Platinum Financial Planning Employee Handbook

Special unpaid leave The Company may, in certain circumstances, consider requests for special unpaid leave, for example, for the purposes of education, family responsibilities or for important personal reasons. However, the Company expects you to use your paid annual leave first. Otherwise, any further time off for special reasons will only be granted at the absolute discretion of the Company and you have no contractual or statutory right to be paid for this leave. If you wish to apply for special leave, you should do so in writing to the Operations Manager stating the period of leave requested and the reasons for it. Requests for special leave will be assessed on their individual merits and circumstances. Special leave is operated entirely at the discretion of the Company and it may be withdrawn at any time. General - Failure to return from leave and report for work on the due date of return without reasonable excuse is a disciplinary offence and will be dealt with in accordance with the Company’s disciplinary procedure. 10. Leavers On the last working day of your notice period all Platinum property should be returned: 11. Maternity- The Company implements the maternity rights set out in the current legislation that is in force from time to time. The maternity rules are complex and if you become pregnant you should clarify the relevant procedures with the Operations Manager to ensure you follow them correctly. It is also important that, as an expectant mother, you keep the Operations Manager updated regarding your intentions in relation to antenatal care and work (i.e. both when leaving to begin your maternity leave and when planning to return to work). We encourage open discussion between you and the Operations Manager to ensure that questions and problems about maternity rights can be discussed and resolved as quickly as possible. Maternity rights - You have the following key maternity rights: • Time off for antenatal care Laptop computer Alarm fob Computer discs and/or memory key Passwords for online websites Front door keys Client files

• Maternity pay • Maternity leave

Time off for antenatal care – During pregnancy, you are allowed time off work with pay to attend the antenatal clinic and other antenatal appointments made on the advice of your doctor or midwife. Except in the case of your first appointment, an appointment card must be produced to the Operations Manager. You must endeavour to give as much advance notice as possible of antenatal appointments and you should try to arrange them as close to the start or the end of your working day as possible.


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