Platinum Financial Planning Employee Handbook

You would be forgiven for thinking our company name was chosen to mirror the prestige of the precious metal. That’s only half the story. Actually, less than one sixth of it. There’s more to Platinum than meets the eye. You probably know it’s one of the rarest elements in the world and you might even be aware of its tarnish-free reputation. Less well known is its flexibility - the most ductile material on Earth and also one of the most stable. In fact, the official metre stick and kilo weight measures are both made from pure Platinum, making it the most trusted substance in existence. It’s also one of the heaviest and a reliable partner in alloy form. Hard-working too, as a crucial component in every car’s catalytic convertor. Look beneath Platinum’s shiny surface and you’ll discover a wealth of useful, yet largely unknown qualities. Unless of course you happen to already work with us, in which case all of this will be reassuringly familiar. WHY THE NAME PLATINUM?

Our Theme Platinum is a brand with insight in its DNA. This insight helps clients improve their lives. We are promoting the Platinum brand, not just as a team of number crunchers, but a team of knowledgeable, caring, warm and accessible professionals who use insight to make the right financial decisions on behalf of their clients.This is what differentiates Platinum from their competitors. It’s Market Insight It’s the wealth of experience and the experience of wealth. It’s the deep and wide knowledge within the team. It’s the fact Platinum is trusted by the most demanding clients. It’s the Platinum team spirit - the knowledge sharing that powers intellectual value. It’s Platinum’s openness. It’s Platinum’s hunger for new ideas; always staying ahead of change, always improving. It’s Client Insight It’s Platinum’s understanding of each client’s unique situation The empathy and the time taken to understand the nuances of each set of circumstances. It’s about recommending the right products.


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