Platinum Financial Planning Employee Handbook

Alcohol and drug testing On the grounds of health and safety and where necessary to achieve a legitimate business aim, the Company reserves the right to carry out random alcohol and drug-screening tests on employees in the workplace. If an employee receives a positive test result, this will be viewed as a potential gross misconduct offence and renders the employee liable to summary dismissal in accordance with the Company’s disciplinary procedure. Unreasonable refusal to submit to an alcohol or drug-screening test will also be dealt with through the disciplinary procedure. It is the Company’s policy that its workplace is smoke-free and that all employees have a right to work in a smoke- free environment and not be exposed to second-hand smoke. This is also a statutory requirement. In order to enable employees to work in a smoke-free environment, the Company’s business premises are designated “no smoking”. The Company’s prohibition on smoking applies not only to employees but also to visitors to the workplace, including clients, contractors, suppliers and members of the public. If you wish to smoke, you must do this in your own time either outside your normal hours of work or during break. You are not permitted to extend your breaks for the purposes of smoking or take additional smoking breaks during the day. Failure to comply with the above rules is a disciplinary offence and will be dealt with in accordance with the Company’s disciplinary procedure. Smoking for these purposes includes the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) and any other type of smoking. Appropriate ‘No Smoking’ signs are clearly displayed at the entrances to and within the workplace. Smoking areas The Company wishes to portray a professional business image to its clients, customers and suppliers when they visit the Company’s business premises. Therefore, employees are not permitted to smoke immediately outside the entrance to or exit from the workplace. An area has been designated at the back of the building where staff may smoke outside and a receptacle has been provided for smoking materials just outside the kitchen. All litter including cigarette butts must be placed in the container provided and emptied at regular intervals. 19. Stress at Work - The Company recognises that its employees are its most important asset and it is committed to providing the support and assistance necessary to enable its employees to undertake their role in an environment that is as stress-free as possible. The Company’s aim is to ensure employees’ health and safety at work and that they are not subjected to excessive workloads, onerous working practices or a detrimental work environment. Employees who have high stress levels are more likely to work inefficiently, behave erratically, have low morale and be absent from work and work performance will then suffer. The Company is committed to providing a support system to help minimise and alleviate stress in the workplace. It is the Company’s intention to deal constructively and sympathetically with stress. Stress will not be treated as a sign of


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