Ulster Rugby v Zebre

Banbridge RFC clubman James Hume is the latest in a long and ru;v|b]bo†v Ѵbv| o= _ol;Ŋ]uo‰m 1;m|u;v |o ]u-7†-|; =uol |_; &Ѵv|;u 1-7;l‹ |o - v;mbou 1om|u-1| ŋ -Ѵ|_o†]_ |_; ƑƏŊ‹;-uŊoѴ7 is the first to admit his career is progressing more quickly than he ever imagined. JAMES HUME: ACADEMY GRADUATE LOOKS TO THE FUTURE

ˆbv†-Ѵbv-ঞomķĿ _; ;ŠrѴ-bmvĺ ľ ‰-|1_;7 - Ѵo| o= u†]0‹ ‰_;m ‰-v bmf†u;7 -m7 |_-|Ľv 7;Cmb|;Ѵ‹ helped, with thinking about defensive rovbঞombm] -m7 |_bmhbm] -0o†| ‰_-| ‹o† ‰o†Ѵ7 7o bm 1;u|-bm rovbঞomv bm -‚-1hĺ “Having access to the Integrated Services Team within the Academy was very ]oo7ĺ $orr;u Ő -l;v $orrbm]ķ Ѵb|; Ѵ-‹;u ;ˆ;Ѵorl;m| L1;uő 7b7 - Ѵo| ‰b|_ l; bm terms of videos, sending me clips to look at. 0ˆbo†vѴ‹ b|Ľv |u-mv=;uu;7 oˆ;u |o Ő -u;7 -‹m;ķ ;=;m1; o-1_ő -m7 ;;Ѵ;‹ Ő ‰-‹m; Peel, Assistant Coach Backs) this year for om;ŊomŊom; u;ˆb;‰vķ -Ѵom] ‰b|_ ‰-|1_bm] ]†‹v o= -m bm|;um-ঞom-Ѵ Ѵ;ˆ;Ѵ -m7 v_-7o‰bm] them during games.” ; -Ѵvo 0;Ѵb;ˆ;v |_; ঞlbm] o= |_; u;1;m| 1_-m];v |o 1o-1_bm] v|-@ ‰b|_bm |_; 1Ѵ†0 ŋ bm1Ѵ†7bm] |_; -uubˆ-Ѵ o= _bv =oul;u v1_ooѴ 1o-1_ -m "or;u bm |_; uoѴ; o= "hbѴѴv o-1_ Ŋ has worked in his favour. ľ -ˆbm] - 1Ѵ;-m vѴ-|; _-v 7;Cmb|;Ѵ‹ _;Ѵr;7ĺ |_bmh =ou |_; ‰_oѴ; vt†-7 b| ‰-v -m ;Š|u- 0oov| -m7 loঞˆ-ঞomķ |o v_o‰ - 7b@;u;m| set of coaches what you can really do, so I ;mfo‹;7 ru;Ŋv;-vom -v b| ‰-v - ]oo7 1_-m1; |o vঞ1h |_; _;-7 7o‰m -m7 r†| vol; ]oo7 work in. ľ -m _-v 0;;m 1Ѵ-vvķ -m7 ;ˆ;u‹om; bv u;-ѴѴ‹ ;mfo‹bm] _bl 1olbm] bm|o |_; v;|Ŋ†r ‰b|_ - Ѵo| o= vhbѴѴvŊ0-v;7 ‰ouhĸ =ou |_; =ou‰-u7vķ

oѴѴo‰bm] |_; Ѵbh;v o= -uu;m -ˆ;ķ "|†-u| 1 Ѵovh;‹ķ †h; -uv_-ѴѴķ "|†-u| Ѵ7bm] -m7 |_; vou;Ѵ‹ lbvv;7 ;ˆbm "r;m1;ķ |_; |_u;;Ŋ ঞl; ! "1_ooѴvĽ †r ‰bmm;u |_bv ‰;;h r;mm;7 - 7;ˆ;Ѵorl;m| 1om|u-1| -| bm]vr-m "|-7b†lĸ - l;|;oub1 ubv; ]bˆ;m |_-| _bv Cuv| year in the Academy was blighted by an ;b]_|Ŋlom|_ bmf†u‹ Ѵ-‹o@ĺ $_; 1om|u-1| -‰-u7 ‰-vķ _; ;ŠrѴ-bmvķ ľ- 0b| of a shock”. ľ ‰-vmĽ| ;Šr;1ঞm] -m‹|_bm] vo voomķ 0†| |_; _-u7 ‰ouh _-v r-b7 o@ĺ Ľˆ; -Ѵ‰-‹v 7u;-l| of playing for Ulster since I was involved in lbmbŊu†]0‹ķ -m7 -Ѵ‰-‹v 1-l; -m7 ‰-|1_;7 |_; ]-l;v _;u; -| bm]vr-m "|-7b†lķ vo b|Ľv been in my mind from a young age. ľ |_bmh ‰_;m 1-l; bm|o |_; †m7;u-]; v;|Ŋ †r -| Ɛƕ ‰-v ‰_;m b| u;-ѴѴ‹ v|-u|;7 Ŋ b| ‰-v step one to the dream coming true, as that’s ‰_;m ‹o† v|-u| ];মm] bmˆoѴˆ;7 -m7 v;;bm] what the environment is like.” †l; 1om1;7;v _bv Cuv| ‹;-u om |_; 1-7;l‹ 0oohv 7b7 mo| ;Š-1|Ѵ‹ ]o |o rѴ-m ŋ - v|u;vv =u-1|†u; |o |_; =oo| bm ru;Ŋv;-vom -m7 v†0v;t†;m| or;u-ঞom l;-m| _; lbvv;7 lov| o= |_; ƑƏƐƕņƐѶ 1-lr-b]m ŋ 0†| the youngster insists he was able to work on other aspects of his game during his u;_-0bѴb|-ঞomĺ “With things like video review there’s a Ѵo| ‹o† 1-m 7o o@ |_; rb|1_ bm |;ulv o=



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