Platinum Financial Planning Employee Handbook

5. Changes in Personal Particulars - Employees are advised to inform the Operations Manager regarding any change in their personal status, e.g. marital status, family changes, addresses, next of kin etc. Up-to-date records will eliminate problems in cases of emergency. 6. Working Hours and Place of Work - Working hours are from 830am to 5pm unless otherwise stipulated in your Contract of Employment. It may be possible for you to carry out your job duties and to start and leave work at flexible times. If you wish to do this from time to time, you must obtain the prior approval of your line manager to your proposed hours of work. The operational needs of the Company’s business are always paramount which means that it may not always be possible to accommodate your proposals. All employees are entitled to 45 mins for lunch. Where the employee requires any additional break time this must be authorised by your line manager. In particular, additional break time is not permitted for smoking and telephone calls. Any employee taking extended break time will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedures. 6. a) Remote Working - It is the Company’s view that, the promotion of remote working arrangements increases staff motivation, reduces employee stress, improves employee performance and productivity and encourages staff retention. Whilst your place of work will usually be at our Belfast or London offices, we fully support a blended working approach, where it is feasible to do so, allowing you to combine working remotely with working in our office. You will be required to agree whether it is feasible for you and the actual make-up of your working week with your direct line manager in advance and this will be subject to regular review. Full details of our Remote Working policy can be found online or obtained from the Operations Manager. 6. b) Flexible Working - The statutory right to request flexible working is available to parents of young and disabled children and to carers of certain adults. We want to give you greater choice and flexibility about your working life whenever we can. However, we need to be able to balance this with making sure we give our clients the best service, giving them what they need, when they need it and being able to run all areas of our business successfully. Our Flexible Working Policies and Guidelines are where you can find all you need to know about how to request changes to your working arrangements and the range of options available to you. We also understand that things will happen in your life outside of work that mean you may need some time away unexpectedly, whether this is to deal with an emergency to care for a relative or to deal with a breakdown in childcare arrangements. That’s where our Flexible Leave & Time off for dependants policies and guidelines come in, and where you can find out the options available that you can discuss with your manager to agree the best way we can support you with your particular situation. Full details of our Flexible Working Policy can be found online or obtained from the Operations Manager.


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