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Everun is a leading provider of onshoreWindTurbine Generator (WTG) Asset Management services. Our experienced team removes the day to day challenges associatedwith the management, operation and administration ofWTGs. Fromour Head Office in Belfast, the Everun Professional Services teamand 24hr Control Centre ensure that assets aremonitored tomaximise yield and return on investment. Our goal is to maximise operational availability, enhance performance and manage daily operations, 365 days a year. Everun’s range of services can be leveraged separately to meet specific needs or delivered as a complete end-to-end management solution. In addition to the support of our experienced team, Everun’s livemonitoring software affords users 24/7 visibility of their portfolio and the confidence their assets are in safe hands. We also provide support and financial management services to a range of other renewable energy assets, including biogas and solar.

100+ WindProjectsUnderManagement

98.9% Operational Availability

51GWh PortfolioOutput


Everun has a dedicated and experienced team, committed to delivering results. We are firmly focused on providing a professional service, tailored specifically to our clients’individual needs.

Michael Thompson ManagingDirector


• Asset & Financial Management • Monitoring & Reporting • Servicing & Engineering (O&M) • Repowering • Energy Management Software • Professional Services & Consultancy With over 10 years’experience in the field, Everun has amassed a wealth of experienceMonitoring, Managing & EngineeringWindTurbine Generator (WTG) projects. Services include: Awealth of experience... A range of expertise



Practical day-to-day portfoliomanagement

We combine specialist technical, commercial and financial expertise to provide a fully integrated approach to themanagement of assets. Professionalismand responsiveness is at the core of everything we do; our team take a proactive hands-on approach to deliver consistent high quality services. Our Asset Management services are underpinned by the Everun Reporting Suite; a powerful software solution, whichmonitors real-time performance and provides a wealth of analytical insights. Recognising that one size rarely fits all with Asset Management, we provide bespoke solutions to match the needs of each individual client Everun’s Asset Management Service has been specifically created to support owners andmanagers with the day to daymanagement of their wind turbine generator (WTG) projects. Our professional Asset Management Team consists of six highly skilled members, managing in excess of 100 assets across various portfolios. The Everun Asset Management Team can assist with all aspects of the administrative, financial, capital and operations of your asset portfolio, ensuring safe operation, whilst driving operational availability and return on investment. Everun are also highly experienced in Planning Application & BuildManagement, having successfully planned and built in excess of 70WTG projects over the last 10 years.

CompleteAssetManagement Services for a range of renewable energy assets.




• Planning Application & BuildManagement • Land Owner & Stakeholder Liaison • Overall SiteManagement • Service Contract Management • Site Statutory Compliance • Performance Analysis & Reporting • OfgemManagement • Due Diligence & Acquisition

A professional, trusted service partner who minimises the risks and removes the hassle of managing a portfolio of small-scale wind turbines Albion Capital Group Leading Independent InvestmentManager

Energy generated fromour clients’onshorewind turbine portfolios in 2019 51,000MWh


Everun provides a full range of company administrative and financial management services, which can be tailored tomeet specific needs. We offer clients the immediate benefit and efficiency of our scale; our established resources, systems and expertise enables us tomanage hundreds of assets with ease. Flexiblemanagement solutions that work for you andyour bottomline Everun provides owners & managers with flexible financial accounting and management information solutions Drawing upon direct experience and continuous feedback fromexisting clients, we have shaped a flexible service which boasts a proven track record and enables clients to choose the extent to which they would like us to shoulder the financial management burden.

Transactional: Support clients with day to day book-keeping & banking, VAT reporting and Ofgem/Power Provider receipt management. FinancialManagement: Monthly profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecast. It also includes a detailedmonthly variance analysis of actuals versus budget. Ongoing analysis of current revenue streams and asset costs to ensuremaximum returns. StatutoryCompliance: Liaison with statutory accountants and auditors, when required, to ensure all requisite information is provided. FinancialModelling: Preparation of complex financial models to analyse the output & profitability of individual turbines and asset portfolios.


Everun handle all of our financial management and administration, in

effect, leaving us with a pain-free investment.

Wind NI Ltd



Minimising risk with active fault management & resets

The Everun RemoteMonitoring and Reporting Service uses fully-customisable software reporting tools to provide managers and owners with powerful asset insights at all times. Fromour 24hr Monitoring Centre we are able tomonitor, manage & analyse important data, reporting on your assets, at the touch of a button.

Simply install the Everun comms unit and avail of reset management, reduced downtime and much more

Our clients enjoy the benefits of having full transparency across their portfolio. Whether measuring output performance, tracking KPIs against budget or simplymonitoring O&M contractor activity; our system can be tailored for you. Our RemoteMonitoring Service can be affixed tomultiple types of onshoreWTGs. Once installed, the Everun software provides entire portfolio visibility and operational control in one single powerful platform.

The Everun24hr Control Centre - the core of business operations, located inBelfast




• 24hr Asset health & conditionmonitoring • Complete Asset visibility, including real-time status information • Remote fault management and asset resets

• Predictive fault analysis tominimise downtime and reduce repair costs

The Everun remotemanagement centre has givenme the assurance and peace of mind that my turbine is being carefully watched and maintained 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year



Maximising availability, usage and revenue

Everun currently provide O&M services to over 65 single-site wind turbine assets across Northern Ireland. Extensive experience across multiple turbinemanufacturers andmodels means we are perfectly positioned to offer servicing solutions, whichmeet the varying needs of your portfolio. We offer a range of competitively-priced O&M packages or we can tailor a solution to suit your specific needs & budget All assets aremonitored via our 24hour Control Centre. This enables remote fault diagnosis & problem resolution and facilitates rapid deployment of our field-engineering team, as andwhen needed.

Everun’s services reducemajor faults, site visit and engineering costs, whilst increasing revenue via reduceddowntime



98.9%Operational Availability


2019 Availability for our clients

• Bespoke Service & Engineering Packages, including availability guarantees • Extensive spares stock for all major manufacturers • Onsite component replacement, like for like refurbished parts • Experienced EngineeringTeamwith requisite H&S accreditation • 24/7 remote turbinemonitoring via


Additional income generated for our clients

Everun’s teamof engineers are highly trained, very experienced and deliver a first-class service.

GustoWind Single TurbineOwner


From individual owners requiring ad hoc assistance, tomanagers and developers seeking complete, end-to-end asset management, Everun’s suite of services can be deployed as required. Tailoredmanagement solutions ensuring the best possible future for your portfolio



Whilst repowering a wind portfolio presents asset owners andmanagers withmany opportunities, it is a sensitive procedure, which requires careful consideration due to implementation timescales and investment costs. The Everun Repowering Service has been specifically developed to support clients through the entire process, ultimately replacing underperforming turbines with larger and/or more efficient machines tomaximise site output. Guiding you safely through the repoweringprocess

Guiding you through the Repowering process, initial due diligence through to turbine commissioning and compliance

With over 10 years’experience, andmore than 70 turnkey projects to our credit, Everun has the expertise to guide you through the potential pitfalls of a Repowering Project to successfully achieve maximumenergy output and financial returns.



Export ComparisonOf Various Turbine Models At 7M/sWind Speed


• Full Repowering Project Management • Maximise site generating capacity • Reduce risk of O&M issues with ageing turbines

• Increased financial returns • Finance solutions available

We are currentlymanaging a number of Repowering projects. Analysis suggests some sites will achieve a potential 36% increase in output capacity and £76.5k additional revenue each year.

AliciaTrainor ProjectManager, Everun


Maximising energy output and financial returns in six stages...






Turbine Supply

• Foundation Design • Sourcing selected turbinemodel • Contract and transport management • Refurbishment process (if applicable)

• Thorough analysis of planning requirements • TurbineModel Suitability • EnergyYield Assessment including P50Value & Analysis • Full financial asset analysis and financial viability audit • Project financial return analysis

• Submission andmanagement of the planning amendment • Management of any required external noise or bat surveys • Client Representative with all relevant Consultees • Grid Connection Amendment Management






Turbine Decommissioning

Construction & Build Management

Compliance Management

• Management of Ofgemaccreditation amendment • Ensure compliance with NIROC requirements • Planning ComplianceManagement

• Foundation laying &management • Replacement of turbine foundation to suit upgrademodel design • Transportation and erection of new upgraded turbine • Full turbine commission

• Management and dismantling of existing turbine

• Clearance and preparation of turbine site • Transportation of turbine to storage facility or disposal


All your Portfolio data inonepowerful platform

Everun have developed a powerful web-basedmonitoring andmanagement platform, designed to drive asset availability and performance.

The Everun portal provides clients with direct access to their assets’performance and health. A fully customisable dashboard consolidates monitoring information fromyour portfolio, allowing you to display the KPIs you valuemost. An optional conditionmonitoringmodule provides daily updates on component condition and projected lifespan. Usingmachine-learning and utilising themost advanced sensors, Everun’s conditionmonitoring will alert you to any degradation before a serious failure occurs.

Access the Everun dashboard in the office or on the move, full compatibility with a range of devices.

Used by Asset Owners and O&Mproviders across the wind and biogas sectors, Everun’s robust software combines a wealth of data in one central platform, enabling users tomake informed decisions regarding performance and output.



Everun’s Portal gives me online access to whatever overview or detail I need on the performance, maintenance andmanagement of my turbine. A revelation in transparency. GustoWind Single TurbineOwner DASHBOARD BENEFITS INCLUDE: • Output performance assessment via yield and power curve analysis • Early fault diagnosis and performance alerts • Target and budget tracking • Downtime/maintenance costs and lost revenue tracking • Historical, 30min &monthlymetering data • Access to full Operational Information

Above: Live & Historical Monitoring screens

Right: Control Centre Actions screen

Asset & Financial Management Monitoring & Reporting O&MPackages Repowering Project Management Energy Management Software Professional Services & Consultancy We’re ready tohelp…

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