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Contact Details

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» contact details

» hello

Should you have any queries, require advice or would like a quotation, please contact us:

We realise the importance of providing an excellent print and delivery service to our customers. Minprint have a highly qualified and experienced team ready to undertake any project our customers give us. We provide experienced account managers who offer expert advice and guidance throughout each project, to help make informed decisions every step of the way. We have a proven track record to ensure you receive the level of service you expect at all times.

Minprint Ltd 401 Castlereagh Road, Belfast, BT5 6QP Tel: 028 9070 5205 Email: claire@minprint.co.uk www. minprint .co.uk



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» about us

» Overview

In business for almost 40 years, we have earned an enviable reputation and extensive portfolio of satisfied clients. There’s not a lot we haven’t printed, from the everyday business card and brochure to more specialist building wraps, point of sale items and exhibition displays. Our reputation for excellence has helped us to expand our customer base throughout Ireland and the UK. Our aim is always to add value whilst providing quality print with an excellent service. Continual investment in the latest technology along with the relevant staff training produces a product that is of the highest quality for any of the print contracts we are involved in.

We have a turnover of over £3,300,000

» our ethos

Our passion is the creation of innovative, engaging and effective print and promotional material that forge a powerful impact and results for our clients. Based on the principles of Partnership, Responsiveness, Innovation, Excellence and Sustainability, our aim is to add value in all that we do and deliver outstanding results for our customers. Our blend of creative design and technical expertise is an integral element of our company ethos and sets us apart from many other printing firms. Embracing the benefits and impact of combining print and digital media we are at the forefront of delivering multi-platform, cross media solutions. We listen to our customers and work tirelessly to ensure they are satisfied with the service and goods they receive from us. We have very strong policies and procedures along with an excellent security infrastructure. This is supported through detailed training and regular customer auditing to ensure our physical environment and information security continues to be robust.

» Company Directors: Gary Davidson, Jamie McMinnis and Pamela Dowds

» meet the team Minprint have a highly qualified and experienced team who have built a reputation for attention to detail and delivering a first class product you can be proud of. We also pride ourselves in excellent customer service and competitive pricing.



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» partnership

We listen to our customers and work tirelessly to ensure they are satisfied with the service and goods they receive. From small one off orders to large scale print management contracts we identify how best we can support our customers terms of graphic design, creative ideas, sourcing products and providing advice on most suitable and economical way to produce chosen printed materials.

» responsiveness

We know the importance of reliable and timely delivery. Our automated processes, rigorous controls and dedicated account managers ensure that customers’ requirements and deadlines are met. For those most pressing and urgent jobs where time really isn’t on our side we can offer a 24 hour service.

» sustainability

» innovation

Across all elements of the business we promote a high level of commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability including: design, the materials we use, how we use the materials, distribution methods, how we develop our people and how we grow our company.

Always on the lookout out for innovate solutions in terms of design, materials, techniques and print technology, we employ the very latest technology and techniques, striving to provide customers with new and innovative solutions, often before they’ve even thought of them.

» quality

» excellence

Minprint have a comprehensive and bespoke quality assurance procedure in place. Our quality assurance approach works – and we consistently attain the high levels of production and delivery for all our customers. We believe that maintaining and sustaining strong business results requires a wider understanding of quality and excellence, and this should permeate through everything we do.

With robust quality assurance policies, procedures and guidance in place, we ensure that all jobs are delivered to the highest standards. Our commitment to quality and excellence is at the forefront of everything we do and permeates across all aspects of Minprint.

» Section 1 About Us

» company experience » quality standards » environmental standards » customer testimonials


Section 1 About Us

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» Company Experience

From the early days of providing print and stationery, Minprint has invested continuously in new technology and has evolved to become a leading supplier of design, print, display, and cross media. We have consistently taken print to the next level offering our customers new products, materials and services. Today we offer customers a complete design and print solution, encompassing both print and multi- media solutions to enhance the impact and versatility of printed materials.

» who we work for

With almost 40 years of print knowledge and excellence behind us, Minprint has a wide-ranging and broad portfolio of print experience and we are particularly proud of our very loyal customer base and highly regarded reputation within the market.

» Allianz Insurance, London Minprint have been providing policy books and insurance documents to all councils throughout England for Allianz Insurance for over 15 years

» The Marine Institute Our tender for the provision of print and design to The Marine Institute was successful, and we designed their corporate brochure, along with other types of brochures, literature and wide format print. The Directors all commented on the high standard of print and design produced.

» Ulster Rugby, Ravenhill, Belfast In 2013 Minprint won the contract to print the match programmes for Ulster Rugby and other materials that provide key revenue streams such as calendars and promotional material. This requires on going innovation in design and print to ensure a consistent programme that appeals to supporters and grows revenue.

» The abbey theatre Minprint were awarded the tender for the Abbey Theatres print requirements and have successfully printed and delivered many documents - including theatre programmes, leaflets, visitor cards, various types of posters and promotional items. The Abbey Theatre demand the highest quality of print and finish, especially for their programmes, and we are able to meet their expectations every time.


Section 1 About Us

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» Abbey insurance Minprint provide an extensive range of business print and insurance documents to one of Ireland’s leading insurance companies.

» Aviva Minprint have provided printing to Aviva for over 16 years. their need for quality and top class service, especially for their policy documentation, has resulted in this long standing relationship and Aviva have come to rely on their allocated account manager to provide attention to detail during every print run.

» Aon Insurance, London Aon are one of the highest profile insurance companies in the world and require innovative and exciting print and promotional materials in high volumes. This is a major contract for a multinational company

» Tennents, UK Minprint provide extensive design and print services for Tennents across the UK including all point of sale promotional material

» Irish Football Association Minprint are working closely with the Irish Football Association on the dynamic design of commercial products such as match programmes as well as their important programmes to engage communities at grass-roots level

» Metlife Design and print services for one of the world’s largest insurers. Minprint provide marketing material including exhibition stands and posters for MetLife throughout the world.

» Thomas Cook Group Design and print services for Thomas Cook Group with a particular focus on travel insurance

» Phoenix Natural Gas, Northern Ireland Design and print services for Northern Ireland’s largest gas provider with a particular focus on customer facing forms and brochures.

» Ikea, Belfast Minprint provide much of the design and print services for the Ikea brand in Northern Ireland. Ikea are the world leader in modern style furniture and accessories. Our services include design and print of significant promotion material for distribution at a national level

» Aras Cholmcille Minprint provided and fitted all the wide format printing and outfitting for the Aras Cholmcille - St Columba Heritage Centre in Derry. We were proud of this considerable achievement, and the feedback from visitors has been very positive.


Section 1 About Us

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» Quality Standards

We believe that maintaining and sustaining strong business results requires a wide understanding of quality and excellence and that this should permeate through everything we do. Minprint is a member of the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) and has developed a comprehensive and bespoke quality assurance system that achieves a minimum of BPIF and ISO standards. Specifically tailored to our customers’ requirements, our Quality Excellence Model works, and we consistently attain the high levels of production and delivery expected by our customers. Minprint, is one of only a handful of printers throughout the UK and Ireland to gain Print Colour Management ISO Certification 12647-2:2013. We are proud of our achievement and our customers

can be assured that they are in safe hands for quality full colour printing. Our collective approach to excellence is highly effective in assuring the quality of the design and print service we provide. Our bespoke Quality Excellence Model has been developed to address the specific needs of our customers and encompasses all elements of the business: Leadership, Our People, Policy & Strategy, Partnerships & Resources, Processes, People Results, Customer Results, Sustainability Results and Key Performance Results. Our approach to excellence, our quality system and standards are now tailored to our business and customers requirements. We know this from customer feedback.

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About Us

» the Minprint Excellence Model The Minprint Ltd Excellence Model has helped Minprint Ltd to understand our ongoing ‘level of excellence’ and how to continually improve the quality of our delivery to ensure all business decisions incorporate the needs of all stakeholders and are aligned with the organisation’s objectives. This includes shaping an approach to quality that is focused on consistent quality outputs and how to improve these outputs to achieve higher value outcomes for our customers. Our model uses nine criteria, separated into categories of enablers and results and within which our overarching quality system operates. The Minprint Ltd Excellence Model is set-out in Figure 1.3 and we explain how this aligns with our approach to quality and quality standards later in this section. In simple terms everything we do is linked to the model and drives quality in all aspects of our business.

» overview of our quality system and standards

Our approach to quality is delivered at a number of levels:

• Quality Policy and Strategy

• Quality Standards

• Roles and Responsibilities

• Quality Processes and Systems

• Contingency Plans - Partnership and Suppliers

• Complaints Procedures and Redress

OUR PEOPLE Quality assurance roles Training and Induction

PEOPLE RESULTS Succeeding through the talents of our people



KEY PERFORMANCE RESULTS Sustaining outstanding results by adding value for our customers.

Effective QA processes

Responsibilty for quality assurance rests with a member of the SMT Information to assure quality - receives via MIS Driving quality throughout Minprint, suppliers and partners.

Process roadmap from customer engagement to production and after sales Effective use of MIS to manage quality process

POLICY & STRATEGY Effective QA policy and roadmap Policy Suite

CUSTOMER RESULTS Focus on customer outcomes


SUSTAINABILITY RESULTS Society Environmental Economic

partners Poss FSC


Section 1 About Us

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» Quality Standards

the highest quality, on time and within budget. The directors and senior management team take the lead in instilling this quality commitment throughout Minprint and ensuring all people, processes and partners continually provide quality assurance to BPIF and ISO standards. Our excellence model provides the framework to shape how quality is embedded throughout Minprint and in all that we strive to deliver for our customers. With a comprehensive Shuttleworth management information system we constantly challenge performance and quality standards against key performance indicators. » quality processes In line with our Quality Excellence Model, Minprint has a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and guidance in place to ensure a consistent and high level of quality is achieved throughout all departments and at all stages of a contract. Full details of our Quality Assurance System are available on request. attached to each individual job docket and as these flow through the production stages they are processed through a series of ‘gate’ checks ensuring that they only proceed once quality checked and signed off. • All key job components are logged onto a Shuttleworth MIS system to monitor and track non-conformances and complaints. • Regular spot checks and ‘mystery shops’ are carried out across a series of performance indicators to monitor print quality levels, staff attitudes and behaviour and customer feedback. • A comprehensive and robust series of risk management and contingency plans are in place to ensure minimum disruption on design, production and distribution in the event of unplanned disruption. Key features include: • Detailed worksheets are printed and These are assessed, resolved and immediate corrective action taken.

» quality people

We have a comprehensive set of quality assurance policies, procedures and guidance in place, and these are a common thread throughout our induction, training and wider development of our people and are included as part of our performance systems. We also have specific roles and responsibilities in place allocated to quality assurance – layered throughout our design, production and delivery processes.

» quality partners

Minprint Ltd work in partnership with suppliers and partners via a supply chain management approach that is a fundamental part of our quality approach and wider excellence model. This includes important partners that operate as part of our supply chain and are providing us with services that offer resilience and contingency. We continually assess and update our systems and processes in the workplace to maximise efficiency. Most importantly our collective approach to excellence is highly effective in assuring the quality of the design and print service we provide. » policy & strategy Our quality Policy and Strategy has been designed to fit with our customer requirements and ensure that all aspects of the contract including design, print and support services will be delivered to


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» Section 1

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About Us

‹‹ Section 1

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About Us

» Environmental Standards

» Our approach on sustainability

Sustainable development and sustainability are core to how we deliver and our approach looks to ensure an appropriate balance between the environmental, social and economic components of sustainability. We have developed the Minprint excellence model to reflect our approach to sustainability - as demonstrated below








SUSTAINABILITY RESULTS Society Environmental Economic


Our overarching approach is designed to ensure we make a tangible impact on sustainability across all three components. To do this we apply a four layer approach that is highly effective.

This would support each of our customers in the delivery of their commitments on social responsibility, economic and environmental responsibility. We take this very seriously and would be very happy to provide more detail on our approach to sustainability and social responsibility.

The four main layers of our approach are:

• Our Policy on Sustainable Development

• Sustainable Operations

• Roles and Responsibilities

• Performance Management & Evaluation


Section 1 About Us

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At a high level our commitment to sustainability includes:

» environmental sustainability

• Applying the highest levels of environmental good practice and industry standards

• Achieving energy efficiency through minimising unnecessary energy consumption, using systems, tools and equipment that support energy efficient delivery

• Minimising waste and recycling, including unnecessary packaging

• Where possible we use fuel efficient vehicles and ensure efficient route planning

• Procurement: all of our buying is geared to optimise environmental sustainability

• Our lighting is all energy efficient

• We invest in the most efficient IT equipment

• We encourage the use of recycled materials

• We are also investigating the use of electric vehicles.

» economic sustainability

• We are an important employer - employing 52 highly skilled people

• We are focused on up-skilling - training, developing and qualifying our people so that they contribute more, become highly skilled and highly valued in the market place

• We focus on youth - including apprenticeships to build the qualified professionals of the future

• We also focus on experience - retaining our people through excellence in continuous professional development and ethical approaches to remuneration and benefits - many of our people have been with the organisation for many years

• We train our people on all relevant aspects of design and print and sustainable development to ensure a highly skilled workforce

• We develop ethical approaches to all aspects of procurement - we have a sustainable procurement policy that guides our approach to buying

• Corporate ethics and governance are central to how we operate

• Recruitment: we apply an ethical approach to recruitment that achieves strong equality of opportunity.


Section 1 About Us

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» social sustainability and social responsibility

• Equity - we provide an equitable approach and opportunities for staff members and potential staff including: how we recruit, promote and procure

• We invest in the community as an employer and up-skill our employees

• Social Outcomes - we work with local schools providing opportunities for work experience

• Investing in Human Capital - we support employees through: development, pension arrangements, fair pay and benefits

• Diversity - we promote and encourage diversity

• Social Responsibility - we engage as a business with wider society / communities as part of a formal and informal approach to corporate / social responsibility. For example this includes engaging and supporting local charities and events.

» Section 1

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About Us

» Customer Testimonials

» what our customers have to say about us... We value all customer feedback and listen to what our customers have to say about us. We have high- lighted a selection of our customer testimonials to include work completed on large scale design and print projects and also small projects where Minprint really made a difference to getting the job done and helping our clients achieve the best results.

» Winemark (Robert Davis)


We would have no hesitation in recommending Minprint as a print supplier. Our customer magazine is always printed and delivered on time and Minprint provide us with an excellent service at competative prices.

Many thanks for the great standard banners which have been delivered this morning - I really appreciate the quick turnaround in getting these to us so quickly. Much appreciated!

» Ulster Rugby, (Sarah - Louise bowman) I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and patience and for helping us to modernise the look and feel of the match programme.

» A J Gallagher (Jan Goodchild) Prompt, efficient and easy to work with, Minprint deliver an excellent service every time.


» Thistle Tenant Risk (Sally Alvey)

» Phoenix Natural Gas (Nicola Faulkner, marketing manager) We consider Minprint to be an integral part of our marketing team. They provide an excellent service and personal attention is above and beyond what we could have expected.

Minprint never fail to meet deadlines and have been extremely flexible and accommodating and have provided a first class service in respect of design, delviery and day to day contact.

‹‹ Section 1

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About Us

» Tennent’s NI (Sarah Shimmons, Marketing Manager) This is the kind of fast and efficient turnaround we rely on to ensure we deliver high quality, timely promotional campaigns.

» Cafe Conor Great to work with and always deliver a first-class product.

» ITV1 - This Morning (Martin Harper - Senior Producer)

» Pinnacle Response Thank you Minprint, our stand looks great, the colour really pops and not to mention the super service to boot. Please pass on our thanks to all involved. The team are really impressed and we’ll be in touch later in the year for the new stand and I’ll keep your brochure on file here should we require any other promo material.

A huge thank you to Minprint for your outstanding work last week when I was filming in Belfast. You dropped everything to help me out at the last minute. The work was excellent and the service outstanding.

» Marie Curie Cancer Care (Anne McRoberts - Fundraising manager) The vinyl banners are brilliant, thank you so much. You have really made my day.

» WillowWealth Management (Paul Adair) So pleased with the quality and finish of our stationery, I am going to a networking event and will be taking a sample of my stationery with me to show other advisors. Thanks again for a first class service.

» Clyde Shanks - Planning Development I am really pleased with the quality of my flyers and especially the really quick turnaround. Thank you for a great service. Shall be using Minprint again.

» NICSSA Sport & Leisure (Joanna Morrow - Marketing & Sales Manager) Great service as always! Love the new branding by the way!

» Section 2 Technical Resources

» Design & Pre-Press » Production Litho, Digital &Wide Format » Finishing » Secure Print Environment

» Section 2 Technical Resources

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» Design & Pre-Press

» creativity & experience

» artwork format We can receive artwork is as press ready PDFs, although the Design studio is able to output from a variety of programmes such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXpress. The easiest way for us to receive artwork is via email, with the ability to receive files up to 30MB. We can also receive files using a variety of programmes such as Dropbox and We Transfer, or you can send us a USB pen drive with your files saved onto it. » pre-press Our expert pre-press team have a great eye for detail ensuring that all design work passes through our robust multi-point checks Software

Minprint’s qualified and experienced creative team operate a fully equipped design suite housing a comprehensive range of both Apple Mac and Windows Computers. Whether it is a simple business form or high-end full colour brochure, Minprint’s design studio can produce quality proofs and provide high resolution PDF files to sign off as close a representation of lithographic print possible before going to print. Minprint Design Studio use:

• Electronic File Transfer (FTP)

• Broadband (SDSL)

• Exchange e-mail

• Colour proofing (Press Calibrated)

• Scanners

• Prinect Integration Manager 2015

• Photography

• Prinect Signa Station 2015

• Adobe Creative Suite

• Adobe Creative Cloud

• QuarkXpress


• Dropbox

• Plate Setter Suprastter A52/A75

• Creative Cloud Proofing

‹‹ Section 2 Technical Resources

25 » Minprint Company Profile 2016

» Production - Lithographic

» litho production machinery

Heidelberg XL 75 - 4 colour with coating unit. Includes impress ink management which scans every fourth sheet in print production at speeds of 15,000 sheets per hour. ISO colour management award (ISO 12647- 2:2013)

2 x Heidelberg GTO Printmasters - with numbering and perforator

Production director Gary Davidson manages Minprint’s team of qualified, experienced printers and finishers. We use only Heidelberg printing presses, the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the print world. Continual investment in the most up to date machinery keeps quality optimal. Faster set up times, higher running speeds and reduced chemistry plate making enables Minprint to operate more efficiently as well as being less harmful to the environment. The majority of our paper stocks are from certified FSC sources, details and samples are available on request. » litho production is ideal for:

Heidelberg Cylinder - with cut & creaser

Heidelberg Platen - Prints, cuts & creases

Polar 78 Guillotine

Polar 92 Guillotine - with workflow & jogger

All our equipment is owned in house and we operate 24 hours a day.

» capabilities

• Envelopes

• Colour Brochures

• Leaflets

• Annual Reports

• Perfecting unit - printing both sides in one pass

• Business Cards

• Business Stationery

• Pre-press calibrated proofs

• Compliment Slips

• Booklets

• Sheetfed up to 800 microns thick

• Stickers and Labels

• Presentation Folders

• Receipt Books

• Notepads

• In-line numbering and perforating

• Numbered Cards / Tickets

• Letterheads

• UV varnishing

• NCR Sets

• Foil blocking

• JDF workflow integration

» Section 2 Technical Resources

Minprint Company Profile 2016 ‹‹ 26

» Production - Digital

» digital production machinery

If you are looking for a cost effective way to produce short run, full colour printing to a high standard then this is the way to do it. Using Xerox digital presses which are colour calibrated by CMI, we can produce quality full colour print in a shorter turnaround time. If you have something new in mind we are always available to talk it over and come up with a cost effective solution. New products set to make an impression will avail of some of the more versatile stocks we have available. » digital production is ideal for:

Xerox 1000

Xerox 5000

All our equipment is owned in house and we operate 24 hours a day.

» capabilities

• Full colour both sides in one press

• Creo RIPs

• Posters

• Colour brochures

• CMI colour calibration]

• Business Cards

• Annual reports

• Pre-press calibrated proofs

• Compliment slips

• Business forms

• Short run NCR sets

• Booklets

• Up to 300 microns thick

• ICCC profiled colour standards

• Variable data output

• Web to print facilities

‹‹ Section 2 Technical Resources

27 » Minprint Company Profile 2016

» Production - Wide Format

We have the ability to produce posters and images on a vast range of materials. Our machinery allows us to print direct to virtually any media, rigid and flexible. We operate a mix of UV Flatbed, solvent roll fed and aqueous ink sets. All are capable of photo quality resolution depending on running speed and substrate. We also have invested in lamination equipment and can offer use of thermal and pressure sensitive lamination and mounting. Our flatbed UV machinery allows us to print directly to almost any substrate including Paper, Vinyl, PVC, Coriboard, foam board, acrylic, composites, fabrics, wood and metals. This facility also negates the need for screen printing which is less environmentally friendly, lower resolution, requires expensive setup and drying times which extend lead times. Our print is digital, printed directly to the media and ready for use immediately. We also have the facility to print with white ink, this allows for extra wow factor on backlit prints and acrylics with a print/white/print sandwich to optimise the effect of the graphics.

The fact that we have 4 wide format presses ranging from 2.5m to 610mm wide ensures that we can cater for all eventualities, so the best equipment for each job is utilised and in the event of machine failure we have sufficient backup in place to ensure our clients deadlines can still be met. Our latest investment - the top of the range in laser technology - a Kongsberg Digital cutting table, has greatly increased our ability to produce intricate cut outs on any material producing a high class quality finish.

» Section 2 Technical Resources

Minprint Company Profile 2016 ‹‹ 28

» Production - Wide Format

• Posters » wide format production is ideal for • Self-adhesive vinyl

» wide format production machinery

Xerox 1000 Xerox 5000

• Self cling

• Banners

• Pop up banner

• Boards - foamex/correx

All our equipment is owned in house and we operate 24 hours a day.

• Paper

• Roll up & pop up banners

• Magnetics

• Floor graphics

• PVC banner

• Corporate wallpaper

» capabilities

• Hemming & eyeletting

• Pavement stands

• Lamination

• Exhibition displays

• Full colour both sides in one press

• Mounting

• Window graphics

• Creo RIPs

• Cut-outs

• Stickers & labels

• Framing

• Canvas prints

• CMI colour calibration]

• Point of sale

• Lightboxes

• Pre-press calibrated proofs

‹‹ Section 2 Technical Resources

29 » Minprint Company Profile 2016

» Section 2 Technical Resources

Minprint Company Profile 2016 ‹‹ 30

» Finishing

Minprint have an extensive, and well-equipped finishing department. Our skilled finishing staff have high standards and are trained to give attention to detail. This dedicated team, coupled with our modern equipment, facilitate the delivery of our promises of quality and speed. » finishing machinery

All our finishing equipment is owned in house and our finishing department operates 24 hours a day to ensure continuity of service to our customers.

» capabilities

• Collating

• HB Stahl Folder ST100 booklet maker with three knife trim

• Cylinder Die Cut Out Press

• Folding

• Hang 4 Head Drill

• Wire Stitching

• Horizon booklet combined collating tower

• Envelope Inserting Machine

• Perfect Binding

• Autobond laminator

• Stahlfolder

• Perforating

• HANG 4 x headed drill

• Saddle Stitching Machines

• Numbering

• Jigger & Packing Line

• Drilling

• Vacuumatic counter

• Foil Blocking

• Laminating

• TE - Matic shrinkwrapper

• Guillotining

• Vacuumatic Counter

• Compact 5800 shrinkwrapper

• Shrink-Wrapping

• Paper Banding Machines

• Bell Howell envelope inserter

• Inserting

• Multi-Punch Machines

• Autobond Laminator

• Digital Creaser

• Vision bagging machine

• Collator Stitch Fold Trim Booklet Makers

• Fast bind perfect binder

• Envelope Printer & Conveyor

• BH Suprasetter plate processor

• Guillotines & Pallet Lifts

• HB Cylinder cutter & creaser

‹‹ Section 2 Technical Resources

31 » Minprint Company Profile 2016

» Secure Print Environment

We feel it is imperative that our clients are assured their information is secure, including; » physical security

Required to be robust and use technology in an effective way, such as CCTV and alarm systems, to provide a secure physical environment.

» IT security

Ensuring all information held by the company is secure from any potential malicious cyber attacks..

Minprint are the market leader in offering a secure physical print environment and robust IT security and information assurance. This is based on a commitment to seven core principals that are a continuous thread through our systems (both physical and online), our procedures and people. These are accountability, audit ability, authenticity and trustworthiness, availability, integrity, non- repudiation and privacy. What this means in practice is that we are the preferred supplier for a range of organisations that require the highest standards in security and regularly audit these arrangements to ensure they are fully effective.

» information assurance

Ensuring that data is not lost at any stage or as a result of external factors.

» Section 3 Our People

» The Team » Account Management » Print Management

» Section 3

Minprint Company Profile 2016 ‹‹ 34

Our People

» The Team

» key personnel experience

Creative Team With a portfolio of high profile clients, our Creative Team has an extensive range of skills, offering design expertise across a range of print, display and digital formats. Working with clients from initial development of the design brief, through to the final completed products they draw on their print knowhow and internal expertise to provide invaluable design for print advice . Print Professionals At the core of our business is our team of exceptional print professionals. This highly experienced and dedicated team undertake all jobs, large or small, straightforward or complex, with the same level of attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Quality Assurance Manager Delivered through our robust and highly effective quality assurance system, our Quality Assurance Manager ensures the highest level of consistent quality across all elements of the business and in the services and products we provide. Distribution Team On time delivery is the final and often the most crucial aspect of our service. Our distribution team manages deliveries in the most effective and sustainable way responding to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We are a strong believer in the principal that the customer ‘pays the wages’ and this has reflected in tremendous customer loyalty from many leading companies throughout the UK and Ireland.

Minprint have a highly qualified and experienced workforce who have built a reputation for attention to detail and delivering a first class product. We are proud of our experienced print and design professionals who have supported Minprint as we have progressed into a multi-disciplined business offering specialist design, print and display solutions for print and digital media. We have an established and committed team, placing our clients’ needs first and delivering against the following fundamental characteristics: Senior Management Team Our Directors and the Senior Management Team perform a hands on role and are actively involved with customers and the day to day running of the business, ensuring consistently high standards are delivered throughout the entire customer experience. Account Managers Our Account Managers are an integral part of the delivery process, working closely with our customers to provide advice and guidance and ensure a seamless process from start to finish. With expertise and a track record in supporting effective print services for many high profile clients and major contracts in terms of value and volume, the Account Management Team will oversee and manage all key components in any contract we are awarded.

‹‹ Section 3

35 » Minprint Company Profile 2016

Our People

Strong Account Management Access to an experienced account manager and account management team. Excellent Advice and Guidance We provide information, guidance and support to help our customers in achieving their communication goals. We have found this to be essential to achieving excellence in delivery. behaviours of staff to ensure excellent service. This ranges from smart uniforms to application of listening skills, punctuality and reliability, high quality service provision and being courteous. Ultimately our whole customer ethos revolves around the principal of ‘going the extra mile’ to ensure high customer satisfaction. Values, Attitudes and Behaviours We value and monitor the attitudes and

» customer relationship management

We have a comprehensive approach to the management of our customer relationships and have found that our simple philosophy of partnership and working together is highly effective, enabling us to fully address client’s needs. Our customers gain excellent service, benefiting from our overarching approach of, “we go the extra mile”. Starting with induction right through to instilling our core values and beliefs throughout the Company the customer is at the forefront. Induction We train and develop our people to provide excellent service for customers including how to effectively listen, how to effectively engage customers, and how to go that extra mile for customers.


Section 3 Our People

Minprint Company Profile 2016 ‹‹ 36





PAUL MUISE Production
















Comp Sec / Sales / HR





























Cross Media / Prepress



Section 3 Our People

37 » Minprint Company Profile 2016

» Account Management

» Innovation and Imagination In terms of design, look, feel, layout, use of imagery to ensure all products reflect the high level of quality and innovation associated with your company. Further, the end product would promote the company in a way that reflects your company in a professional manner » Responsiveness Our clients value our responsiveness. We can respond quickly to changing requirements and offer a 24hr service; to ensure the most pressing client requirements are met. » Sustainability In everything we do including how we design, the materials we use, how we use those materials, how we distribute, how we develop our people and grow our company.

For our larger contracts we appoint a dedicated account manager who will assume responsibility for the delivery of the project. They will oversee all aspects of the contract including budgets and administration and will be the key person who will ensure the project is delivered to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customer. We provide direct line access to the account manager who will very quickly develop a clear understanding of your printing needs. All our team are fully trained and knowledgeable in design and print management and work with customers on a continual basis, always looking for and suggesting ways to improve areas of individual accounts. We always provide advice to our clients on the most economical and cost effective way to produce their printed materials. Our account managers work on a daily basis with many leading businesses on multi-part contracts, placing our clients’ needs first and in line with our Company ethos, delivering against the following fundamental characteristics. » A Partnership Approach Working in partnership with our clients we listen to their needs and design solutions to optimise impact and budget. Your account manager will ensure you receive the highest level of service.

» Complete In House Service We have the capabilities and technology to provide all these services in house without the need to sub contract work.


Section 3 Our People

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» Print Management

» Features:

For larger businesses with more complex print ordering requirements our Red Tie web to print system and dedicated print management team, deliver a fully bespoke service. This service enables our customers to transact with us quickly and easily for all their marketing and print needs. Customers have access to their own bespoke portal which enables them to re-order regular items such as business cards, letterheads, brochures and promotional items as well as upload artwork and order online for promotional campaigns, exhibitions, events, packaging and point of sale. Businesses can ensure consistency across all printed material, protecting their brand guidelines and strategic message whilst offering employees, teams and multi-sites the ability to order from a selection of templates and personalise within an agreed format. With a dedicated account management team along with our experienced print operations team we ensure that clients receive the very best in customer support and deliver a first class service. Print schedules for each project can be provided in advance and tailored to meet your needs. Email notification of shipments for print projects are always provided. Print schedules can be provided on request in advance of each project, larger projects are co-ordinated using our Basecamp project management tool which offers a client slide access for complete transparency and ease of communication.

• 24/7 ordering and payment facility • Bespoke website / portal • Approval hierarchy • Email status updates • Unlimited users • Unlimited product tabs • Product visibility by customer group • Reporting • Immediate pricing • Automated order confirmation • Stock items with built in inventory system • Direct mail integration • Asset Library • Remote access with Global Connectivity • Job status and history

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Our People

» Web to print Minprint operate industry leading software technology for print management. This allows clients to have a dedicated product catalogue which contains a range of their marketing collateral. Ideal for use in a multi-site print on demand environment, where clients require the ability to update and personalise branded product templates. This provides users with the control to ensure marketing campaigns run efficiently and on time.

» Features:

• Branded storefront website (BURL) allows ownership feel • Full control of branding – managing brand guidelines and brand integrity

• Reduced administration costs

• Easy to use – can be passed downstream to users outside procurement departments (all branches can order their own version of the collateral) • Allow products to be customised by branch, brand, area or service offering Online 24/7 for orders • Caters for stock and Print on Demand products in one Managed System • User groups can be segmented to access different products and information

• Order sign off and approval processes

• Template fields can be defined for personalisation

• Finalised artwork can be ordered through the system or can be downloaded as a pdf and printed locally (please note there is a “click charge” per pdf downloaded) • Budgets and cost codes can be assigned for control over marketing spend at user, branch or company level.

» Section 4 Our Services

» Design » Print Solutions

» Print Management » Event & Exhibition » Sign & Display » Cross Media Marketing » Online Ordering » Promotional Products


Section 4 Our Services

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» Design

Creativity & experience are at the heart of our design studio.

Branding and brochures or banners and backdrops, Minprint’s design studio can develop your design requirements from concept to print ready artwork. Our multi-disciplined creative team are bursting with fresh ideas and concepts, ready to visualise your brand, your message and all things in between. Already have something started or want a more collaborative approach? Just ask us how one of our team of specialist graphic, digital and 3D Visualisation designers can help share the load and add that magic touch to make sure your finished product really performs.

2D & 3D DESIGN Our 2D and 3D CAD Visualisation service is ideal for creating virtual products, packaging, displays and architectural images.

DIGITAL MARKETING If you want a more interactive campaign we can combine your printed materials with an online promotional campaign, producing personalised print, web pages and emails from design to delivery all in one manageable and co-ordinated approach.

PRE-PRESS Our expert pre-press team have a great eye for detail ensuring that all design work passes through our special multipoint checks. We produce “ripped” proofs or digital hard copy proofs for you to sign off on before production for that added piece of mind.


Section 4 Our Services

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» Print Solutions

Printing so sharp you can feel it

With a passion for printing, we know what works and have the skills, expertise and creativity to bring your designs to life across an extensive range of print. All our print jobs, large or small are underpinned with our commitment to excellence and delivering high quality design and print.


To deliver jobs quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality. Our Promise

PERSONALISED PRINT For personalised promotional campaigns and mailings, our advanced variable data technology takes personalisation to a new level giving you the opportunity for creating bespoke literature and marketing campaigns.

PRINT MANAGEMENT Our print management service is an ideal solution for larger businesses and organisations which require regular print ordering across a broad range of new or existing printed products.

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