Ulster Rugby v Llanelli Scarlets

CLUB FUNDING MODEL LAUNCHED ubou |o |_; &Ѵv|;u ˆ Ѵo†1;v|;u ru;Ŋv;-vom =ub;m7Ѵ‹ķ u-m| L1;uv =uol clubs across the Province came together to receive the new Club Funding Model which has been in development for the past six months.

-ˆb7 o_mv|om Ő †m7bm] -m-];uő =uol &Ѵv|;u !†]0‹ v|-|;7ķ Ş); _-ˆ; 7;ˆ;Ѵor;7 |_; Ѵ†0 †m7bm] o7;Ѵ -v - u;vo†u1; =ou ˆoѴ†m|;;uv ‰_;m |_bmhbm] -0o†| =†m7bm] =ou |_;bu Ѵ†0vĺ ‹ =oѴѴo‰bm] |_; v|;rvķ bm 1omf†m1ঞom ‰b|_ v|-@ v†rrou|ķ ‰; _or; Ѵ†0v ‰bѴѴ 0; -0Ѵ; |o 0;1ol; ŝu;-7‹ŝ =ou =†m7bm] ‰_;m b| 0;1ol;v -ˆ-bѴ-0Ѵ;ĺ m u;Ѵ-ঞom |o |_; ;ˆ;m| b|v;Ѵ=ķ b|ŝv ]u;-| |o v;; lou; -m7 lou; Ѵ†0v u;1u†bঞm] |_; ˆoѴ†m|;;u rovbঞom o= ŝ u-m|v L1;uŝĺ ); -u; omѴ‹ |oo _-rr‹ |o ‰ouh ‰b|_ |_;v; ˆoѴ†m|;;uv bm v;1†ubm] ˆb|-Ѵ Ѵ†0 =†m7v -m7 u;1o]mbv; |_;bu ;@ou|v |_uo†]_ |_; 7;Ѵbˆ;u‹ o= |_; -mm†-Ѵ u-m|v L1;u ;ˆ;m|ĺŞ

$_; -mm†-Ѵ ;ˆ;m| _-v 0;1ol; - rubl-u‹ =o1†v bm |_; 1Ѵ†0 ˆoѴ†m|;;u 1-Ѵ;m7-u -m7 _-v 0;;m ]uo‰bm] =uol v|u;m]|_ |o v|u;m]|_ĺ $_bv ‹;-uķ "rou| ou|_;um u;Ѵ-m7 -Ѵvo -‚;m7;7 |o 7bv1†vv |_; =†m7bm] Ѵ-m7v1-r; =ou u†]0‹ 1Ѵ†0v -m7 |_; ruo1;vv †m7;urbmmbm] |_; m;‰ v|u-|;]‹ =ou vrou| bm ou|_;um u;Ѵ-m7ĺ oll;mঞm] om |_; ;ˆ;m|ķ Ѵ;l o‹7ķ u-m|v L1;u -| mv|omb-mv ! v-b7ķ Ş$_; u-m|v L1;u ;ˆ;m|v -m7 =†m7bm] ‰ouhv_orv |_-| _-ˆ; 0;;m 7;Ѵbˆ;u;7 0‹ |_; &Ѵv|;u u-m1_ oˆ;u |_; r-v| m†l0;u o= ‹;-uv _-ˆ; 0;;m ;Š1;ѴѴ;m|ĺ $_;‹ _-ˆ; _;Ѵr;7 mv|omb-mv ! l-vvbˆ;Ѵ‹ bm v;1†ubm] =†m7v =ou u†]0‹ ruof;1|vķ _b]_Ѵb]_|;7 0‹ u;1;m| v†11;vv;v bm v;1†ubm] ]u-m| lom;‹ =uol ;Ѵ=-v| b|‹ o†m1bѴĺ ubou |o |_;v; |u-bmbm] orrou|†mbঞ;vķ ˆoѴ†m|;;uv -| |_; 1Ѵ†0 ‰o†Ѵ7 _-ˆ; _-7 Ѵb‚Ѵ; hmo‰Ѵ;7]; om ‰_-| =†m7bm] ;Šbv|;7ķ ou om _o‰ |o ]o -0o†| -rrѴ‹bm]ĺ ľ -ˆb7 o_mv|om -m7 -‚_;‰ oѴl;v _-ˆ; 0;;m ˆ;u‹ v†rrouঞˆ; -m7 _-ˆ; _;Ѵr;7 ]†b7; †v |_uo†]_ |_; ]u-m| l-hbm] ruo1;vvķ =uol 7;ˆ;Ѵorbm] -m bmbঞ-Ѵ ruof;1| 1om1;r|ķ |o |_; lomb|oubm] -m7 ;ˆ-Ѵ†-ঞom o= |_; ]u-m| b|v;Ѵ=ĺ )b|_o†| |_;bu ]†b7-m1;ķ ‰; l-‹ _-ˆ; lbvv;7 o†| om =†m7bm] -ˆ-bѴ-0Ѵ; -m7 1omv;t†;m|Ѵ‹ 0;;m †m-0Ѵ; |o u†m ruof;1|v ‰_b1_ _-ˆ; 0;m;C‚;7 0o|_ o†u l;l0;uv_br -m7 |_; Ѵo1-Ѵ 1oll†mb|‹ĺ ); -u; _;-u|;m;7 |o v;; |_-| |_; &Ѵv|;u u-m1_ _-v 0;;m bmˆ;vঞm] bm v|-@ u;vo†u1;v |o -vvbv| 1Ѵ†0v bm -u;-v Ѵbmh;7 |o ]u-m|v -m7 =†m7bm]ķ -m7 ‰; 1o†Ѵ7 u;1oll;m7 =ou o|_;uv |o †ঞѴbv; |_; v†rrou| -ˆ-bѴ-0Ѵ;ĺŞ

RECENT SUCCESS STORIES -Ѵom; ! u;1;bˆ;7 ŬƓƒķƏƏƏ =uol |_; Ѵr_- uo]u-ll; |o bmv|-ѴѴ -m o†|7oou 1oll†mb|‹ ]‹l ‰_b1_ ‰bѴѴ _;Ѵr |o blruoˆ; |_; _;-Ѵ|_ -m7 ‰;ѴѴ0;bm] o= |_; Ѵo1-Ѵ 1oll†mb|‹ †u]-m ! u;1;bˆ;7 ŬƕƔķƏƏƏ =uol |_;bu Ѵo1-Ѵ o†m1bѴĽv ;-1; ( ruo]u-ll; |o 7;Ѵbˆ;u - ]oo7 u;Ѵ-ঞomv |_uo†]_ u†]0‹ ruo]u-ll;ķ Ѵbmhbm] ‰b|_ Ѵo1-Ѵ v1_ooѴv ;‰u‹ ! u;1;bˆ;7 ŬѶƓķƏƏƏ 0;|‰;;m - ]u-m| =uol |_;bu Ѵo1-Ѵ o†m1bѴ -m7 -m ! & Ѵo-m =ou Ѵ†0_o†v; u;=†u0bv_l;m| ‰ouhv

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