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Killymoon Castle Tours 2024/5

Meet the Coulters Dorothy & Godfrey

Welcome to Killymoon Castle, an architectural gem nestled on the outskirts of Cookstown in Mid Ulster, proudly owned by the Coulter family. Designed by renowned architect John Nash in the 19th century, this historic treasure boasts commanding views of the Ballinderry River and holds the distinction of being acclaimed as "one of the most aristocratic residences in the province of Ulster" in the Irish Penny Journal of 1841. As passionate custodians of this heritage, the Coulter family invites you to explore two distinctive experiences that showcase the rich tapestry of Mid Ulster's cultural legacy. Embark on the WW11 Experience, exploring the wartime history etched within the castle's walls. Each experience promises an unforgettable visit, seamlessly blending the past and present for an enriching and personalised journey into the heart of Killymoon Castle's captivating history. For each experience, Dorothy will personally meet and greet the guests. Immerse yourself in a unique blend of history, warmth, and Irish charm as you traverse the elegant halls and rooms of Killymoon Castle.

BEYOND THE BATTLE: KILLYMOON'S WWII ALL-AMERICAN TOUR Step back in time with our authentic WW11 experience at Killymoon Castle, featuring living history characters who vividly recreate the life of one young American soldier, Tony Vickery, stationed at Killymoon during World War II. Tony's personal touch, etched on the cellar walls before his departure for D Day, becomes a poignant focal point. Visitors not only immerse themselves in the era but also meet Captain Fenwick, Tony's comrade stationed at Killymoon. The adventure continues with a unique opportunity to explore the untouched original castle cellars, where remnants of soldiers' lives are still visible on the walls. Enhanced with audio stations for immersive interaction, each cellar room narrates a compelling story. Guided by Tony Vickery and Captain Fenwick, visitors engage in tent building and wartime games before concluding the experience with a wholesome soldiers' lunch served in traditional tableware in the soldiers' quarters. Uncover the living history of Killymoon Castle, where echoes of wartime resilience come to life.


Discover the Lady Molesworth Experience at Killymoon Castle, a historic gem nestled amidst the scenic landscape overlooking the Ballinderry River. Designed by the renowned architect John Nash, the castle earned accolades in the Irish Penny Journal of 1841 as "one of the most aristocratic residences in the province of Ulster." As part of this unique experience, indulge in afternoon tea with Lady Molesworth in the elegant ballroom or morning room. Immerse yourself in a guided tour of the magnificent castle, stepping back in time to explore its rich history. Delight in a curated selection of homemade treats, including delicate finger sandwiches, heartwarming soup, scones, cakes, and pastries—all accompanied by endless servings of tea and coffee. The Lady Molesworth Experience offers a perfect blend of historical charm and culinary delights in the heart of Ireland.

PRICES 2024 & 2025

Min - max guests




Lady Molesworth Experience

2 hours

20 - 40


Includes full house tour & afternoon tea with a selection of homemade treats including, delicate finger sandwiches, scones, homemade soup, cakes and pastries with plentiful tea and coffee. Lady Molesworth in full costume

Beyond the Battle: Killymoon's WWII All American Tour Incudes living history tour with characters in full costume and a welcome drink, soldiers lunch includes a hot dish (Irish stew or shepards pie), sponge cake & tea /coffee

3 hours

12 - 25


Dorothy Coulter Killymoon Castle 302 Killymoon Road, Cookstown, Co Tyrone, BT80 8ZA Tel: 028 86764173 dot.coulter@gmail.com www.killymooncastle.com


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Killymoon Castle 11 Castle Road, Cookstown, County Tyrone, BT80 8JY Email: dot.coulter@gmail.com Tel: 028 86764173 www.killymooncastle.com

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