Ulster Rugby v Llanelli Scarlets


The Irish Rugby Football Union and the Welsh Rugby Union have joined =ou1;v |o 1u;-|; - m;‰ 7;ˆ;Ѵorl;m| 1olr;ঞঞomķ |_; ;Ѵঞ1 †rķ =ou the emerging professional players from the four Irish provinces and four Welsh regions.

ruoˆbm1;vĺ "blbѴ-uѴ‹ķ |_; );Ѵv_ u;]bomv ‰bѴѴ rѴ-‹ ;-1_ o= |_; ubv_ ruoˆbm1;v -m7 ‰bѴѴ rѴ-‹ |‰o o= |_;bu );Ѵv_ 1o†m|;ur-u|vĺ $_; |orŊu-mh;7 ruoˆbm1; =uol |_; ubv_ 1om=;u;m1; ‰bѴѴ rѴ-‹ |_; |orŊu-mh;7 u;]bom =uol |_; );Ѵv_ 1om=;u;m1; bm |_; bm-†]†u-Ѵ Cm-Ѵ Ո;m†; |o 0; 1omCul;7őĺ

$_; |o†um-l;m|ķ ‰_b1_ =;-|†u;v 7;ˆ;Ѵorl;m| vt†-7v =uol omm-1_|ķ ;bmv|;uķ †mv|;uķ &Ѵv|;uķ -u7b@ Ѵ†;vķ |_; u-]omvķ |_; vru;‹v -m7 |_; "1-uѴ;|vķ -blv |o ruoˆb7; - Ѵ;-umbm] ;mˆbuoml;m| =ou rѴ-‹;uvķ 1o-1_;v -m7 u;=;u;;v 0‹ u;1u;-ঞm] |_; ‰;;hŊ|oŊ‰;;h 1_-ѴѴ;m];v ru;v;m|;7 0‹ v;mbou ruo=;vvbom-Ѵ u†]0‹ĺ $_; ;Ѵঞ1 †r ‰bѴѴ u†m oˆ;u v;ˆ;m 1omv;1†ঞˆ; ‰;;hvķ 1oll;m1bm] om ub7-‹ķ ";r|;l0;u ƕĺ $;-lv ‰bѴѴ _-ˆ; |o ru;r-u; =ou - 7b@;u;m| orrovbঞom ;-1_ ‰;;hķ l-m-]; |_;bu r_‹vb1-Ѵ ru;r-u-ঞom -m7 u;1oˆ;u‹ -m7 -m-Ѵ‹v; |_;bu r;u=oul-m1;v -v |_;‹ ]uo‰ -v bm7bˆb7†-Ѵv -m7 1oѴѴ;1ঞˆ;Ѵ‹ĺ $_; ;b]_| |;-lv ‰bѴѴ 0; 7bˆb7;7 bm|o |‰o 1om=;u;m1;v o= =o†u );Ѵv_ u;]bomv -m7 =o†u ubv_ ruoˆbm1;vĺ -1_ ubv_ ruoˆbm1; ‰bѴѴ rѴ-‹ ;-1_ o= |_; );Ѵv_ u;]bomv -m7 ‰bѴѴ rѴ-‹ -]-bmv| |‰o ubv_

ULSTER’S 2018/19 CELTIC CUP FIXTURES: ) Ɛ &Ѵv|;u ˆ ;bmv|;u Friday 7th September b1h o@ Ɣrl

Malone RFC ) Ƒ &Ѵv|;u ˆ "1-uѴ;|v Friday 14th September b1h o@ ƕrl Instonians/Cooke RFC ) ƒ -u7b@ Ѵ†;v ˆ &Ѵv|;u Saturday 22nd September b1h o@ ƑĺƒƏrl -u7b@ ulv -uh ) Ɠ &Ѵv|;u ˆ u-]omv Saturday 29th September b1h o@ ƑĺƒƏrl Ballymena RFC ) Ɣ vru;‹v ˆ &Ѵv|;u Friday 5th October b1h o@ ƕrl

Swansea RFC ) ѵ omm-1_| ˆ &Ѵv|;u October 12th-14th Details TBC



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