Ulster Rugby v Llanelli Scarlets


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During the season we will be running a m†l0;u o= ;Š1Ѵ†vbˆ; 1olr;ঞঞomv =ou our members, including a Ryder Cup 1olr;ঞঞom -| |_; ;m7 o= ";r|;l0;u – where members will have the opportunity to win signed Ryder Cup memorabilia. m;‰ =;-|†u; =ou ƑƏƐѶņƐƖ ‰bѴѴ 0; o†u ˆbu|†-Ѵ 1;Ѵ;0ub|‹ &Ѵv|;u *(Ĺ URSC have been, and will be, busy ];মm] 1;Ѵ;0ubঞ;v Ővo =-u ‰; _-ˆ; got Olympians, an F1 driver and Premiership footballers) to sign Ulster caps. By the end of the season we should have a complete team. Each lom|_ |_uo†]_o†| |_; v;-vomķ v|-uঞm] bm †]†v|ķ om; o= 1-rv ‰bѴѴ 0; |_; rubŒ; in a members’ ballot. As some of you will be aware, Ulster Rugby has granted Chris Henry a $;vঞlomb-Ѵ +;-u Ŋ ‰_b1_ _; bv v_-ubm] with NI Chest, Heart and Stroke charity. There are a number of events planned right across the season. We would encourage all fans to support Chris and his nominated charity. ou lou; bm=oul-ঞom ˆbvb| ‰‰‰ĺ1_ubv_;mu‹|;vঞlom-Ѵĺ1oĺ†h CHRIS HENRY TESTIMONIAL YEAR


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ou lou; bm=oul-ঞom om &!" ķ rѴ;-v; ˆbvb| membership.ursc.co or email l;l0;uv_brŠ†uv1ĺ1oĺ†hĺ



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