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ABOUT US With over 20 years experience in the local market and now with representatives in Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales we use our extensive fleet management & communication knowledge to keep your business on track. Our tailored telematics solutions which are used by customers all over Europe are implemented via our dedicated team of Account Managers. They use their knowledge and experience to offer solutions right for you, ensuring they integrate into your existing practises and deliver real results.



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The main reasons we chose NIBC Camera Smart Pro over the rest of the premium suppliers are the live access, 4 HD Channels and the backup service of the NIBC team. Footage has either been automatically uploaded on high impact incidents, requested via NIBC support team or remotely downloaded ourselves. The system has proven to be invaluable many times and has without doubt made a positive financial return on the initial investment. NIBC have fulfilled every promise made and we cannot recommend them highly enough. MULGREW WILLIAM HERRON


We have worked closely with NIBC for over ten years to constantly improve the efficiency of our operations. This covers GPS (Track Smart) and fuel management (Fuel Smart) and an array of detailed reports which aid in driver analysis and training. In recent years we added automatic tachograph downloads (Tacho Smart) and analysis, which allows our system to remotely download and analyse records with fully integrated tachograph software, making management of our records more straight forward. This also integrates with the tracking to provide tachograph data such as time to next break/rest which our planners now use daily. NIBC also supply our telecoms. AODH HANNON


Tacho Smart enables our planners to see which drivers we can use for the next job, without having to rely on information from them or having to wait until they get back to base. In order to meet customers’ high expectations and not be impacted commercially, the live tachograph data is the ‘Holy Grail’ of European Transport for us hauliers who rely heavily on drivers making sailing times...


AGRO MERCHANTS We have been using the tracking service for 10 years now and as technology has advanced so too has the offering from NIBC. This enabled us to remain at the top of our game and being competitive in market.


MAGUIRE INTERNATIONAL We are very impressed at how NIBC have listened to our needs and built us a bespoke planning report. This along with the driver’s league table helps our finance department with wages, expenses and overheads for Ireland, UK and Europe. The platform also gives us live visibility of driver’s hours, breaks and drive time ensuring we remain compliant and efficient at all times. MARIA MAGUIRE


Providing real time data, Track Smart offers you access to your most valuable assets any time, anywhere and from any device. Our solution will give you everything you are looking for in a vehicle and asset tracking solution, including 60 second updates, unauthorised usage reports and service alerts, keeping you and your drivers safe and on track.

We now have a clearer tracking system enabling us to better track and manage our fleet movements.


KEY FEATURES: • 60 second updates with google maps

• Unlimited Points of Interest • Extensive Range of Reports • Multiple User & Log-ins • Unauthorised usage reports • Service, PSV & MOT alerts • Quick Launch Buttons


Fuel Smart Pro aims to increase your efficiency by improving fuel economy and driver performance across your whole fleet by giving you live visibility of your vehicles performance and running costs. With data including harsh breaking & acceleration, over revving and speeding readily available, Fuel Smart Pro can aid your driving training as well as reduce your fleet fuel bill.

Alongside driver training, having Fuel Smart Pro fitted across our 12 vehicles has saved us €1800 off our monthly fuel bill.


KEY FEATURES: • CANBUS Telematics • Driver Behaviour

• Cruise Control Usage Statistics • Driver League Tables & Scorecards • Fuel Level & Usage Reports • Fuel Auditor • Odometer Mileage • MPG/Fuel Consumption & Idling Fuel • Monitoring

• Harsh Braking & Acceleration • PTO (Power Take-Off) analysis • Over revving & RPM bands reporting • CO2 Output • Digital Tachograph Integration


Within weeks of upgrading to Fuel Smart we had discovered and successfully dealt with various incidents of fuel theft thanks to the accuracy of the fuel level & the fact that it records every minute we could prove when & where fuel left the tank of our vehicles. Auditing our used fuel against our fuel card data saves us thousands of man hours a year as the fuel card data is automatically imported and analysed every 24 hours and available to us to work with. Due to our growing fleet of over 200 HGV’s, NIBC Fuel Smart is now essential and necessary to our operation especially with the growing cost of diesel.

Fuel Smart will reconcile fuel card usage against the actual vehicle location which is taken from data provided by Track Smart, our bespoke tracking system. It provides a suite of reports showing fuel card usage exceptions, accurate MPG’s and fuel reconciliation. Research commissioned by Shell shows that 50% of fleet managers believe tackling fraud and misuse could cut their fleets costs by 5% or more. With fuel accounting for 10% of total expenditure for fleet operators, this is where our Fuel Smart products can help.


KEY FEATURES: • Import data from any fuel card or bunkering system • Schedule automatic uploads or enter manually • Exception reporting on misuse of cards • Identify and prove fuel theft • Ability to audit all transactions in the one place • Reconcile all products (Tolls, Green Diesel, AdBlue etc) • Exception reporting when vehicle not present on occasions when fuel card is used



With manually downloading digital tacho data taking up to 2 working days per vehicle, per year that can translate into a lot of man hours & money per fleet. Tacho Smart can eliminate this with automatic downloads enabling you to seamlessly manage your compliance. Tacho Smart allows you to automatically download tachograph data (vehicle head & drivers card information) from anywhere in the world direct to your PC or analysis provider in real-time.

For us the obvious solution was Tacho Smart from NIBC. They enable us to to remotely download the data from our vehicle tacho heads every 24 hours, no matter where the vehicle may be.


In addition to Tacho Smart, Live DDS shows you a live view of the remaining driving and rest times of each driver. Planners can then easily assign drivers to jobs, while staying compliant.

KEY FEATURES: • Remote download of all compatible Tachographs • Remote authentication of Company Card • Centeralised, scheduled downloads (up to 300 per company card) • Secure and encrypted data transfer • Straight forward integration with tachograph analysis software • Scheduled data sent to 3rd party analysis software

• Automatic firmware update • Remote download of Driver Card • Live Driver Decision Support (compatible Tachographs) • 12 month RTBWarranty • DVA Approved • Remote download of digi tacho head units

We partner with Aquarius IT to provide their suite of industry leading products via our NIBC portal with a single sign on.

Remote downloading & the integrated solution provided by the Aquarius & NIBC team were key to helping us become the first Northern Irish Haulier to achieve Earned Recognition status. Migration of data into the ClockWatcher software was seamless & the installation, training & support received so far has assisted in our compliance requirements. We would highly recommend anyone serious about compliance to work with their team.

CLOCKWATCHER elite The Operators choice for web-based instant analysis software, to simplify management of your tachograph data. A unique solution to digitally capture driver signatures on infringement documentation via touch screen tablets and PCs. eSIGN Advanced Vehicle Defect reporting App for iOS and Android, managing your daily walkaround vehicle checks with ease and efficiency. DEFECT CHECK


KEY FEATURES: • Drivers’ hours law analysis

• Daily driver defect App • Vehicle defect maintenance • Electronic driver debrief • Proof of Delivery • Time and Attendance module

• Working time directive calculations • Validated IT supplier for the Earned Recognition scheme • Traffic light indicators for driver card and VU downloads • Full and comprehensive reporting suite • Secure data storage


Camera Smart can not only reduce insurance premiums but also positively effect the drivers behaviour and safety. Live Camera Smart* enables our customers & insurance companies to view footage live from our online portal which is uploaded when the vehicles G-shock sensor is activated. Our range of camera systems can ensure that you’ll always be able to provide conclusive video evidence of incidents, not only helping to protect your business and individual drivers, but also giving you valuable footage for driver training and development. Our unique camera solution will alert the transport team to the incident without the need to manually look through extensive footage, which can be a time consuming task. The latest development also enables live streaming of the video directly from their PC/mobile. The systems 1TB hard drive will store up to 29 days video footage** that can be accessed live or via USB. KEY FEATURES: • Set G-Sensor to trigger incident footage (30 Secs) • Automatic remote download of footage to tracking platform • Ability to request footage remotely from DVR*** • Live Stream directly from DVR on all 4x Cameras at once • Over the air (OTA) Firmware upgrade • USB download of footage • Diagnostic reporting (managed service available) • FNOL either by triggered alert or on request

The biggest return on investment has been the ability to exonerate the driver and ourselves in various RTC’s and proving liability of 3rd party drivers.


* Maximum 4 HD Cameras ** 29 days based on 2 HD cameras at 9 hours recording per day. *** *Dependant on sim plan, price on request


“Our planners are now reliant on the reporting capabilities of the


trailer smart solution. The

Our trailer tracking solution gives you complete visability of all your assests and reports on how and when they are being used.

utilization report is scheduled to their inbox each morning giving an up to date location of all our assets across Europe. The security and peace of mind this gives us is priceless.”

Trailer Smart Unit

Unit located out of sight under trailer:

Our planners are now reliant on the reporting capabilities of the trailer smart solution. The utilization report is scheduled to their inbox each morning giving an up to date location of all our assets across Europe. The security and peace of mind this gives us is priceless. CHRIS CORR, HEAD OF OPERATIONS, AGRO MERCHANTS LURGAN TRANSPORT LTD

Sealed IP66 Case with integrated power cable

Trailer Smart Unit Sealed IP66 Case with integrated power cable

Unit located out of sight under trailer

Easy installation with pre- fitted EBS connector allowing fast connection to the Haldex, Wabco or KNORR BREM EBS Aux trailer port.

Easy installation with prefitted EBS connector allowing fast connection to the Haldex, Wabco or KNORR BREM EBS Aux trailer port.

(Customer is required to specify connector and enable Aux part 1,2 or 3 on the trailer)

Chris Corr, Head of Operations, Agro Merchants Lurgan Transport Ltd



• Movement - When movement over 2mph (90cm/sec) is detected the Trailer Smart unit is powered up, obtains GPS and begins tracking* • Stationary - When the unit is stationary, location updates are sent at the pre-defined intervals* • Larger Battery - Increased battery capacity enables location even when left unhooked for long periods of time. Expected battery life is based on ping intervals.*

*Denotes predefined options




NIBC are an independent telecoms provider specialising in mobile services to keep your business running smoothly. Whether your employees are in the office or on the move, with our local managed service we will help you find the right mobile handsets and tariffs and provide solutions to improve communication efficiency within your business. We offer various integrated cloud-based systems meaning all of your fixed and mobile communications are unified by connecting to a single cloud-based system. This innovative service is flexible and provides a brilliant way to future-proof your business communications. TELECOMS





3CX is more than just a phone system, it is a complete Unified Communications solution, including high end features such as web conferencing, presence, softphones, smartphone clients and more – without the cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ phone system or the limitations of a shared cloud VoIP/PBX service. High end features & functionality situated on premise, connecting to the national phone networks via the latest SIP trunking technology. SIP trunking has replaced the commonly used ISDN connections used with old PBX phone systems and only requires an internet connection meaning it has never been easier to get your phone system connected.

KEY FEATURES: • Management & Scalability • IP Phone Management • Mobility • Call Centre • Unified Communications • Additional Integration Options for 3CX GENERAL FEATURES • Call logging • Call forward on Busy or No Answer • Call Routing • Auto Attendant/Digital Receptionist • Voicemail/Music on Hold • Central Phonebook • Call Transfer

• MWI – Message Waiting Indicator • Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneously • Automatic Pickup on Busy • Sennheiser Headset Integration • Extensive Codec Support (G711, G722, GSM, Speex, ILBC)


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