Andor Reception Area & Signage


Reception Area - Display Case Design

solid acrylic / foamex in grey andor appropriate buzz words fixed to wall panels

directional longarm spotlights

signage example:

clear acrylic / lexan signage with crystal effect vinyl and solid vinyl overlay text secured into place with chrome side-grip locators

display case design

32" lcd screen

existing LCD screen showing andor info

3D acrylic lettering example:

andor branded abstract wallpaper/foamex graphics applied to existing rear panels (access from rear)

plinths / shelving for dummy product displays

cameras - spectroscopy - microscopy - software

client: Andor title: Reception Area - Display Case Design scale: 1:20 @ A3

date: 23.02.16

project Manager: G.W venue: Andor - Belfast

designer: J.M.

drg no: DS693x23.02.16 001x23.02.16

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