Hyde Park Environmental - HY-FIVE Nov/Dec Products

HY-FIVE Nov/DecProducts

NOV/DEC 2019

FIVE GREAT PRODUCTS FROM HYDE PARK ENVIRONMENTAL Special Offers • NEW Innovative Products • Best Sellers



ECO THAW FROM £42/€48 Advanced de-icer solution which


melts ice from roads, paths, steps and driveways. Liquid Eco-thaw+, blended brine with de-icing additives are easy to apply, work better, last longer and treats to temperatures at -17’C • Economical – substantial cost savings available • Clean – No dirt tracking as with salt solids, easy storage, easy to han-dle • Efficiency – Easy to apply, works better, lasts longer and treats to -17 • Environmental – Reduces salt content by 75% Available Sizes: 20L – 1000L IBC

ANTI FATIGUE MATTING FROM £55/€63 EACH • Pebbled ‘textured’ surface • Available as Orthomat Safety with bright yellow bevelled edge bor-ders • Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN13552 (Cat R10) • Fire Tested to DIN54332 (B2) part of DIN4102 • Product Height: 9mm Available Sizes: 0.6m x 0.9m / 0.6m x 1.5m / 0.9m x 18.3m/ Per Linear m

For UK enquiries, call 0800 7566 388 For ROI enquiries, call 01 506 0633


OIL BOOMS ONLY £99/€114 PER 4 PACK The HUG oil-only marine boom is highly effective on oil spills in water applications, such as streams, rivers and lakes. The booms can be linked together by hooks and clasps, which are already attached to the booms. • Floats to confine and soak up spills on water • Absorbs & retains oils and oil-based liquids, including lubricants & fuels, without taking a drop of water • Field proven performance works in all conditions to absorb oil spills on land or water Available Sizes: Standard, 12cm x 3m, 195 Litre Absorbency .Extra Large, 20cm x 3m, 300 Litre Absorbency


FLEXIBLE & REUSABLE SPILL BARRIERS (BERMS) FROM £228/€262 Portable barrier which forms a tight seal and is flexible enough to form irregular curves. Non-absorbent, reusable polyurethane resists water, oil and most chemicals. Connection joints and corner pieces are also availa-ble to create


longer lengths. Size: 3cm x 6m

or email all enquiries to: sales@hydepark-group.com hydepark-environmental.com

IBC SPILL SAVER NOW ONLY £125/€144 The IBC SpillSaver® is a tailor-made funnel designed to fit IBC tanks perfectly. The funnel is manufactured in 100% polyethylene in order to withstand most acids, chemicals and oils. Steadily sits on top of IBCs grid, and for extra security you can fasten it with accompanying fastening straps. Lid and grid available upon request. Dimensions: 1207x1107x250 mm



For UK enquiries, call 0800 7566 388 For ROI enquiries, call 01 506 0633 or email all enquiries to: sales@hydepark-group.com hydepark-environmental.com

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