Ulster Rugby v Zebre


This is the third year that Ulster Rugby has helped Include Youth to celebrate Care Day. By displaying Include Youth’s Care Day Flag before tonight’s match, Ulster Rugby is helping to champion the 3000+ young people who are currently in care, those who _-ˆ; Ѵ;[ 1-u;ķ -m7 ‹o†m] r;orѴ; =uol vo1b-ѴѴ‹ 7bv-7ˆ-m|-];7 0-1h]uo†m7vĺ

This is just one of the ways that Ulster Rugby has supported Include Youth and their young people vbm1; 0;bm] molbm-|;7 -v |_; oL1b-Ѵ 1_-ub|‹ r-u|m;u bm ";r|;l0;u ƑƏƐѵĺ ;m;uo†v &Ѵv|;u !†]0‹ v†rrou|;uv _-ˆ; 7om-|;7 _ubv|l-v ]b[v to the present appeal for the last three years; bought copies of the charity cook book and -†|o]u-r_ 0oohĸ 7om-|;7 |o 0†1h;| 1oѴѴ;1ঞomv -| |_; v|-7b†lĸ -m7 -‚;m7;7 |_; -lbѴ‹ †m -‹v bm huge numbers. Former Ulster player Paul Marshall has organised two successful charity golf days supported by vromvouv -m7 rѴ-‹;uv -Ѵbh;ķ -m7 &Ѵv|;u !†]0‹ v|-@ have provided mock interviews, work tasters and stadium tours. &Ѵv|;u rѴ-‹;uv _-ˆ; -‚;m7;7 |_; ‹o†m] r;orѴ;Ľv _ubv|l-v bmm;u -| bm]vr-m "|-7b†l =ou |_; Ѵ-v| |_u;; ‹;-uv -m7 l-7; -rr;-u-m1;v -| ;Ѵ;0u-ঞom ˆ;m|v |o ru;v;m| 1;uঞC1-|;vĺ &Ѵv|;u !†]0‹ vromvouvķ v†1_ -v -Ѵ; -ul -m7 $o0;ulou; _-ˆ; provided work place tours for young people. Young people have had the opportunity to take part in ‰;;hѴ‹ u†]0‹ C|m;vvķ vrou|v 1o-1_bm] -m7 m†|ubঞom v;vvbomv -| -Ѵom; ! †m7;u |_; ļ&! -l;Ľ programme and have been provided with match ঞ1h;|vĺ ov| o= |_; ‹o†m] r;orѴ; _-7 m;ˆ;u |ub;7 out the sport or seen a match before so this has 0;;m - =-m|-vঞ1 orrou|†mb|‹ĺ

‘Give and Take’ is one of Include Youth main programmes. The Give and Take scheme improves the employability and increases |_; v;Ѵ= ;v|;;l -m7 1omC7;m1; o= ‹o†m] people age 16+. Include Youth support more than 400 young people each year |_uo†]_ |_bv v1_;l;ĺ ;u;ķ †uঞvķ ƐѶ =uol County Armagh, talks about his experience "Before coming to Include Youth’s Give and Take scheme I was doing nothing and didn't know what I wanted to do in the future. I have now achieved my Maths and English t†-ѴbC1-ঞomv -m7 v;ˆ;u-Ѵ -‰-u7vĺ -l -Ѵvo 1olrѴ;ঞm] ‰ouh ;Šr;ub;m1; bm u;|-bѴ which I really enjoy. Include Youth have _;Ѵr;7 l; ];| - 0b| o= v|u†1|†u; -m7 uo†ঞm; into my life and I feel more prepared for future learning and work."



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