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Platinum has always been about more than financial advice. It was founded in the belief that the successful management of wealth takes an understanding of finance but is rooted in an even deeper understanding of people. It is about understanding our clients and recognising the trust they put in us. Reflecting on the past two decades and the changes during that time, we felt it was important to update our brand to better represent the company that Platinum is today. For us, our brand is more than just a logo. It portrays who we are as a company, what we value and what we represent. We are always improving. Most importantly, we have taken some time to engage with our clients and members of our team to get their perspective on what Platinum means to them. This booklet is an introduction and celebration of who Platinum is today, and who we aspire to be in the future. I hope it provides you with some insight into what Platinum is all about.

Jonathan Scott Managing Director, Platinum Financial Planning


Platinum was established in 2004 with the desire to operate an independent financial planning firm with absolute integrity and transparency at its very core. Due to increasing demand for our services, we opened our London office in 2012 and, following a period of significant growth, 2020 saw the introduction of Platinum Chartered Accountants to the brand in a strategic partnership to provide effective and professional accountancy advice. During that time the team has grown significantly, providing advice to both individual and corporate clients across the public and private sector. Platinum isn’t simply a team of number crunchers. We are a team of knowledgeable, caring, warm, and accessible professionals who use insight to help our clients make the right financial decisions.


We are Invested in our clients, our team, our community, and the insight we provide. We are Professional . With almost two decades of experience, Platinum Financial Planning has earned a reputation of professionalism, reliability and insightfulness among many private and corporate clients. We are the Trusted partner of many organisations and have built longstanding trusted relationships with many of our corporate and private clients. We speak openly and honestly with our clients and they trust the insight we provide. We are Always Improving . We strive to be experts in our field. We are continually improving our expertise, our knowledge and our industry insight to ensure we are always in the position to provide our clients with the best possible advice. INVESTED | PROFESSIONAL | TRUSTED | ALWAYS IMPROVING


Why the name Platinum?

You’d be forgiven for thinking our company name was chosen to mirror the prestige of the precious metal. That’s only half the story. Actually, less than one sixth of it. There’s more to Platinum than meets the eye. You probably know it’s one of the rarest elements in the world and you might even be aware of its tarnish-free reputation. Less well known is its flexibility – the most ductile material on Earth – and also one of the most stable. In fact, the official metre stick and kilo weight measures are both made from pure Platinum, making it the most trusted substance in existence. It’s also one of the heaviest and a reliable partner in alloy form. Hardworking too, as a crucial component in every car’s catalytic converter. Look beneath Platinum’s shiny surface and you’ll discover a wealth of useful, yet largely unknown qualities. Unless of course, you happen to be one of our clients, in which case all of this will already be reassuringly familiar.


We know wealth, we know people.

Our clients shape everything we do at Platinum. So it was especially important to us that when developing the Platinum brand you see today that we fully understood and integrated what we as a company represent to them. Our brand has been refreshed to better reflect our message to our clients, our community and the Platinum team and to represent the firm we have become and strive to be in the future. The words that follow are how our clients have described Platinum and what we as a company represent to them.


We’re quietly confident, warm and accessible.

We’re chosen by people who value experience, honesty, and a personal approach to long term financial prosperity. We aim to simplify our clients financial life by making it easy and straightforward to understand and manage their finances. We speak to our clients openly and honestly, without the financial jargon. By aligning your plans with our knowledge, good things start to happen. The future comes into focus. Uncertainties melt away.

By aligning your plans with our knowledge. Good things start to happen.


What does the Platinum brand represent? We are a forward-thinking company. We’re always improving, looking to the future, and staying ahead. The arrow in our brand asset represents this. Our team and clients shape everything we do at Platinum and we’re fully invested in the relationships we build. The building blocks within the arrow of our brand asset represent these relationships between Platinum, our clients and our team. What do the Platinum brand colours represent? Much like the meaning behind our name the platinum colour symbolises the strength of our brand, our heritage, and our established reputation. The mustard reflects our warm, inviting personality. Many of our clients have been with us since the beginning and span generations because of the strong meaningful relationships we have built. We’re quietly confident, professional, and trusted, represented by the blue in our branding. We don’t need to shout about our service, our clients and reputation do this for us.

Blue represents our quietly confident, professional, and trusted qualities.

The 3 blocks represent the relationship between Platinum, our clients and our team.

The Platinum colour shows the strength of our brand, our heritage, and our established reputation.

The arrow represents Platinum as a forward- thinking company.

The mustard reflects our warm, inviting personality.



It’s Market Insight It’s the wealth of experience and the experience of wealth. It’s the deep and wide knowledge within the team. It’s the fact Platinum is trusted by the most discerning clients. It’s the Platinum team spirit – the knowledge sharing that powers intellectual value. It’s Platinum’s openness. It’s Platinum’s hunger for new ideas; always staying ahead of change. It’s Client Insight It’s Platinum’s understanding of each client’s unique situation. The empathy and the time taken to understand the nuances of each set of circumstances. It’s about recommending the right products suitable for each clients circumstances. It’s about relationships built on trust.

Platinum is a brand with insight in its DNA

That insight is what differentiates Platinum from our competitors.


We use insight to empower and improve lives.

Our fundamental goal is to provide our clients with quality financial insight to ensure they are in an informed position where they fully understand how they are going to achieve their financial goals. We believe that the more knowledge we share, the more empowered our clients will become.

Begin with better thinking. Arrive at better off.

Belfast Office 157 Upper Newtownards Road Belfast BT4 3HX T: 028 9065 5305 F: 028 9065 2305 London Office 1 Ropemaker Street London EC2Y 9HT T: 020 3633 2505


Platinum Financial Planning Ltd is an appointed representative of TenetConnect Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Company Registration No. N1613564 Registered in Northern Ireland

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