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2018 Products Brochure


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Urban Quarry


Complete Home Floor Solution


Block & Brick


Commercial Cemfloor


Ready Mix Concrete


Floor Finishes


CES Collection Service Building


Tradtional Screed


& Plastering Mortar

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Bitmac Surfacing Materials


Tynan Limestone


Quarry Stone


Complete Home Floor Solution

Cement based liquid f loor screed

We offer a complete home floor solution from: initial site meeting and cost estimate, total floor preparation, to Cemfloor installation and attentive aftercare. We can also supply a polished floor finish if required.

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Why Compromise?

• Cement based liquid screed • Can be used in wet areas • Market leading thermal conductivity • No need for expensive primers • Cut project costs by saving on reduced floor heights

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Commercial Cemfloor


The Perfect Partner

Cemfloor is ideal for commercial and large multi-residential projects, as well as, high volume pour area work because:

• Guaranteed SR1 finish (excellent flat finish). • Can fast track projects if they are falling behind. • Up to 1000m 2 can be installed in one day.  • Flatter finishes achieved compared to traditional screed. 

• Reduced floor heights, saves money. The more floors you have to work with the more money can be saved on a commercial project. A great way to reduce costs. • It is the fastest drying liquid screed on the market.  • Provides a multitude of options to apply floor covering quicker by using products such as liquid DPMs at 97% RH or flexible adhesives. 


From SR1 Finish to Tiling

Cemfloor produces an SR1 finish which can be tiled on after 5 days. It is compatible with all floor coverings, and cement based adhesives. CES Quarry Products Ltd offer a 20 year guarantee on Cemfloor. Bal Ltd (Ardex/Dunlops), Market leaders in tile adhesives provide a 25 year guarantee when used with Cemfloor.




Project Feedback

Castleton Design Chris Cummings : Architect

Killowen Contracts Maurice McGivern : Director Maryland Nursing Home - 5000m 2 of Cemfloor.

‘Where were you six months ago? This is the answer to the problems caused by other liquid screeds (that use calcium sulphate). We had a disaster of a job on a critical care unit which cost £60,000 to repair. I will be recommending Cemfloor from now on which is cement based’

‘I would highly recommend Cemfloor for its fast track nature. Time saved, allowed us to progress much quicker onto other areas of the job.’

At CES we believe quality of product and quality of service are key as we all know time is money!



Polished Finishes

Building on the success of Cemfloor our cement based liquid screed which is now the market leader in Ireland. CES Quarry Products has developed a contemporary polished floor finish ideal for both home and commercial floors. Branded as Floor Finishes by CES. Perfect for your home pr oject

Polish finishes available now.



Coloured Finishes


Coming soon...

Ideal for both home and commercial pr ojects

For full product details and technical information, visit www.cesquarryproducts.com


Traditional Screed

At CES we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of all our products and this is why our traditional screed products are so popular for their ease of use, from the first shovelful to the last. All our traditional screeds use a special blend of sands to ease compaction and finishing, and allow for a longer working time when combined with our standard 12 hour retarder. The majority of our screed comes from our state of the art plant in Moneyreagh which has 2 no 3m 3 pan mixers with one pan mixer dedicated solely to screed ensuring there is no cross contamination with stones, making a perfect screed every time. Our screed is also delivered in tipper trucks to ensure there is no balling of the screed, and deliveries can be made in quantities of up to10m 3 each time.


Traditional Screed

Our traditional screed is manufactured to BS EN 13813 and made from a blend of sands, CEMII cement and retarding agent as standard, which makes for a screed that is easy to level and finish, providing a level base for the follow on trades.

Heavy Duty Screed

This is a higher strength screed and incorporates a fine aggregate to increase impact and abrasion resistance necessary, in heavily trafficked areas.



Deliveries are made mostly by tipper truck, servicing: Down, Antrim, and Armagh. As per concrete collection, no prior notice is required as we have a pan mixer dedicated to screed. Deliveries / Collections This is a traditional screed, with the addition of polypropylene fibres, which can be used as a replacement for non-structural steel mesh. The introduction of fibre into the screed reduces plastic shrinkage, increases the screed bond and increases the impact and abrasion resistance. Fibre Screed We can offer a plant batched fast drying screed with drying times from 14 days upwards depending on depth, ambient temperature and relative humidity. This fast drying screed allows jobs to be fast tracked and allows floor coverings to be applied long before standard screed. Fast Drying Screed

For full product details and technical information, visit www.cesquarryproducts.com


Keracem Screed


• Keracem Eco is a rapid drying screed from Italy, sold throughout the world for the past 20 years. • Kerakoll is renowned for manufacturing sustainable building products with low environmental impact. • Tile after 24 hours, lay vinyl/hardwood floors after 5 days. • On unbonded/floated screeds, bed depths from 40mm to 100mm. • On bonded screeds, bed depths from 20-40mm. • UFH systems can be commissioned after 3 days. • Keracem Eco screed is very competitively priced. Fixing on to Keracem Eco is part of a fast-track laying system and compatible with all Kerakoll products. Kerakoll products all carry their own individual manufacturers product warranty. Each Kerakoll product exceeds the European Standards required and are manufactured to ensure the highest quality possible.


Supply & Lay Services

Lisowen contracts is the contracting arm of CES

What can we supply and lay?

Cemfloor Cement based liquid floor screed Floor Finishes by CES Polished and coloured floor finishes CES Traditional Screed Traditional, heavy duty, fast drying, and fibre semi-dry screeds Keracem Eco Rapid drying semi-dry screed CES Concrete Driveways and yards

For full product details and technical information, visit www.cesquarryproducts.com




What’s Included? • Offering no obligation fixed price estimate.

• Site survey to ascertain the best

product for your job and the quantity required.

• Fixed price quotation issued.

• Preparation and installation.

• Advice on the preparation required to receive ready mixed concrete, screed and screed after care. • For Cemfloor, screed specification certificate and ‘U’ value calculation specific to your job.


Bitmac Surfacing Materials


From our Ballynahinch quarry we supply for collection (ex-works) the full range of coated materials currently specified by DOE Roads and DRD specifications, together with surfacing materials suitable to the domestic market. In the production of our coated materials we use our in-house high quality PSV grit-stone within all the mixes to ensure consistency of the finished product to our customers. Our onsite lab carry out regular tests of all materials with external independent testing by Construction Testing Services Ltd at Antrim to maintain quality standards. We also produce specifically designed surfacing materials for use in the domestic market. CES complete in-house quality control to accreditation. External quality control is completed by CTS Antrim. Quality Control

For full product details and technical information, visit www.cesquarryproducts.com


Range of Materials:

Popular mixes as currently being specified by local authorities:

Pre-Coated Chippings • 20mm Precoated Black Chips • 14mm Precoated Black Chips • 0mm Precoated Red Chips • 14mm Precoated Red Chips • 10mm Precoated Red Chips • 10mm Grey Granite Also available in 20 kg handypacks.

BS EN 13108-1 Asphaltic Concrete Bitmacs • AC32mm Dense Base • AC 20mm Base/Binder • AC 14 mm Close Surf Wearing Course • AC 10mm Close Surf Wearing Course • AC 6mm Close Surf Wearing Course

BS EN 13108-4 Hot Rolled Asphalts • HRA 40/14F Surf • HRA 35/14F Surf • HRA 30/14 or 10F Surf • HRA 15/10F Surf

BS EN 13108-5 Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) • SMA 6 Surf • SMA 10 Surf • SMA 14 Surf



Tynan Limestone


Tynan limestone products are manufactured from natural limestone that has been quarried at Tynan quarry. The limestone is crushed and screened into a range of sizes and may also be washed or milled depending on its final use.


Tynan Agricultural Lime

Tynan agricultural lime is used to lime fields, adding calcium and reducing acid in the soil. With its high calcium content and resulting high neutralization value, there are very few farming operations that will be more cost effective improving soil condition, than adding quarried agricultural lime. Tynan agricultural lime can be collected ex works or delivered to site. It is available loose per tonne. We are now producing an Asphalt filler to specification BS EN13043 for use in all bituminous surfacing products. Tynan Asphalt Filler


Quarry Stone


Our Quarries

CES Quarry Products Ltd has been producing quarry stone in Co Down since the 1960’s and in Co Armagh since 2017. The Co Down quarries are located at Quarry Heights, Ballynahinch and Doran’s Rock, Saintfield, both producing gritstone. The Co Armagh quarry is located at Tynan, Armagh and produces limestone aggregates. A full range of quarry stone is produced across the three sites, with an excellent collection and delivery service, Monday to Saturday lunchtime. Quarry stone is also stocked in our other two production sites at Moneyreagh, Castlereagh and Navan, Armagh.

Quarrying and the Environment

Over the years as additional quarrying land has been purchased, boundary areas have been landscaped and planted with native trees, creating extensive wildlife reserves. These areas have now matured into woodlands. Some faces in the quarries are also left undisturbed for nesting birds. We pride ourselves in the quality of our quarry operations and strive to quarry in the most environmentally friendly way.


We have an ongoing investment programme in plant and equipment to keep our established products as cost effective as possible and to develop new innovative products. Our dedicated research & development/material testing facility carries out daily testing to ensure consistent B.S.I. conformance. Innovation and Research & Development

Recycled Aggregates

CES operate licenced recycling facilities at Doran’s Rock, Saintfield and Quarry Heights, Ballynahinch. We are licensed to accept and process material arising from construction projects, demolition, road construction (including bitumen products) and concrete products, including dewatered concrete waste. Material from the different sources are graded before crushing, washing and screening into a range of recycled products, which are free from aggregate tax. Quarry stone and recycled materials are also blended at different ratios enabling CES to produce and offer a cost effective range of products.

For full product details and technical information, visit www.cesquarryproducts.com



Urban Quarry Moneyreagh, Castlereagh

CES Urban Quarry offer a wide range of:

Quarry Stone Decorative Stone Sand

Available for collection and delivery in bulk bags and loose loads. Bulk bags are delivered with an off-loader. Situated 20 minutes from Belfast city centre we really are an Urban Quarry ideal for city deliveries and collections .

For full product details and technical information, visit www.cesquarryproducts.com


Donegal Gold

Beach Pebbles

Plum Slate

Golden Flint

Trent Gravel

Pink Pebble

Blue Granite

Only 20 mins from Belfast city centre



Available to landscapers, builders, and the general public.

Other ex-works products available:

• Flags • Kerbs • Bagged Cement • Drainage Products • Ready Mixed Concrete

• Sand • Decorative Stone and Gravels • Landscaping Fabric

• Bark Chippings • Building Mortar • Plastering Mortar • Floor Screed

• Blocks • Bricks • Quarry Stone

Available from our Moneyreagh, Castlereagh depot. Contact CES to check stock availability at each location.


Block and Brick

CES Quarry Products Ltd have been manufacturing concrete blocks since the 1950’s and are now firmly established as a market leader. Our service is unrivalled and we guarantee consistent quality across all our product sizes and strengths.

For full product details and technical information, visit www.cesquarryproducts.com




• Manufactured to BS EN771-3 • Conduct daily internal testing by our experienced staff • Undergo weekly external testing • 100% recyclable • Knowledgeable and helpful staff • Over 60 years’ experience of production • Reliable and timely deliveries • Consistency of product and service Why use CES Concrete Blocks?

* Not carried in stock but can be made to order.


Ready Mix Concrete


Saintfield, Moneyreagh, and Ballynahinch which combined are capable of producing over 240m3/hour. This, along with a range of truck mixers from mini mixers to 8 wheelers, gives us the capability of meeting all our customer’s needs, big or small. We are also more than happy to see customers come in for collections as all our yards have concrete readily available, so there will be no need to wait for a truck. We offer a wide range of mixes as standard and our technical team will happily help with any non-standard requirements.

At CES Quarry Products Ltd we have been involved in the ready mix concrete business for over 50 years and are BSI accredited. Our concrete is manufactured to BS EN 206-1 and regularly tested and reviewed by Construction Testing Services (UKAS accredited) to ensure our concrete is maintained at the high standard we set ourselves. We have undertaken every size and type of project over the years from small wall foundations to one of the largest concrete pours in Ireland. We have invested heavily in state of the art facilities at

At CES we believe quality of product and quality of service are key as we all know time is money!

For full product details and technical information, visit www.cesquarryproducts.com




CES Collection Service Building & Plastering Mortar

CES Building Mortar is dispensed from mortar silos located at our Moneyreagh, Ballynahinch, and Saintfield works. A quick turn around in the yard is assured. Collections can be made without prior notice. ½ tubs are available. The building mortar is a prescribed general purpose 1:6 mortar suitable for internal and external use in block work, subject to structural requirements. It is a blend of specially graded kiln dried sands, cement, air entraining agents and clean water. It is suitable for building block, bedding & pointing brick and stonework. The plastering mortar is a factory produced high quality general purpose render specially designed for multi-coat hand plastering. It is manufactured from a controlled blend of sands, cements, additives and clean water. It is suitable for use in internal and external plastering. The plastering mortar is manufactured to BS EN 998-1. The building mortar is manufactured to BS5268-3 type 111 mortar, BS EN 998-2 M4 prescribed.



Market Leader of Landscape Enhancement Colourants

Over the last number of years ChromaScape, Inc. has worked closely with CES Quarry Products Ltd to develop the RockinColour range of products. Thanks to continued growth of these brands, the benefits of a fantastic partnership and friendship with CES, CES Quarry Products Ltd and ChromaScape, Inc. formed a joint venture to setup a facility in Europe to first assist with further developing the coloured aggregate business. Building on a solid foundation, ChromaScape Europe’s focus is to develop strategic partnerships in new and existing markets for its increasing product portfolios, utilising its years of knowledge and the strength of its R&D facilities on both sides of the water. Worldwide, the ChromaScape® family of brands provides industry- leading innovation, commitment to customer partnerships and market- driving solutions to colouring products.

For full product details and technical information, visit www.chromascapeeurope.com



ChromaStone™ coatings can be designed to meet the individual requirements of our partners through colour matching, substrate variations, and end use; mulching, aquarium, or road surfacing.

Through its Innovative Technology for Decorative Concrete program, ChromaCrete™ offers a complete range of decorative concrete colour and texture systems, as well as hands-on contractor training and technical support for the market: • Internal and external stains and colours as well as complimentary sealants, stain guards and densifiers for polished and non-polished areas. • Pattern imprinted integral dyes and surface applied hardeners, release agents and sealers as well as stamping mats and stamping tools. • Polymer modified micro toppings and stampable overlays.

For full product details and technical information, visit www.chromascapeeurope.com


ChromaScape Europe is building on the strengths and innovation of ChromaScape®, Inc. (Amerimulch®) the pioneer of the U.S. coloured mulch industry. ChromaMulch™ is available directly from our facility in Northern Ireland, where it is quality control tested prior to despatch.

ChromaSurfacing™ offers a complete line of water-based colourants to service residential, commercial, sport, and municipal asphalt market segments: • Water-based asphalt sealer and integral mix colourants. • Asphalt sealcoat colourants for demarcation of cycle lanes, bus lanes, and sports pitches.


RockinColour™ Decorative Stone

The RockinColour brand is available in N.Ireland through : JP Corry, Quarry Store, Kelly Stone, Hillmount and Woodstoc, and in the rest of the UK through Homebase. Also available in handypacks (20kg) and bulk bags (850kg) from our website with free delivery UK and Ireland wide. RockinColour is exported to Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and France, and is a best seller in its product category on Amazon.co.uk RockinColour is now an established brand in the DIY and garden sector. We are always looking for new retailers and agents for our unique, brightly coloured decorative stone. Innovation and product development We are continually adding new colours, finishes and sizes to the RockinColour range. Which now includes metallic finishes and a new range of aquarium stone, branded: AquaRock . In partnership with our colourant manufacturer, Chromascape Europe, our colourists can develop bespoke colours and finishes in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

For full product details and technical information, visit www.rockincolour.com


Azure Blue

Beach Bronze

Chilli Red

Hot Pink

Irish Lavender

Lime Time

Midnight Black

Purple Rain



CES HEAD OFFICE - ACCOUNTS | SALES Doran’s Rock, 124 Crossgar Road, Saintfield, BT24 7JQ T: 028 9751 9494 E: sales@cesquarryproducts.com

PRODUCTION SITES Doran’s Rock, Saintfield 028 9751 0673 Quarry Heights, Ballynahinch 028 9756 2275 Moneyreagh, Castlereagh 028 9044 8537 Navan, Armagh

028 3752 2667 Tynan, Armagh 028 3756 8834


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