Schweppes Signature Serves



Carbonation is the most important aspect of any mixer. Did you know, that over 80% of what we taste is driven by aroma? And it’s the carbonation ‘or effervescence’ that triggers your ‘olfactory system’ - or sense of smell. This is because the bubbles in your drink capture the flavour of the spirit and then release the aroma when they burst. Our obsession with bubbles ensures that they are always high in number, small and longer lasting, delivering an enhanced experience which lasts the whole drink through. With the signature effervescence of Schweppes you can really enjoy your favourite spirits.

Our founder, Jacob Schweppe was a jeweller and scientist with a real thirst for curiosity. In 1783 he invented the first ever process of capturing and bottling bubbles, and from this carbonation system, Schweppes Soda Water was born - the world’s first ever soft drink. Thanks to Jacob, Britain has been enjoying the superior taste of Schweppes mixers for over 200 years.

THE SKITTLE BOTTLE Jacob Schweppe understood the importance of carbonation and he dedicated his life to mastering the secret of perfect effervescence. He created a unique torpedo shaped bottle to retain his precious bubbles and to ensure the best tasting experience. It was originally closed with a natural cork and designed to lie on its side, so the cork remained wet and would expand securely into place.

THE SCHWEPPES FOUNTAIN Schweppes is an iconic brand, and has been the drink of choice for generations. It was the official drink of Prince Albert’s Great Exhibition in 1851, where over a million bottles were enjoyed. Schweppes supplied its drinks throughout the day, and installed a giant fountain in the atrium that pumped soda water from its fonts. Schweppes was the first drinks brand to partner with an event and the fountain has been commemorated on the bottle’s design ever since.

Inspired by our past, we decided to re-design our bottle to reflect Jacob Schweppe’s original design. To add a more refined edge and modern look, we collaborated with a French university to better understand how the champagne bottles preserve fizz. The result is our elegant new skittle bottle, designed to enhance Schweppes’ superior effervescence and ensure the perfect pouring experience.


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