Connswater Homes Tenant Handbook

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Connswater Homes aims to manage its stock in an efficient and effective manner and where possible, consult with tenants on matters affecting their tenancy. In this handbook you will find information on your rights and obligations, paying your rent, moving home, maintenance & emergency repairs and what you can expect in terms of service from Connswater Homes. It may not answer all of your questions, but it could save you time and trouble when you need advice and assistance. While every effort has been made to include as much information as possible you may require more specific advice, in those instances please contact the Association’s office on Tel: 028 9065 6155 , or by email to , where our staff will be pleased to help you. I hope this handbook is useful and informative and that you enjoy living in your new home.

Jacqueline Locke Chief Executive

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Your Home

Your Tenancy Agreement

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Your Rights

Customer Service Standards

Energy Efficiency

Contractors Code of Conduct

Repairs & Maintenance

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Where to find us


Unit 5, Citylink Business Park, Albert Street, Belfast BT12 4HQ Tel: 028 9065 6155 Fax: 028 9032 8758 Email:





Royal Belfast Academical Institution


Grand Opera House










City Hall



Opening Hours Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm

Facilities The office has full disabled access to all floors and a loop system for those with impaired hearing. There is generous on site parking and the office is

convenient to several major bus routes. Private interview facilities are available

The Association • Was established in 1976

• Is governed by a voluntary board of management • Employs a number of staff to carry out the day to day • Is a not for profit registered charity • Operates province wide • Strives to provide the best possible customer service • Values your feedback Data Protection Your personal information will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Connswater Homes will not disclose such information to any unauthorised Person or body but where appropriate will use such information in carrying out its various functions and services. Connswater Homes may also use this data in connection with the prevention or detection of fraud or other crime.



Moving In • You will receive a copy of your Tenancy Agreement • You will be encouraged to claim Housing Benefit • You will be asked to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement • We will collect some statistical information • We will demonstrate features in your home • We will explain the importance of paying rent on time • We will explain our repairs service • A new tenancy visit will be carried out by staff within 8 weeks of you moving in • A follow-up visit will be done around 9 months Housing Benefit • You should apply for Housing Benefit as soon as you sign for your house • Staff at our office will assist you with paperwork • For your peace of mind application forms can be copied and stored at the office • It is your responsibility to make the claim • Do not ignore requests for information • Applications cover both rent and rates • Claims are assessed by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive • You must advise Connswater Homes and the NIHE of any changes in your circumstances Paying Rent & Rates • You will be charged rent & rates from the tenancy start date on your tenancy agreement • Rent is charged to you account every Monday • Payments are not accepted at the office • You can pay your rent by • Swipe card free of charge at Payzone outlets. There is a small charge for lost cards, faulty cards are replaced free of charge • Standing order, forms are available from the office, your bank or building society may charge for this • If it is necessary to increase your rent this will be effective from March 31st and you will recieve one months notice


Moving in checklist


End your current tenancy

Advise DSS of new address

Complete housing benefit form

Contact gas and/or electricity Phoenix Gas : Tel: 08454 55 55 55 or Power NI: Tel: 08457 455 455 or Call TV licence office to register or amend details TV Licence: Tel: 0300 790 6131 or Arrange for phone disconnection and reconnection Arrange for satellite disconnection and reconnection Arrange for the Post Office to redirect mail (chargeable service) Make a note of the emergency repairs phone number or put the Connswater Homes magnet on your fridge

Advise GP and Dentist of new address

Update your driving licence

DVLNI: Tel: 0845 402 4000 or Advise School or Nursery of new address


Welfare Reform At the time of going to press the Government is considering significant changes to the Welfare Benefit System. The Association will keep you informed of any impact on your tenancy and housing benefit. Problems Paying Rent • We operate a Rent Management Policy to make sure any problems with arrears are identified quickly. • If you have any problems paying your rent, you should contact the Housing Manager immediately. • Staff are committed to offering advice and assistance in difficult circumstances. • All matters will be dealt with in strictest confidence. You should not simply stop paying your rent with no explanation to the Association Money Advice Leaflets • Money Worries: Behind with your rent • Money Worries: Help with debt • Money Worries: How to budget your money These are available on the Association’s website at or by contacting the office on 9065 6155 If you are worried about debt, concerned over credit card bills or anxious about what might happen or how you are going to cope. There is help out there - Debtline NI. They are not a debt consolidation service, they are a charity - so you aren’t charged for their services. Everything is free and confidential, from budget planning advice to practical debt management plans. Free helpline from 8.00am - 8.00pm


Monday - Friday 0800 027 4990


Mutual Exchanges • This is where a tenant may be able to “swap” their house with another housing association tenant or an NIHE tenant. • Connswater Homes tenants must complete an application form, available from the office where you can also get further information. Internal Transfer • Connswater Homes operates an internal transfer list for tenants wishing to move to another of its properties. • Transfers are based on need or for housing management reasons. • Transfers are not normally granted unless you have lived in your current home for more than two years. • Application forms can be obtained from the office.


Your Tenancy Agreement If you accept an offer of housing with Connswater Homes you will be asked to sign a Tenancy Agreement. If it is a joint or shared tenancy then all partes MUST sign the document. This is a very important legal document, which is signed by both the tenant(s) and Connswater Homes. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and landlord. Security of Tenure • You are entitled to live in your home for as long as you want. • A tenancy can be terminated by giving 28 days written notice to the Association. • If you do not pay your rent on time, or break your tenancy agreement, your tenancy may be at risk. In such circumstances, the Association may commence proceedings for possession of your home. Matrimonial Home If you are living together in the same home, your spouse or partner may have equal rights to the home should the relationship break down. In such cases you should speak with a professional advice agency such as the Housing Rights Service. Introductory Tenancies We give all new tenants a trial period of 12 months to ensure that they adhere to the tenancy agreement, look after their home and live peacefully with neighbours. This trial period is called the Introductory Tenancy. If your Introductory Tenancy period is problem free you will go on to become a secure tenant. As an Introductory Tenant, the law does not give you the right to: • Take in lodgers • Sub-let part of the property • Make improvements • Exchange your home with another tenant You do not have all the rights of a Secure Tenant, and could be evicted more quickly if you break the tenancy agreement. Housing Rights Service, Tel: 028 9024 5640



Secure Tenants You have security of tenure so long as you occupy the premises as your principal home within the terms and conditions of your Tenancy Agreement. Abandonment If a tenant does not occupy their home, the Association can take action to repossess the property. Joint Tenancies A sole tenant can apply in writing for a joint tenancy with a spouse, partner or immediate relative who has been living as part of the same household for a period of at least twelve months. Succession When a tenant dies, the tenancy will automatically pass to the spouse or partner if it was their principle home at the time of the tenant’s death, unless a restriction applies. Assignment In specific circumstances, it may be possible to transfer a tenancy to another person. The tenancy may be assigned to someone remaining in the home, provided that person has been living there continuously for at least 12 months. Each case will be examined on its own merit and the Association’s decision is final. Make sure everyone living in your home is recorded in your file at the office. Taking in Lodgers Secure tenants have the right to take in lodgers based on household requirements and the size of their home. This is only permitted with written consent from the Association. NIHE Housing Benefit should also be advised of such a change in circumstances. Buying Your Home Connswater Homes operates a House Sales Policy which details how tenants can apply to buy their home. Please contact the office for more information. Discount will depend on the length of time you have been a tenant and is calculated in accordance with government guidelines.


Being a Good Neighbour • At tenancy sign up you will be asked to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement. This is your commitment as the tenant to respect other residents entitlement to enjoy their homes and to have consideration for older and vulnerable people. • You are responsible for making sure that you, your family and visitors do no cause a nuisance to others, further details can be found in the Tenancy Management Policy, available from the office on request. • If your neighbours are causing a nuisance, for example, with loud music, you should contact the Environmental Health Department at your local Council at the time of the incident and inform the Association as soon as possible. Condition of Your Home • Internal decoration of your home is your responsibility and you should keep it in good decorative order • You will be charged for any repairs caused by carelessness or neglect • If you move out, you should leave your home in a good lettable condition Pets • Written permission is required from the Association to keep more than one domestic animal • Pets must be kept under control and supervised at all times • You will be held responsible for any damage to your home caused by your pets • You must seek permission in writing from the Association prior to erecting a pigeon loft • The keeping of fowl and other livestock is not permitted TV Aerials and Satellite Dishes You should request written consent before erecting a television aerial or satellite dish to your home. Gardens • Tenants are responsible for maintaining their gardens both front and back • Gardens are subject to regular inspections by the housing management team • The Association may run a garden competition each year



Alterations and Adaptations • You must get written permission from the Association before carrying out any alterations. We will normally not object without good reason. • If you require adaptations because of a medical condition or illness, you should speak with your GP who may recommend an Occupational Therapist. You will require a referral from an Occupational Therapist for most adaptations. Community • Your co-operation is needed to ensure that your area remains a pleasant place in which to live • Do not allow children to vandalise property. Vandalism leads to increased rents. • Keep communal areas clean and tidy • Connswater Homes actively encourages tenant participation in the running of its business, further details can be obtained from the office


Living in Apartments Common Areas

You must keep all common areas tidy and free from obstruction. Please do not leave items such as prams or bicycles in corridors. Connswater Homes will maintain and clean common areas and outside windows, otherwise residents should co-operate in keeping the building clean and respect the No Smoking legislation

that is in place. Car Parking

Where there is designated on site parking you may park in those spaces but you cannot reserve a particular space. Please respect disabled spaces. Refuse Storage It is your responsibility to keep the bin area clean and tidy. Please place all rubbish in bags before placing in the bins. Do not leave large items such as furniture beside the bins as this will not be collected with household rubbish. You should arrange with your local Council Waste Management Department to have these items collected. Noise When people live close to neighbours in a block they often do not realise they are disturbing others. Noise travels through floors and walls. To avoid causing a nuisance please: • Keep TV volume at an acceptable level • Keep music down to an appropriate level at all times • Fit a layer of insulation under laminate or wooden flooring • Close doors gently • Be aware of high heel shoes on wooden or tiled floors in upper level apartments Fire Alarms / Smoke Detectors Tenants should take all necessary precautions to ensure they do not pose a risk of fire in the building and be vigilant about naked flames such as cigarettes and candles. Care should also be taken to prevent the occurrence of unnecessary fire alarms by burning toast and unattended grill pans. If a fire alarm does sound in the building at any time, you should evacuate immediately. Always have an alternative escape route planned in case the nearest exit is blocked. Please use the recycling facilities that are provided


Home Contents Insurance Connswater Homes Ltd advises all tenants to take out Home Contents Insurance. YOU are responsible for insuring the contents of your home. NOTE: you should check with your insurance broker as to the level and type of cover provided before taking out a policy. We advise that you cover replacement glazing. If you do not have home contents insurance, a scheme operates in Northern Ireland arranged by Supporting Communities NI, details are on our website at, or contact the office on 028 9065 6155 and an application form. Welcome Pack To welcome you to your new home you will receive a “Welcome Pack” that will have a few “bits & pieces” to help while you get moved in, the pack will also have information on local amenities, useful contact numbers for your area & public transport information.


Connswater Home’s Complaints Procedure There are four stages to the Association’s complaints procedure. These are: Stage 1 The Complaints Handling Manager is responsible for receiving any complaints about the Association. If you have a complaint you are welcome to contact us by telephone, by using the Association’s Comments, Compliments and Complaints form, by calling into the office or by reporting your complaint to your housing officer or by emailing Bridgeen@ You do not have to put matters in writing, we can do this on your behalf and you will receive a copy to ensure accuracy. All complaints will be recorded in a register and acknowledged within 5 working days. Stage 2 If the matter is not resolved and you have cause to make a further complaint, it shall be referred to the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive shall investigate thoroughly and make a written response within 10 working days. In the event that this written response does not resolve the issue, an interview may be arranged. Stage 3 If the complainant still remains dissatisfied, the last internal stage allows for an appeal to the Board of Connswater Homes. Tenants should not report complaints directly to Board members outside the office as members cannot bring matters to the attention of the Board without the Manager and the Chief Executive first having had the opportunity to resolve complaints. Tenants approaching Board Members will be directed to Stage 1 of the procedures. The complainant should advise the Chief Executive of his/her wish to move to this stage and the complainant will be advised of the next date on which the Board will meet. As Board meetings are quarterly, the Executive Committee at the discretion of the Chairman may deal with emergency matters. The Chief Executive will provide a written report to the Board, including all correspondence to and from the complainant. A complainant may meet with the Board by giving notice that he/she wishes to do so, such a meeting will be at the discretion of the Chairman. The Chairman shall give a written reply to the complaint within 5 working days of the meeting.



Stage 4 If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of the complaints procedure you should then contact the Commissioner for Complaints for Northern Ireland (the Ombudsman). His offices can be contacted for advice on: Freephone 0800 343424 or by writing to: The Ombudsman, Freepost, BEL 1478, Belfast BT1 6BR It should be noted that the Ombudsman normally expects that a tenant will have used the Association’s internal complaints procedure before bringing a complaint to him. Our complaint policy is also on our website

If you still feel that it is necessary to complain they please follow this procedure:

Verbal or written complaint to the Complaints Handling Manager

Complaints Handling Manager will seek to resolve the matter

If you are still dissatisfied

Chief Executive will reply stating reasons for his/her decision

Verbal or written complaint to the Chief Executive

If you remain dissatisfied

Verbal or written complaint to the Chairman of the Board of Management

The matter will be referred to the Board of Management & a response issued


General Service Standards You Can Expect We will: • Carry out regular Tenant Satisfaction Surveys on all aspects of our business • Test ourselves with mystery shopping exercises • Introduce ourselves when meeting you in person or when talking to you on the phone • Be respectful, helpful and treat your business as confidential • Treat all customers in a fair and equal way • Open our office all day from 9.00am until 4.30pm • Aim to see you within 5 minutes of your appointment time • Provide a clean, tidy and accessible office • Offer confidential meeting room space • Aim to answer phone calls promptly and provide an efficient call queing service • Provide an out of hours answer machine service with emergency number • Take your number and call you back if the person you want to speak to is not available at that time • Write clearly in jargon free language • We will acknowledge general correspondence within 3 working days and reply in full within 10 working days (if we can’t give a full response within that time we will let you know)


• Welcome and record your feedback whether good or bad • Apologise for mistakes and work hard to put things right

Our Maintenance Standard Our contractors will: • Carry identity cards • Will be polite, treat you with respect and clean up after their work

• Leave a calling card if you are not at home • Ask you to sign upon completion of work

We aim to carry out: • Emergency repairs within 24 hours • Urgent repairs within 4 working days • Routine repairs within 20 working days • Repairs within defects period in line with the above timescales Some repairs may be re-categorised after initial inspection We will • Provide an after-hours emergency repairs service 365 days a year


Equal Opportunities • The Association strives to ensure equality of opportunity for all throughout the organisation. Connswater Homes published an Equality Scheme in 2012 This is available on the Association’s website at www.connswater. or in hard copy if requested from the office on 028 90656155, in line with its obligations under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, detailing how the Association will work towards ensuring it business is inclusive and operates in a fair and equitable manner. • The Association also offers Language Line services to people whose first language is no English. If you require this handbook, or any other document in another format, please contact us. Our aim is to provide you with excellent customer service


Energy Efficiency Tips Using less electricity means more cash in your pockets. Using electricity efficiently reduces carbon emissions and helps protect the environment. Follow these guidelines and start saving today: • Close curtains at night to keep heat in • Do not block radiators with furniture • Never leave the hot water tap running • Defrost fridges and freezers regularly and never leave the fridge door open • Use the shower, if you have one, rather than the bath • Only use the amount of water you need when boiling the kettle (cover the element of an electric kettle) • Turn off lights when not in use • Never leave mobile phones on charge overnight • Make sure computer equipment is switched off and unplugged when not in use • Electrical appliances on standby cost money - switch them off • Steamer pots reduce hob usage • Use “task” lighting rather than whole room lighting when only a small amount of light is required • Don’t put warm food straight into the freezer / fridges - let it cool down first • Put lids on pots and turn down the heat when the water starts to boil. Lids not only keep heat in a pot but also reduce condensation in the kitchen • Remember every time you open the oven door to check cooking you lose 20% of the accumulated heat.



Standby costs of common household appliances The average household in Northern Ireland could save around £141 per year by turning off at the plug and avoiding standby. If every house in Northern Ireland turned their appliances off when not in use, we would save £28 million on energy bills and 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. This is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emitted by over 10,000 homes in a year. Below is a list of popular appliances in the home and their cost, based on average wattage, if the appliance was left on 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


Estimated average standby power (W)

Energy consumption (kWh per year)

Cost per year

Washing Machine




Gas hob




Electric oven








DVD player




Freeview set-top box




LCD TV (main TV eg in living room)




CRT TV (secondary TV eg in bedroom)




Games console




Desktop PC








LCD PC monitor




Inkjet printer




Laser printer



For more information on standby costs and how not to waste energy at home, Contact the Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre on 0800 512 012


Repairs & Maintenance Connswater Homes tenants all receive a separate Repairs Manual, the following is general information regarding repair times and emergencies Emergency Repairs Connswater Homes use a company called Telecare to provide cover for emergency repairs after 4.30pm on weekdays, at weekends and during holiday periods. Therefore, if you have an emergency repair which cannot wait until the office re-opens, you should telephone: 0800 731 3081 The Telecare staff member who will answer your call will know which repairs the Association deems to be an emergency. If your repair falls into this category a contractor will be sent to your home to deal with the repair. It may not always be possible to completely fix the problem during this visit, but it will at least be made safe until the next day. Telecare will tell the Association if a callout has been made to your home and we will ensure that it is followed up if necessary. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE IF IT IS NOT A GENUINE EMERGENCY OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE CALLOUT. If you are in any doubt, please call the Freephone number and ask for advice. If there is a dispute as to whether the repair should be dealt with as an emergency, or not, then Telecare will contact a member of staff from Connswater Homes and their decision shall be final.



Gas Safety If you smell gas or your CO 2 alarm is activated • SWITCH OFF the gas supply at the emergency control valve located at the gas meter • EXTINGUISH all sources of ignition eg candles • DO NOT use you phone or switches • DO NOT smoke • OPEN doors and windows • Go outside away from the premises and phone the gas emergency service Gas Emergency Service 0800 002 001 If its during office hours call the Association and report the fault. Outside office hours call Telecare 0800 731 3081 Safety Advice/Cold Weather Advice Frozen Pipes • Most frozen pipes are found in the roof space and below sink units • Turn the water supply off at the stopcock • Thaw along the pipe starting from the end nearest the tap • Put hot water bottles or a thick cloth soaked in hot water over the frozen pipe or use a hairdryer at its lowest setting to thaw pipes • Be careful not to warm them too quickly or they might burst • Don’t use a blow lamp or any naked flame as this may cause damage Burst Pipes • Turn off the water supply by turning the stopcock clockwise • Try to block the escaping water with towels • Drain the system, turn off your heating, flush the toilet and open all taps • If the water has come into contact with electrical fittings the electricity should be turned off at the mains.

Contact Us on:

Out of Hours

028 9065 6155 or 0800 731 3081 If you think there may be a problem with your mains system call NI Water on 08457 440088


Repairs we will carry out List of Emergency Repairs (not exhaustive) • Total or partial loss of electrical power (where this is caused by household appliance then a charge will be made) • Unsafe power, lighting socket, or electrical fitting where it is anticipated that this is causing imminent danger and cannot be treated as urgent • Total loss of water supply caused by the Association’s fixtures or fittings • Total loss of heating where no other form of heating has been offered • Blocked flue to an open fire or boiler • Blocked or leaking foul drain, soil stack or toilet pan where there is no other working toilet in the dwelling • Leak from water tank, heating pipe or cistern (where this is caused by tenant neglect then a charge will be made) • Insecure external windows (except glazing) • Door entry phone (where dwelling is occupied by a tenant with mobility problems or in area of communal access) • Insecure front or rear door (where this is caused by tenant neglect a charge will be made) • Toilet not flushing , where there is no other working toilet in the dwelling • No hot water, if no other facilities exist for bathing or showering • Loose or detached bannister or handrail • Gas leaks - tenant’s should immediately call Phoenix Gas on 0800 002 001 List of Urgent Repairs (not exhaustive) • Leaking Roof • No hot water if no other facilities exist for bathing/showering (this may be upgraded on medical grounds) • Partial loss of water supply • Partial loss of heating • Rotten timber flooring or stair tread • Removal of graffiti • Blocked pipe outside dwelling (choked sinks/plugs are tenant’s responsibility)


Charges will be made if blockage has been caused by tenant neglect

List of Routine Repairs (not exhaustive) • Faulty extractor fan • Faulty kitchen unit excluding minor works • Plasterwork excluding minor repairs • Repairs to external ironmongery


Right to Repair Scheme Connswater Homes operates a Right to Repair Scheme the object of which is to ensure that tenants have urgent, minor repairs which might affect their health, safety or security completed quickly by the Association’s contractors at no cost to the tenant. You may be entitled to compensation if this work is not carried out within predetermined time periods. This does not apply if we have been unable to gain access to your home.

More information is available from our website at: - maintenance or by phoning the office on 9065 6155 for an information leaflet


Repairs that are YOUR responsibilities The following work will NOT be carried out by the Association: • All glazing internal and external to existing or improved specification • Access to dwelling and replacement of locks due to loss or lock out • Internal decoration including floor and wall tiles • Electric plugs, fluorescent tubes and starters and replacement of light bulbs except external Secured by Design lighting • Repairs to electrical appliances, fires, heaters and light fittings not installed by the Association or not accepted by it for maintenance • Minor plaster repairs to walls and ceilings • Frets, bars and door glass to room heaters, fireplace tiles and fire bricks • Bleeding of radiators and replacement of radiator keys • Replacement and repair of coat hooks, curtain rails and door bells • Electric fuses except main fuses which are responsibility of NIE • Replacement of WC seats and fittings • Clearing of all blockages which occur in waste pipes from baths, sinks and basins as well as maintaining of gully traps • Stoppers, chains and washers for baths, sinks and basins • Leaks in pipes etc caused by tenant neglect • Replacement of shower curtains and bath panels • Additional draught excluders • Minor maintenance and repair of windows, kitchen units, along with other units and furniture provided by the Association. • Internal doors, internal and external door hinges, locks and handles • Sweeping chimneys and any cost of works required because of failure to sweep chimneys • Removal of fireplaces • Replacement of wheelie bins • Care and upkeep of gardens and repairs to garden fences


• Repair and replacement of rotary dryers • Extermination of mice within dwelling • Air locks to oil tanks and pipe work • Setting of central heating time clocks

• Where the Association has fitted smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, these will be maintained by the Association but the tenant should regularly test and replace batteries

On termination of tenancy the tenant should ensure that the above have been taken care of and that the house is left in a clean and lettable condition. The tenant shall be invoiced for outstanding work.


Tenant’s Living in Apartments Service Charges

Tenants who live in apartments or schemes with communal spaces will pay a service charge along with their rent. This charge may cover window cleaning, grass cutting, replacement or repair of locks, doors & door furniture if they apply to the entrances of a communal building, repair of windows in communal spaces, rotary dryers in communal spaces, extermination of vermin within communal dwellings and other aspects unique to individual schemes. The services covered by your service charge will be listed in your tenancy agreement. Rechargeable Repairs If you leave your property in a poor condition or cause damage not considered as normal wear and tear you may be re-charged for the resulting repairs. This list is not exhaustive but provides an indication of damage that will be charged for if caused by neglect, carelessness or abuse. • Call outs or repairs to oil tanks and pipe work caused by the tenant allowing the tank to run out of oil • Scorched or damaged kitchen work tops • Holes in internal doors • Replacement of rotary dryers (except for new tenancy) • Replacement of wheelie bins (except for new tenancy) • Blocked / chocked pipes or toilet where blockage has been caused by tenant negligence Access to Your Home Access to your home is essential to carry out repairs to fix any internal problem that has been reported to the Association and where it is the responsibility of the Association. As contractors are unable to be unaccompanied in a tenant’s home, it is therefore essential that the Association is given a contact number to arrange access and if you are not able to be present you arrange for a friend or a family member to be there. If a contractor calls and you are out, then they will leave a calling card for you to contact them. If after 2 attempts by the contractor to get into your home and you have not contacted them, then YOU WILL BE CHARGED for this and the works order cancelled. Access may also be required by the Association’s staff to inspect repair items in your home as highlighted in your tenancy agreement. • Callout for electrical failure which is due to household appliance • Damage to wash-hand basins, WC bowls, baths and bath panels



Unit 5, Citylink Business Park, Albert Street, Belfast BT12 4HQ Telephone: 028 9065 6155

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