Ulster Rugby v Glasgow Warriors

"We want to be a team that excites people, we want to play with that attacking mindset and stretch teams and stress them, but there is also just having that balance of when the right time to pull the trigger is and when not. Probably in a couple of the bigger games last year we probably did not quite get that balance and sometimes we overplayed our hand, sometimes we did not play enough. A lot of that does fall on your 9’s and 10’s because you are in control of field position and that sort of thing. "The more you are in those games the more situations you learn from and what to do in those situations. "I think the key thing is making sure that week on week you are really hard on how you review those games and putting yourselves in those positions as close as you can in training and that will hopefully put you in a good position so that when you are under pressure on a Friday night here are Kingspan or wherever it may be, you can relate to that muscle memory again from those experiences you have had. "We have got quite a young group of fly-halves here in Bill Johnston and Mike Lowry, but if we can all help each other out and learn from those experiences then we are better for it in the future."



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