Ulster Rugby v Dragons


L A R N E R . F . C .

Who is your President? Gary Doey Who is your Head Coach? Graham Cloke 1st XV Captain? Johnny Cole Number of members? 200 Name 3 players to watch? Johnny Ogilby, Phil Andrews, Johnny Cole Club’s unsung hero and why? Club Treasurer, Arthur James. He has been fulfilling the role for approximately 40 Years. What is your Club song? A variation of ‘Mary had a little lamb’.

What is your Club logo and what does it represent? Viking longboat on Larne town crest – details the town’s origins. How many teams do you field? Three adult teams. Most successful achievement? Our first XV establishing itself in Kukri Qualifying 2. Proudest moments? The season our First, Second and Third XVs all won their respective leagues – 1993/1994.

Website: www.larnerfc.com @larnerfc




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