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Proposal for Barclay Communications Rebrand

Background Barclay Communications are a successful, forward thinking family business that has outgrown their current brand identity. The colour palate and brand mark are well recognised but are not as relevant to a communications sector business as they need to be and don’t represent the cutting edge nature of the Barclay offering. As such Barclay Communications seek a fresh corporate, professional brand which is perfectly at home in the communications and technology sector. The new brand needs to focused on the B2B market, reflect their award winning service, 25 years’ experience and instantly let clients know “they are in good hands”.

Barclay Communications Rebrand

Go MAD with your rebrand! Minprint Advertising & Display are a great fit for Barclay Communications as we are also a progressive family business which has a hard earned reputation for delivering great service. MAD is a modern business that does things differently. Our creative approach is evident in everything we do; we make our clients stand out from the crowd in a noisy marketplace. There is synergy in this project and the current rebrand of our own business which merges MAD Creative & Minprint to take on our evolving market. It’s key to build on the solid foundations that got us here and prepare the brand for tomorrow and beyond. See what we have done for the Minprint & MAD Creative rebrand to MAD Belfast…..

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Barclay Communications Rebrand


Barclay Communications Rebrand

Our Rebrand Process Step one - Online Survey

The first stage is take a brand survey to help us get an initial idea of the brand and the direction you want to take it. This can be shared with Staff, Key Clients and other stakeholders whose opinion you value would like to hear their thoughts on the brand. Click HERE to view a draft brand survey. Step Two - Research We will review the survey results, look at competitors and worldwide market leaders to get helicopter view of the industry. If possible we will visit your office to meet the team and get a real feel for the business, the staff and the environment you operate in.

Barclay Communications Rebrand

Our Rebrand Process (cont) Step Three - Development

Once we have clear idea of the direction we are going to take the brand, we will begin to develop concepts, we will provide 4-5 initial concepts for you review. (We will provide on line survey if you would like to get other people’s opinions on these concepts). Step Four - Refinement Once you guys have selected your preference we will refine this until your team is happy with final output. If any issues we will work until you have got the perfect brand for your needs. We aren’t happy with the brand until you are.

Barclay Communications Rebrand

Rebrand Project Outputs The rebrand project delivers the new identity and guidelines to maintain consistency across all platforms to include:

• Logo Versions • Dos & Don’ts • Colour Palette • Fonts Styles • Brand Values

• Brand Proposition • Tone of voice • Stationary • Online Application • Print Application

Barclay Communications Rebrand

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Costs For delivery of the complete project from the initial meeting until delivery of all assets when you are happy with the brand. £4,250

Barclay Communications Rebrand

Thank you.

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