Ulster Rugby v Zebre

‰ouhbm] om Ѵb‚Ѵ; r-vv;vķ -m7 =ou |_; 0-1hvķ ubrrbm] |_ov; Ѵom] r-vv;vĺ "o _;Ľv r†মm] - Ѵo| of focus on that, we’re doing it every day so it’s 0;;m 0;m;Cঞm] l‹ ]-l; -m7 o|_;uvĽ -v ‰;ѴѴĺĿ It’s clear that Hume has not looked back vbm1; ];মm] _bv Cuv| |-v|; o= v;mbou u†]0‹ bm ";r|;l0;uķ -l-vvbm] mbm; 1-rv ‰b|_ Cˆ; erprovincial clashes against Munster er and Connacht.

;u u;rѴ-1;l;m| uoѴ;v -| $_olom7 Park and at home against Connacht, |_; 1;m|u; ;-um;7 _bv Cuv| v|-u| bm ‚omķ 1om|ub0†ঞm] -

$oll-vo ;mˆ;m†ঞ |o h touch in a game the

;u bm

o win

ƐƔŊƐƏĺ †ѴѴ ѶƏŊlbm†|; v_b[v =oѴѴo‰;7 -]-bmv| "1-uѴ;|vķ -u7b@ Ѵ†;vķ ;bmv|;u -m7 -| _ol; |o ‚omķ ‰b|_ |_; rѴ-‹;u _blv;Ѵ= |-h;m -0-1h by the whirlwind speed at which his career has ľ ruo0-0Ѵ‹ ‰o†Ѵ7Ľˆ; 0b‚;m ‹o†u -ul o@ b= you had told me I would have nine caps at this stage,” he laughs. “Just to be given the opportunity is a blessing, and it’s a real loঞˆ-ঞom =ou l; |o h;;r ];মm] 0;‚;u through the small things that improve my game throughout the year.” When asked about his plans for the immediate =†|†u;ķ _o‰;ˆ;uķ |_; Ѵ-b7Ŋ0-1h ‹o†m]v|;u bv reluctant to get too far ahead of himself. “My goal is to push on and keep making

the most of every opportunity that I get,” he concludes. “Hopefully then b= r;u=oulķ |_; orrou|†mbঞ;v ‰bѴѴ



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