;7 |_; Ѵbm; =o†u ঞl;v ou lou; |_bv v;-vom om =o†u o11-vbomvķ &Ѵv|;u |‰b1;ķ ‰_bѴ; |_; $u;ˆbvoŊ 0-v;7 o†|C| _-v 1oѴѴ;1|;7 |_u;; Ѵovbm] 0om†v robm|v |o &Ѵv|;uĽv vbm]Ѵ; 1omvoѴ-ঞom point. Indeed, from both Conferences, no club _-v 0;m;C‚;7 Ѵ;vv |_-m &Ѵv|;u ‰b|_ |_u;; 0om†v robm|vķ -m7 bm ļvt†;-h‹ 0†lĽ ঞl; this can be telling. Tucked in just behind the men in white, the Scarlets remain a real challenger for a top three spot and -m ;m7Ŋo=Ŋv;-vom rѴ-‹Ŋo@ķ ‹;| |_; );Ѵv_ side has lost eight matches to Ulster’s Cˆ; ŋ 0†| _-v ]-|_;u;7 ;b]_| robm|v bm |_; ļ0om†vĽ 1-|;]ou‹ĺ



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