Ulster Rugby v Llanelli Scarlets


ENTRY ONTO THE PITCH IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN We would like to remind all fans that ;m|u‹ om|o |_; rb|1_ 0;=ou;ķ 7†ubm] ou -[;u the match is now illegal. The pitch, as with other areas of the ground is monitored by CCTV. BEHAVIOUR IN THE GROUND Please respect others before, during -m7 -[;u |_; l-|1_ 0‹ 0;_-ˆbm] bm - reasonable and responsible manner. If you are concerned about the behaviour of others in the ground, please report your concerns to a steward, vo -rruorub-|; -1ঞom 1-m 0; |-h;mĺ ou |_ov; vr;1|-|ouv ‰_o Ѵbh; |o u;Ѵ-Š -m7 ;mfo‹ - 7ubmh 0;=ou;ķ 7†ubm] ou -[;u |_; l-|1_ - |-Šb v;uˆb1; bv ruoˆb7;7ĺ vr;1b-ѴѴ‹ -uu-m];7 |-Šb v;uˆb1; _-v 0;;m ou]-mbv;7 =ou &Ѵv|;u !†]0‹ r-|uomv om l-|1_ mb]_|v 1o†u|;v‹ o= om-1-0ĺ $_; |-Šb u-mh ŐѴo1-|;7 bm =uom| o= _;-7 oL1;ő ‰bѴѴ or;u-|; -v voom -[;u |_; l-|1_ -v 1uo‰7 loˆ;l;m| r;ulb|vĺ +o† 7o mo| m;;7 |o ou7;u - |-Šb -v |_bv v;uˆb1; u†mv 1omঞm†o†vѴ‹ =uol ƓƏ lbm†|;v -[;u |_; Cm-Ѵ ‰_bv|Ѵ;ĺ ;uvomv u;t†bubm] - |-Šb -u; -vh;7 |o t†;†; ‰b|_bm |_; ]uo†m7 -m7 mo| om | ;uubom ˆ;m†;ĺ TAXI INFORMATION

&Ѵv|;u !†]0‹ bv -rr;-Ѵbm] |o v†rrou|;uv |o 0; lbm7=†Ѵ o= Ѵo1-Ѵ u;vb7;m|v -m7 |o -ˆob7 r-uhbm] bm |_; bll;7b-|; ˆb1bmb|‹ o= |_; bm]vr-m "|-7b†l ]uo†m7v om l-|1_ 7-‹ĺ "†rrou|;uv -u; ;m1o†u-];7 |o l-h; †v; o= |_; 1olrѴbl;m|-u‹ -uh ş !b7; =-1bѴbঞ;v om &Ѵv|;u !†]0‹ l-|1_ 7-‹v Ѵo1-|;7 -| buub; -uh om |_; !-ˆ;m_bѴѴ !o-7 vb7; o= |_; ]uo†m7ķ -m7 -Ѵom] om|]ol;u‹ !o-7ķ om |_; o†m| ;uubom vb7; o= |_; ]uo†m7ĺ $_;u; bv -lrѴ; r-uhbm] -| 0o|_ Ѵo1-ঞomv -m7 |_;‹ -u; f†v| - v_ou| 7bv|-m1; =uol |_; ]uo†m7ĺ "†rrou|;uv 1-m ;b|_;u ‰-Ѵh ou |-h; -7ˆ-m|-]; o= |_; =u;; 0†v;v |_-| u†m |o -m7 =uol |_; r-uhbm] -u;-v -m7 |_; ]uo†m7 =uol ƖƏ lbm†|;v rubou |o hb1h o@ †mঞѴ ƖƏ lbm†|;v -[;u |_; Cm-Ѵ ‰_bv|Ѵ;ĺ Ѵ;-v; mo|;ķ |_; " ‰bѴѴ 1Ѵov; |_; |‰o l-bm -rruo-1_;v |o |_; ]uo†m7ķ mvѴo‰ -u-7; -m7 o†m| ;uubom ˆ;m†; -| r;-h ঞl;v o= ;m|u-m1; -m7 ;]u;vv |o -m7 =uol |_; ]uo†m7ĺ "lohbm] bv mo| r;ulb‚;7 ‰b|_bm -m‹ 0†bѴ7bm]ķ v|u†1|†u; ou |_; v|-7b†l 0o‰Ѵĺ $_bv u;v|ub1ঞom -Ѵvo -rrѴb;v |o ;Ѵ;1|uomb1 1b]-u;‚;vĺ $_; r;ulb‚;7 vlohbm] -u;-v -u; |_; or;m vr-1;v |o |_; u;-u o= |_; u-m7v|-m7ķ u;lb†l "|-m7ķ ;loub-Ѵ m7 "|-m7 -m7 bm |_; oo7 (bѴѴ-];ĺ "|;‰-u7v _-ˆ; 0;;m bmv|u†1|;7 |o vr;-h |o v†rrou|;uv ‰_ov; -1ঞomv 7o mo| 1olrѴ‹ ‰b|_ |_; -0oˆ; ˆ-Ѵ†;v -m7 |o -vh |_;l |o 7;vbv|ĺ )_;u; v†rrou|;uv 1_oov; |o b]mou; |_bv -7ˆb1; -m7 ‰-umbm] -m7 1omঞm†; |o -1| bm -m †m-11;r|-0Ѵ; l-mm;u u;loˆ-Ѵ =uol |_; v|-7b†l -m7 |_; bvv†; o= - 0-mmbm] ou7;u l-‹ u;v†Ѵ|ĺ SMOKING POLICY ou lou; bm=oul-ঞom rѴ;-v; 1om|-1| o†u $b1h;| L1; om ƏƑѶ ƖƏƓƖ ƒƑƑƑ

$_bv v;uˆb1; bv ruoˆb7;7 0‹


NO SMOKING Smoking is not permitted in any building, structure or within the stadium bowl, please visit a designated smoking area within the ground



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