Ulster Rugby v Zebre


ľ$_bv ]-l; -m7 |_; m;Š| |‰o games are massive for us to push our way up our side of the pool and hopefully into v;1om7 rovbঞom ]obm] bm|o the last few games,” he stresses.

“If you look at history, Zebre have done well, they showed it against Leinster last weekend -m7 ‰;u; ruo0-0Ѵ‹ †mѴ†1h‹ ŋ |_; v1ou;Ѵbm; 7b7mĽ| u;Y;1| _o‰ |_; ]-l; ‰;m|ĺ †| we don’t lose many games here. Treviso was a slight blip and we lost to Connacht earlier in the year with a red card (for -‚_;‰ !;-ő 0†| oˆ;u l‹ ঞl; _;u probably played 50 games at home, and I’d say we’ve only lost 5 or 6, which is great because the home crowd really gets you up for it. “With the new coaches there’s been a good energy about the place,” he 1om1Ѵ†7;vĺ ľ ѴѴ |_; m;‰ rѴ-‹;uv ŋ ou7b (Murphy), Will (Addison), Billy (Burns), Marty (Moore) have all been great for us. They’ve really added to the squad. 0ˆbo†vѴ‹ |_;u;Ľv - |u-mvbঞom-Ѵ r;ubo7 ‰b|_ the older guys leaving but I think all the new guys who have come in have done really well and there’s a good bond in the squad. ľ);Ľu; vঞѴѴ bm 0o|_ 1olr;ঞঞomv -| |_bv point so I don’t think you can really ask for much more at this point of the year with - vt†-7 |_-|Ľv |u-mvbঞombm] ‰b|_ ‹o†m];u players.”



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